Monday, Monday — meh.

This past week has been kind of a wash. It started off great with my birthday — and then I just kind of died. Not literally, but pretty much became worthless by Wednesday night. I’ve been battling a cold and nasty cough and have been under the influence of NyQuil pretty much 24/7.

Not fun.

But, I did manage to still run 14 miles on Saturday.

Runners are a funny breed. We could be on our deathbed, but if we need to put 14 miles in to prepare for our marathon — we’re going to do it! So, yeah that was me on Saturday. I felt like crap, but I HAD to put 14 miles.

Plus, I had made plans to run down Big Cottonwood months ago — so I couldn’t ditch on BC. We’re like BFFs. Plus, Jill and I were planning on running the canyon together and we too are BFFs. If I didn’t run — I’d be letting down two BFFs. I just couldn’t do that.

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I wanted to run 14 miles down the canyon, but decided to break it up because Jill was planning on doing 10. So, the initial plan was to run 10 with her and then do fourΒ out and back miles along Wasatch Blvd. — depending on how I felt. I really didn’t know how I was going to feel after 10 so I wanted to play it safe.

Because of a funeral that Jill had to get to we decided to meet earlier than the 6:30am meet up time — we opted for 5:15am instead. WAY too early, but again, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to run down Big Cottonwood with Jill. But, I guess it’sΒ not that early considering most summer races require you to catch a bus by 4am. Still — sleep matters.

Mark drove us up the canyon and dropped Jill, me and the kids off 10 miles from the mouth of the canyon, while he drove up to Solitude so he could put 13-14 miles in. I didn’t come prepared for the cool weather — having been 100 degrees for what seems like three months, I just assumed it would be rather warm — but, that was just a lie I told myself. It was cold. Autumn is coming.

It took both Jill and I a couple miles to warm up. Which is typical. But, oh, how I wished that I wore long sleeves. I can’t complain too much though, running in the fall is my favorite. Just as long as I am prepared.

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For the first half of the run Jill and I took turns pushing her kids. But, after getting an ache in her side I ended up taking them for the last half of the run. I laughed the few times runners and bikers encouraged “our little family” to keep running. Jill and I just busted up laughing.Β I do have to admit though, having the kids there probably kept most bikers from cussing us out like runs past. But, that’s a story for another day.

It was a great run. And, when we got to the end I was spent and decided to not do the four miles there. I would save them for later at home. Which I did on the treadmill — while watching the Olympics. After driving Mark back up the canyon to fetch his car we all went to the 7 Eleven for a post-run Slurpee.

A much deserved Slurpee.

And, my first in over three months.

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Overall, I don’t what to think about this upcoming week. I didn’t start my new diet in force because I was sucking down Gatorade and cough drops. Too much sugar and fake sweetener. I would start today, but I don’t start diets on Monday (personal rule), so I’ll start in earnest on Wednesday (because I plan on blogging about it on Wednesday) when my health should be closer to 100%.

Now, what does this all mean for Saturday’s race? I don’t know? I don’t know how confident I feel about getting that sub-2:30 because of the past couple of weeks of training? Plus, being sick with this stupid cold and congestion — I don’t know what it’s done to my body? I feel like I should be 100% by race day, but will be I completely ready to push that needed pace?

I don’t know?

I don’t know?

I don’t know?

I guess, I’ll just have to do it to find out, right? I don’t know if there are pacers for Run Elevated so I’ll be doing this solo with my watch. I’ve got to average a 11:22 minute mile. Granted this is down Little Cottonwood Canyon — so that’s doable for the first part of the race. I’ll just have to keep that up outside of the canyon for the remaining 4-5 miles.

We’ll see?

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I really feel like it’s still doable. But, there’s that nagging pessimist in the back of my head telling me I blew it the past couple of weeks. I really hate that guy. He’s kind of a jerk. So, maybe I just need to tell him to shut up?

That actually sounds like a good plan.

Because, this really will be my last chance at a sub-2:30 this year. Because, after Run Elevated I am moving into my marathons and ultra marathon miles. I guess I could try to do a sub-2:30 at Snow Canyon, but that’s two weeks after my 50 miler — doesn’t sound smart?

Either way, I’m just going to plan for it, will myself towards it and give it everything I have next Saturday. That’s all I can really give myself, right?

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