Monday, Monday so good to me …


AWESOME WEEKEND! I had my first canyon run down Big Cottonwood over the weekend. Ate some nachos. Took some things to the dump. Heck, I even got myself a Slurpee. So, yeah, it was an awesome weekend.

I’ve been in need of a good long canyon run for quite a while. And, by quite a while I mean, like, last October(ish)? I think it was the Haunted Half in Provo that I last ran DOWN a canyon. So, it’s definitely been a need for quite a while.

Besides needing a good canyon run, I’ve also needed a good non-solo run. Most of my training runs as of late have been solo — and as much as I love running, I won’t lie, I’m a social runner as well. It’s one reason why I love racing, especially sweeping courses. I need somewhat of a balance.

Being in a likewise situation my friend Jill and I decided we needed to make a canyon friend down happen. It wasn’t simply a hope or wish — it was something that needed to happen. So we made it happen.

And, we had our usual blast!

We met up at the mouth of the canyon at 6am (well, 6:15, I was late) and then Mark drove us 10 miles (actually 10.5 miles — he over shot) up the canyon. We weren’t going for speed, we weren’t going for a certain speed — we were going for effort, socializing and for the fun of running. And, it was very much all of that. Something we both needed.

And, it worked out for us because we avoided the rain (and snow) that some of our other running friends encountered. So it was perfect. Just a great time. It was something I needed to launch myself forward into the racing season.

Since Provo City is basically NEXT week — the plan this week to taper some. The plan is to still do a couple three miles run mid-week along with my workouts, but my long run on Saturday will be about 4-5 miles — and pretty easy. Don’t know if that’s necessarily needed, but I am playing by my training schedule rules.

Gotta be smart, right?

But, I am excited about the couple of weeks ahead — it’s hard to believe this is the last week of April. Time is flying by fast and I want to make sure it doesn’t pass me by — I need to make sure I hit the milestones and training plans I’ve set for myself.

Right now — I’m on track. It’s just staying the course.

Have a great week! Keep running! YEAH RUNNING!!! 


On Saturday night my friend Dave and I went to The Nacho House here in North Salt Lake. I won’t go into much detail here — I am going to be blogging about it a bit later this week. But, they were pretty good — something you’d expect from a place with nacho in its’ name.

They had a number of options for nachos — cheese nachos, chicken nachos, steak nachos, supreme nachos, shrimp nachos and fajita nachos (chicken or beef). It was a tough decision, but I chose to go with the steak fajita nachos for a couple reasons.

One, I try to taste the best nacho dish on the menu and, two, I try to avoid the chicken. Not because I don’t like chicken, but it’s kind of overplayed and if not prepared right — can be rather boring. But, that’s a post for another day.

Anyways, make sure to check my blog, Nacho Búsqueda, to read the review later this week, along with my other samplings. Including my Costa Vida and Cafe Rio head to head battle from a couple weeks ago.



If you missed the newest episode of the Runcast, you’re missing out on a good episode. A really GOOD episode. We’re talking a little bit about Boston, a little bit about marathon training and a whole lot about Jorge’s heart attack.

If you haven’t given it a listen yet, do so here …


Jill and I encountered some what of a headwind running down the canyon. #holdontoyourhats #running #runutah

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We have come to make offerings to the seagull gods of Bountiful. #acceptouroffer #dumpyland

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These are nacho socks. #nachosocks #mysocks

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I’m under attack by cuteness. #babytrex #prouduncle

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102.4 miles (17.5 miles for week)


38.6 miles (no race during week)


499.75 miles (36.35 miles for week)


640.75 miles (53.85 total miles for week)


2026.25 miles


Recently, I’ve been introduced to K-Pop — Korean Pop. And, I won’t lie, I’m kinda obsessed. It’s music lyrics I really don’t understand — but it’s catchy, feel good and just fun. It’s the kind of music you would have heard in the early-2000s.

Here’s a little sampling of some good K-Pop songs …

Daily Shorts.fw

  • Okay, I love this Runners World article about stair climbing — I’ve done quite a bit, but could definitely do more. It’s not like it hard to do at my house. I have a flight of stairs that are perfect for it. But, any stairs or uphill running in my opinion is beneficial and a focus of mine as of late.
  • It’s hard to believe that chocolate chip cookies were only invented back in the 1930s isn’t it? Seems like they’ve been ingrained in our American culture forever.
  • I won’t lie — I never was a huge fan of Prince. It’s not that I hated his music, I just never really cared for it or got into it. But, it’s hard to ignore his contributions to music and his presence will be missed. This little ditty I found of 10 unknown — or not well known — facts is pretty interesting. Worth the read.
  • Oh gosh, Mean Girls is one of those movies that I could watch over and over again. So I can totally relate to all of this.
  • If you’re looking for a fun Disney quiz — this one from BuzzFeed is a pretty fun one. Just try to guess the movie from one line of dialogue from the script.
  • While searching the nether regions of the internet, I found this ditty about Life — the famous board game, most of us have probably planned at least once in our lives. Anyways — I had no idea it was over 150 years old? Wow.
  • Wow — what a touching tribute. Yet, another great example of how running can help heal wounds.
  • I love me some jelly beans — so most of these recipes look way good.
  • Gadgets are getting cooler and cooler — and it seems like everything is starting include some sort of phone charging component. Like this phone charging coffee mug. Pretty impressive, eh?
  • I love Utah politics — that’s why I try to stay out it.
  • Here are a couple other stories coming from the Boston Marathon that was ran last Monday — read them here and here.
  • I love the latest column by local columnist Robert Kirby in regards to the recent brouhaha at BYU regarding the Honor Code and rape victims. Worth the read.

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