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It was a weekend of ups and downs for me. Luckily it was more of an up than a down for me. But, more on that later. I ran the Beat the Heat 5K with my friend Jordan on Saturday. This was Jordan’s first 5K and quite the accomplishment for him. I shared a good portion of his story on Friday, but Jordan has cerebral palsy so running doesn’t come naturally or easy for him.

But, Jordan is a warrior. A man of no excuses. He’s never let cerebral palsy be an excuse for him in doing what he wants in life. That’s why it was an honor to run with Jordan. I’ve always looked up to him and his ‘do whatever it takes’ mentality. It’s infectious and inspiring.

The race was along the Legacy Parkway Trail starting in Woods Cross. So fairly close to where I live. I have come to really appreciate and like the Legacy Racing races. I ran their March Madness Half Marathon back in March and I loved it. They’re small, but fun and very personable. Gordon and his wife do a great job taking care of the runners and the timing system — they’re speciality. That’s one of the reasons why I felt this would be a great race for Jordan and I to run.

The run was great. It wasn’t as hot as I thought it might be. I knew that would change so I came prepared with a backup water bottle for Jordan. I knew I would be fine with the aid stations. I am glad that I brought the water because it did get rather hot, but that didn’t stop either us from doing what we set out to do.

I was brought of Jordan — as I always am. He was tough on him. The palsy affects more of his left side and we had to slow down a number of time when his left leg wanted to go into a cramp. Which was fine. This was his first 5K — so no matter how fast he finished — it was a PR!

On our way back to the pavilion and finish line I wanted to make sure Jordan understood what he was doing and how he was an example to many — not just for those with disabilities, but any and every runner. Seeing Jordan cross the finish line was a great moment.

I sent him ahead of me, mainly so I could take a picture of him crossing the finish line, but also so that he could have that moment. And, he had a moment. I still can’t tell you how proud I am of him. He was glowing. And, already talking about doing more races.

He’s addicted.

I know we have some more training to do, but Jordan is also talking about doing a half marathon eventually. I told him I’d be there with him. And, knowing Jordan — he’ll do it.

I can’t stop saying how proud of Jordan I am.

Anyways — look for more updates on Jordan’s running adventures. I really want to do another 5K with him before the end of the year. I have my sights on some of the Santa Runs and possibly a Thanksgiving one? Oh so many options.

Moving onto this week — lots of miles on the dock. I am planning a couple big mileage — walking wise — days along with my 20 miler this weekend on the treadmill. I am still trying to figure out what day I am going to do that because I will be out of two over the weekend (and then my birthday on Monday!).

So stay tuned for more on that later this week!



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I don’t talk about this much, except for those who are close to me. But, I deal with anxiety. It runs in the family. There’s nothing about anxiety that makes sense to me. It happens when it happens and I just deal with it.

Running has helped curb a lot of that, but it didn’t eliminate completely. And, for some reason I had an unwarranted panic attack this past Saturday. A lot of it came from my preparedness for my 50 miler in October — but, more so my 20 miler this weekend and my three marathons next month.

I’m not even going to try to make sense of my warped thought process. But, I just felt inadequate. I felt unprepared. And, I let my emotions get the best of me. Not fun. 

The one thing that helped change that mentality was when I started going through race pictures of Saturday’s race. I saw a different person in those pictures. But, it was me. Comparing it to my race pictures just five months ago — they were completely different people. 

The stark difference told me — I am ready. Well, not completely ready. I still have a BUNCH of running to do between now and October. But, I am more ready than I give myself credit for. And, I need to remember that. 

Training for this 50 miler has been tough, because it’s been more than just progressing from marathons to the 50 miler. It’s been working on constructing a new me. It’s been redoing my running base and building myself back up. It hasn’t been easy — I wouldn’t expect it to be.

But, I have come a long way. And, I will be ready come October.

Anxiety comes and goes. It’ll never make sense to me. But, when it hits — I just have to take a backseat for a moment and give myself more credit and encouragement than the anxiety ever will. Anxiety will never keep me from what I want to do in life — it just makes things more interesting. 

The focus though is still on October! 50 OR BUST, BABY!




166.1 miles


192.9 miles


929.39 miles


1288.39 miles


1378.61 miles

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