Motivation Monday

This Monday’s motivation features too dear friends of mine. The first is Robert Merriman who is just awesome. He’s Canadian and I made a little motivational poster is honor of that fact. He’s a running machine. So far this MONTH he has ran over 142 miles (and we’ve still got 11 days to go for the month!). I met him last year at a couple races and it’s been fun getting to know him and wry Canadian humor.

The last one is of my dear friend Susette. She just ran her first 100 MILE ULTRA MARATHON this past weekend in Las Vegas. I am simply amazed at her dedication, determination and drive. I’ve been running with her since Memorial Day 2012 and I’ve nicknamed her Mama Duck because wherever she runs I’ll follow. Over the past couple years many others have followed. The fact that she put in the time and effort to run a 100 miler at 47 is mind boggling and inspiring to me. Many runners MUCH younger than her wouldn’t even dare start an adventure like hers.

She’s inspiring. Truly inspiring. Heck, I’m lucky to have MANY inspiring friends beyond Robert Merriman and Susette. I should make a inspiring poster of them sometime!

Anyways, here’s a little Monday motivation to start off the week right … enjoy!








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