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ebd7ab9fa43f9ca9cbbe950d4b0d8a6dI’ve had this quote on my desktop for the past couple of weeks. I was going to share it with a bunch of other quotes, but I just felt like I had to share this one on it’s own merits. I love the quote. I’ve had a number of moments in my life that running has given me the opportunity to see how wonderful my life is. Just to name a few …

  • “Running” my first 10K back in 2007 (two years BEFORE I started losing weight). I didn’t train for it … and … I didn’t really run the course either. But, it gave me a moment I needed two years later when I started on my weight-loss journey. I needed to know I could do hard things. I needed to know that good things happen when you don’t quit. And, I needed to know it’s okay to be stubborn (especially when a cop and race director offer you a ride to the finish line).
  • Running nearly that same course three years later and running my first 5K with Trainer Kevin next to me. It was a redemptive feeling I felt at the finish line, one that fueled me to not just stop there, but to see how much further and faster I could go.
  • Running my first Half Marathon in July 2011. That last mile I just wanted to die, but knowing that my family was at the finish line powered me on … and gave me a huge smile as I finished!
  • Running my first Half Marathon after my Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in early 2012. It wasn’t my fastest or slowest race, but it was one of the most heartfelt. Running in my new pink shoes and shirt gave me a renewed purpose and drive.
  • When I ran in denim for donations to the Huntsman Cancer Institute at the Salt Lake City Half Marathon. It was one of the toughest races I’ve done. I was sweaty, hot and exhausted. But, I was doing it for not just my Mom, but for the countless others battling their own cancer battle.
  • Completing my first 20 mile training run in preparation for my first marathon. The feeling I had post run was one of confidence and appreciation. Any doubt that I was going to NOT finish was erased and I knew I was ready.
  • Finishing my first marathon in July 2012. Running with Susette the last 8-9 miles helped me TREMENDOUSLY! Knowing that I had such willing and caring friends has fueled me throughout many other races.
  • Running the Salt Lake City Half Marathon in my green Boston shirt just days after the Boston Marathon bombings. It was a great reminder that there are many more important things outside of running, but running can also help heal those wounds.
  • The feeling of getting faster and setting a new PR after consecutive races. Knowing your work is paying off is rewarding!
  • Running with friends. Whether it’s in a race or a training run, nothing is better in my opinion. Those are the moments I cherish the most.

What about you? What have been some moments you’ve experienced through running that have been awe inspiring or motivating? What moments have proved how wonderful your life? Please share in the comments below.


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  1. Hi Joshua,

    I work for the Half Size Me show, which is a podcast dedicated to helping people lose weight and maintain their weight loss. Heather, the host of Half Size Me, has lost 170 pounds and is working to spread the word that losing weight and getting healthy is possible. She loves your message and would like to interview you for the show. Please feel free to email me directly to discuss further. Thanks so much!


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