Moving up RACE #100


hands 2So for the past 6-8 months or so, I have been planning on hitting race #100 on my birthday at the Park City Half. It seemed like a great time and place to celebrate that accomplishment. It’ll be my 34th birthday and I’ll be surrounded by family and friends.

But, over the past week it kinda dawned on me … while that was a great time and place to celebrate that accomplishment. It wasn’t the best.

My first race in this 180 race journey was on July 23rd at the Handcart Days Half Marathon in Bountiful (my hometown). That’s where this little crazy journey started. And, since I was running it again this year … why in Sam’s Hill wasn’t I making it my 100th race?

It just made perfect sense.

So, I’ve decided to right that wrong. Luckily, to make this happen I only needed to add two races to my schedule before July 24th. It’ll be crunched, but I signed up for the Provo Midnight Run (June 26 … use code RUNCAST for 15% off!) and I am sweeping the Hobbler Half (July 11).

What this means though, is I am getting two double runs in between now and July 24th. The Provo Midnight Run is the night before AF Canyon Half and the Hobbler Half is the same day as the Dam 15 Miler which is an evening run.

So, don’t expect those races to be PR races.

I love the challenge of getting there. I know it’ll be tough, but it’s doable. But, thinking about doing race #100 at the race that started this whole thing just feels right. This will also afford my family to be there at the finish line and I couldn’t ask for more than that.

PLUS … what will make this race even more special is that I will be running with Elsha. I can’t tell you how much I LOVE running with her. After meeting her more than a year ago my running has changed for the better. She’s really taught me that there is more to running than just PRs and time chips.

It’s really about the journey.

I am getting the chills just thinking about what July 24th is going to feel like for me. I know it will be a special occasion.

And, the time and place is 100% … perfect.




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