My 2016 Race Schedule


As I plan for next year, I am trying to plan and be very deliberate — not just with life, but specifically with my running. I really want to run stronger and up my time goals. I also want to run a strong marathon in St. George next October. Not to exclude my goal of doing another ultra next fall.

But, the goal really is to strengthen my foundation — specifically between January to June. I’ve been playing with my race schedule for 2016, but I think I’ve finally got it according to my goals and plans. It gives me enough time in the early half of the year to build my base — then train for St. George while leading towards a fall 50K.

This doesn’t mean I won’t be around other races — in fact I will be. Between my involvement with PrepperCon and The Bugout Run, I plan on volunteering a lot. At races — with pacing companies — and other racing companies. I can’t avoid being around running when I’m not. That’s just not me.

But, I’ve picked the below races for training purposes, goal destination races and for fun. This doesn’t include 5K or 10K races I plan on doing, just the races that will count towards my 180 race goal. I don’t have specific dates for all races — so I didn’t include them. But, odds are they’ll be on the same weekend as this year.

So without further adieu — my 2016 race schedule —

116-newyearsrev 117-zion 118-provocity 119-vigorbc 120-drop13 121-cancer 122-desnews 123-timp 124-nebo 125-revelbc 126-stgeorge 127-hauntedslc 128-hauntedprovo 129-snow 130-antelope50K 131-thankful13 132-bakersdozen



  1. I have set my goal to do 16 races for 2016 and almost all of your list is on mine! I am doing the Washington DC 1/2 in March (Rock N Roll Series) and I just love the ones you have chosen. It will be my second year for a few of them and 3rd, 4th and 5th for others. I am excited!

    Marianne Thayne

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