My 33rd Birthday Bonzana!


This past Friday was my 33rd birthday. If you follow me on social media you probably know this already. Heck, Friday’s post was pretty much all about my birthday. I always love celebrating my birthday because it’s kind of a family holiday of sorts since I share it with my sister. We always do something fun during the day and then celebrate later in the evening with dinner or a movie.

This year it was a little bit different. My sister was going to be at girls’ camp during the weekend and over our birthday. Despite her absence I still wanted to go do something fun. For two reasons really … one, keep up with tradition and two, so I could take the day off from work (this really should be the first reason … let’s be honest here). So we tentatively planned on going to the zoo or the Davis County Fair with the family and some friends.

But, my birthday celebration didn’t really begin or end ON my birthday. It was actually started two days before on Wednesday night and ran until about 10pm on Sunday night. Quite the celebration if you ask me. Here’s a little run down on my eventful BIRTHDAY BONZANA!

Wednesday, August 13th


As exciting as this might sound I actually started off the Birthday Bonzana with a trip to the doctor. This is rather mundane, but I actually went for a second opinion on my testosterone medication, because I had been gaining weight recently after taking it. Knowing it wasn’t JUST muscle along with some other concerns I decided to get it checked out.

My new doctor actually found that the testosterone was negatively affecting my thyroid medication which was causing the gain and a lot of the feelings and symptoms that comes with an out of whack thyroid. So he pulled me off the testosterone meds and is going to see how I do the next six weeks without it.

Honestly, I should be fine. But, the weight gain couldn’t have come at a worse time. I’ve been wanting to get faster working towards Nebo, but now I’m just going for the what the good Lord will give me, even if that’s not even a sub-two. Anyways, I’ll blog about this later this week. I just felt like you needed to know all of this for some reason …

IMG_3916Later that night on Wednesday a few of my running friends and I did an endowment session at the Jordan River Temple. This was actually my first time attending this temple. Of course it was a great time spending it with some incredible people. And, as you can see we even documented it with a selfie.

Thursday, August 14th


This is really out of character of me, but I didn’t take a picture of me while running at Liberty Park with Becky and Jarom. I write a RUNNING blog and I don’t a picture of me RUNNING? What’s wrong with me? That’s okay, I’ve ran LP dozens of times I’m sure I don’t need another picture of me there proving I ran?

After the run though all three of us did end up going and getting a burrito from the Sears Burrito stand. Despite popular belief I don’t eat burrito 24/7 (though I wish I do) and this was my first Sears burrito in a good month and a half. The burritos are still as great as I left them, though I was a little sad to see that my little friend Richard wasn’t there anymore. There was another homeless man there instead. I didn’t know if he lost his spot or traded spots with him? I’m not sure? And, I wasn’t about to go ask the new guy (I didn’t have any cash besides what I brought for burritos).


After running and burritos we went back up to Becky’s house where we played video games with Nate. Just so you know, I am a horrible gamer. I mean I am horrible. Usually when I get asked to play it’s because my friends need someone to be a distracting easy target while they go win the game. I am okay with that role in my life. I play it really well actually. In fact I got a lot of great Facebook time on my phone between my deaths.

I think we played Halo 3? And, yes, I died … A LOT. During one game I swear I got killed 200 times. It was bad. I couldn’t go two steps in one direction without getting shot. But, I took it for the team and I am sure we did really well? Bonus points and all of that stuff.

Friday, August 15th


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! I had a jam packed day planned for my birthday. I started it by going to a temple session with my mother. Since the Bountiful Temple was closed for maintenance this past week we decided to go to the Draper Temple since we hadn’t been there before. Welp, as we made it to the parking lot we discovered and very empty parking lot.

So, I Googled the temple and found that it was also closed for maintenance. DOH! Luckily, we just headed over to the Jordan River Temple for a session. Again it was a great time and session. I love these kinds of Mom dates.


Besides going to the temple with my Mom I also bought her this bouquet of roses. If anyone should be celebrated on my birthday it really should be my mother. After all, she was the lady that carried me, birthed me and then let me live. I gave her MANY reasons to put me up for adoption as kid. I really put her through hell … probably two or three times? I was just a very DIFFICULT child.

So, I got her the flowers in sympathy for my childhood and in gratitude to let me live. And, yes, she loved them.


After getting back from the temple and making a quick change my Mom and I met up with the rest of the family up and Becky and Jill at the Davis County Fair. It was very fair-ish, except for the fact that I couldn’t find any Deep Fried Butter. I guess they stopped selling those though after so many people complained about their heart stopping after eating one.

The two main attractions at the fair were an elephant show and a bear show. The elephant show was ok. But, the bear show was just brutal. I mean BRUTAL. I mean, I don’t know how to properly describe the show. It was all kinds of awkward and full of old arthritic bears that didn’t do half the trick the trainer wanted them to do.


All of the kids in the audience were bored to death. It was miserably hot. And, I am pretty sure if the children weren’t there the adults would be throwing tomatoes and insults at the presenter (not the bears of course, how can you hate arthritic bears?).


The highlight of the the fair though was probably the elephant ride. Okay, it WAS the highlight of the fair. And, probably the best $8 I’ve ever spent. Well, actually, I am not going to claim that because there was been a number of things I’ve bought for $8 that are awesome (namely cat shirts). But, this was up there because it fulfilled a childhood dream for me.

But, as much as I enjoyed the elephant ride I did feel bad for the elephants and for me riding them. It was hot and they were lugging around a good 500lbs. per trip. I know elephants carry much more than that, but still … I was just waiting for the poor elephant to give up the ghost at any moment.

I don’t think I’m going to ever ride an elephant again unless it’s in the wild. And, that my friends sounds like a really stupid idea … soooooo … I’m sure I am done for good then?


There were a lot of great opportunities for hands on experiences at the fair. Jill’s Addison LOVED the petting farm. Unlike, Becky’s kids she was ALL over the animals. She wasn’t afraid at all.

The only things in the petting farm that freaked me out were the adult sheep and goats. The baby ones were cute, but then every now and again you’d get an adult one coming up to you with this crazed look in their eyes looking for a free handout.

Now, I can kind of see why Becky’s kids were frightened by the animals … at least there weren’t any deer.


There were also a number of other rides and games (I mean it’s a fair afterall), but MOST of the rides were tailored to the kids which is fine with me (because I got my elephant ride). But, watching my friend’s kids on the rides kinda made me excited to be a dad.

Well, okay, it DID make me excited to be a dad.

I don’t ever worry about the timing, because I know it will happen when it will happen. But, it’s great right now being an uncle and learning the psychology of kids. All I’ve picked up so far is they are crazy, poop a lot and need to be reminded to put their pants on from time to time.

I am pretty sure I described children there and not myself.


After the fair we all went to Sonic for Happy Hour. Since I work during Happy Hour I don’t get to enjoy this marvelous time at Sonic often. Nothing beats a cherry slush. Nothing.

Well except for maybe a cherry cream slush. But, this isn’t meant to be a review of Sonic. Though I could go on and on about how awesome Sonic’s cream slushies are.


When it comes to birthday gifts I really am more into what the gift means than what the gift is. For the past 20+ years or so my Grandma has given me a jar of pickles for my birthday. I don’t know how and why it started other than I’ve ALWAYS loved pickles.

I guess this means that I am also REALLY easy to shop for. I really am. Ask my family or friends. I really would be happy with an empty box and a thing of yarn. If you are wondering, yes, my spirit animal is a cat.

But, if you really want to get me an AWESOME birthday present just be under the age of 12 and make me a homemade card. Those are my FAVORITE kind of gifts.


After starting the day off at the temple, I ended the day ghost hunting in Ogden. I know I’ve talked about ghost hunting a LITTLE bit on here, but it’s really kind of a family hobby. My brother actually does it professionally so whenever he’s here in Utah doing an investigation we usually tag along to help.

I actually really find it interesting and I don’t find it scary at all. I haven’t seen anything except for unexplained shadows, etc. But, I have been touched and my hair played with before and I have caught a few EVPs as well.

I caught one EVP at this location when a friend and I were talking in a backroom by ourselves. Instead of trying to communicate with the spirits, I like to just sit there or hold a conversation with someone else, because sometimes you will catch something then. After reviewing the audio I could hear in a DEEP males’ voice say, “keep talking” … kinda cool.

If you’re ever interested in coming on a ghost investigation with me sometime, let me know.The next one will be in a couple weeks and then there will be a bunch during October.

Saturday, August 16th


After getting MAYBE a half hour of sleep I headed up to Big Cottonwood Canyon for my birthday run. My running friends wanted to throw me a running party and it was a PARTY!

People were running anywhere from 8 to 20 miles down the canyon. I decided to stick with 8 miles since my legs weren’t as fresh, plus my focus is speed work the next couple of weeks.

It was a tough run, but after about two miles I warmed up enough to pick up the pace all the way down to the bottom of the canyon. It wasn’t my best run, but I was extremely happy with it.


After the run my friends Sonja and Becky planned a party for me afterwards. If there is ANYTHING I love more than running it’s running and spending time with my friends. They all showered me with gifts and food. My friend London made the most amazing brownies. It was a lot of fun.


One awesome idea that Becky had was to write down goals and wishes we all had for the upcoming year and then releasing them into the sky.


I really have three focuses in my life right now and so I wrote them down. I am going to get the elusive sub-two half by my next birthday, I am going to finish writing my book and I am going to enjoy life that much more.

It’s all in the stars.


Saying goodbye to my wishes and goals. Okay that sounds wrong. Setting forth my wishes and goals for the next year! (that’s better)


Of course we had a few extra balloon left and just like any teenager we all sucked the helium dry and had a TAD too much fun.


After crashing at home for a good four hours I did another night of ghost investigating with my brother in Ogden. It didn’t disappoint either.

Sunday, August 17th


Sunday was our family dinner and since the whole family was in town our Mom decided to take family pictures. So we went up to Mueller Park in Bountiful for the pictures.

The colors were gray, blue, white or coral. And, I had a nice blue shirt that I got a couple months ago that I was wearing. But, for a couple of pictures I wanted to see if I could get away with taking it off and showing off a cat shirt.

It didn’t take long for them to notice, but through the gracious heart of my mother she allowed to have a couple snaps with it on. Those photos will be the ones that I frame in my home.


Besides having a group portrait we also took individual and sub-group pictures. I actually really love these pictures of Nanna and Papou with the grandkids. Each one of the kids’ personality is showing off. That hand on the hip look Sweet Cheeks is pulling off is TOO cute.

I can’t wait to get my pictures back either!


After a weekend of celebrating our birthday alone Jess and I finally got the opportunity to celebrate together. We’ve always celebrated our birthdays together and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s always been fun sharing a birthday with my sister.

She also was the best birthday gift I ever got. She was born on my second birthday. I don’t remember the day, but growing up I always thought it was SO COOL that I shared a birthday with my sister.

I still do.

What a weekend of celebrating, running, ghost hunting and spending time with family and close friends. I loved it and thank everyone for giving me such a memorable weekend. 33 is by far the best year yet!

Total Mileage Breakdown for 2014

2014 Training Miles – 476.25 miles
2014 Walking Miles – 75.3 miles
2014 Race Miles – 254.3 miles
2014 Total Miles – 805.85 miles
Monthly Total Miles for 2014
January – 100.0 miles
February – 100.0 miles
March – 130.0 miles
April – 140.5 miles
May – 108.65 miles
June – 83.3 miles
July – 93.75 miles
August – 65.65 miles


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