My favorite temple run, surprises on Antelope Island and much, much more …


What a fun weekend! And, I mean a — FUN — weekend! I ended up calling a few audibles But, thats okay, everything worked out the way I wanted it to — maybe even better?

Saturday was a pretty loooooooong day. It started with a 4am wake up call — after about two hours of sleep. If that. I wasn’t getting up early for a race or even to run — but, I was meeting up with Elsha on Antelope Island to surprise our friend, Marisa, with a racing cart for her daughter.

If you recall, last August, Elsha and I raised money for our birthday month to buy two racing carts through the Kyle Pease Foundation. We gifted one to our friend Carl and his son — and this other one we wanted to gift to Marisa and her daughter.

It’s taken us a while to get her the cart for one reason or the other — but, we decided the best way was to surprise her at the start of the Buffalo Run before her first 50 miler. So that was the game plan.

We enlisted the help of some of our other running friends to make sure she was where we needed her to be so we could surprise her. We didn’t bring the cart with us — but, instead wrote a letter. So after Jim (the RD) was done giving instructions to the runners … we slipped her the letter.

It was an emotional and powerful moment. She wasn’t expecting the surprise — and it was probably a bit too heavy of a surprise RIGHT before her 50 miler. But, we couldn’t wait any longer, especially with the spring here and the opportunity for her and Corina to go outside and run passing her by.

It was a neat moment and I am excited to see Marisa and Corina out on the roads throughout the racing season. That’s why Elsha and I did this fundraiser — we wanted to give the gift of running to those that needed it the most.

After the surprise and as Marisa and others left the starting line for their race, Elsha and I left. The original plan after the surprise was for me to run back over the causeway to my car. Which is about a 7-8 mile run. It was exactly what my training called for — so it was a great plan.

The only problem was — it was a quarter past 6am at this point, still pitch black and rather windy and cold. And, I wasn’t really prepared for that — plus, I am a wimp when it comes to the wind and cold. Sooooo — I easily talked myself out of that plan. I decided to head home instead and run around Bountiful.

Since I needed a run between 7-8 miles — I knew immediately which route I was going to take. My infamous UPHILL loop towards the Bountiful and back home. This route is brutal. And, I mean BRUTAL!

The first 3-4 miles is along Davis Blvd. which is hilly in it’s own right — but, then when the street ends at 400 N. it turns right UP towards the temple. This isn’t some easy breezy uphill stretch — it’s about a 800ft climb within 3/4 of a mile. The perfect mental/physical run in my book.

So, I set out to tackle that course. A much more extreme route than a relatively flat causeway course on Antelope Island. But, it was the kind of run I needed. Plus, it was such a perfect day for a run like that — not too hot, but warm enough to not be freezing.

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 2.51.31 PM

Plus, I always love running past the temple — not just when it’s right in front of me, but throughout my whole run. From when I can see it sitting on the bench in a distant landscape to the quick glimpses I get throughout the run as I get closer. It’s such a gorgeous building and an inspiration to me.

Once I climbed 400 North I stopped at the apex of the hill near the temple to refuel and just take in the moment. I always do that during these runs — it’s a moment for me to marvel at the architecture and to reminisce about it’s role in my fitness and weight-loss journey.

A few years ago when I would run past the temple — it was always a reminder to me about my faith and desires of what I wanted in live. And, after many, many, many of those runs the temple was an inspiration to me to fix those things in my life that kept me from those goals.

And, it’s because of that inspiration that I like to run this route — especially in those moments when I need a little inspiration, insight or motivation. Especially when you couple that with a nasty uphill climb. There’s something about wearing down the physical body that allows the spirit to take charge — that promotes inspiration.

Anyways — it was a great run for those reasons.

Physical wise … I am getting stronger. I don’t have a specific pace goal, but I know the more I run the hills of Bountiful, the stronger I will get. That’s really my ultimate goal. I don’t have realistic expectations for PRs this year. This year is about strengthening the core, rebuilding my stamina and tackle the St. George Marathon and Pony Express 50 Miler in October.

2017 will be about speed. That’s the plan.

Anyways — it was a great weekend with many moments of inspiration, motivation and retrospection. Plus, a great weekend spent with friends doing good, baking cookies and watching the U play in March Madness.

But, I’m not going to talk about that — oh, Utah.

Looking for a great week! Especially now that Spring is officially here!



The Runcast USA is teaming up with On Hill Events and Boot Camp KYT to give away an entry to the Drop 13 Half Marathon and a running/strength training fitness plan this week.

This is one of my favorite races — for many reasons. For one, I love Big Cottonwood Canyon. It’s seriously one of my favorite places to run around here in Salt Lake. Plus, the Drop 13 Half — is pretty much a straight DROP down the canyon. It’s fast. And, it’s fun!

I’m running it again this year not only to run fast and free, but as motivation to keep training and run off some weight. This is one reason why we’re giving away this entry.

To enter just read the caption on the post …

GIVEAWAY TIME! Did you know that you can earn TWO extra medals at the Drop 13 Salt Lake – Half Marathon happening this…

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423.79 miles




Just as an FYI — if you have been following me on @joshuwalla, I have switched that handle over to a new account. I am just cleaning up my IG a bit and it was much easier doing a new account then going through all my followers on the old account.

I have the old account still up — and probably will forever — as @joshuwalla2 (original I know). So, if you’re following the old account and still want to follow me on the new account … with the old handle … follow me (again).

My head hurts explaining all of that.

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Just a reminder that the Pod Bash episodes will resume this week — with a new Addict II Athlete and Are We Prepared, Yet? episode. We’re talking about PrepperCon on AWPY? … and the second episode of AIIA is BEYOND awesome.

The response to the AIIA Podcast has been phenomenal! Great numbers — great, great numbers! Keep listening and keep getting inspired!


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