My ‘Fit in Six’ Fitness Plan

FitInSixSo, yes, January is almost over. And, now I feel like I am finally getting around to implementing my New Years’ goals. Well, I haven’t just started. While I’ve been working towards them, I’ve also been tweaking the system so that I can actually achieve them.

My main focus right now is the sub-two half marathon while still working on my half marathon goal for the year.In focusing on that, I’ve decided to focus on a few things to help me get there.

They are —

  • I need to lose 10-15lbs. I’m at 240.2 (as of this morning) and I am at my best running wise when I weigh around 225-230. I always jump around the holidays and first of the year, but I just need to get serious about cutting out the little things (ie-mindless snacking, sugar, carbs, etc.). I lose weight fairly fast so I am not too worried about it, I just need to mentally be there for me to stay there.
  • I need to balance myself between running and strength training more equally. I need to run and do strength training at least three times per week. This includes not just strength training, but a mixture of set reps and my boot camp sessions at Firehouse Fitness. The core training helped me A LOT last year and I need to really focus on that again. It will only help.
  • I am working myself up to running with Becca during her 20 mile training run on April 26th in preparation for the Ogden Marathon (May 17). I feel like training myself for a long distance will help me in the long run (I’m soΒ punny!). I am planning on mixing speed work and long distant running into my training schedule. I am hoping this will help with my stamina and speed for the shorter distance. (NOTE: I’ve been told I should just train for a marathon if I am going to do this. Not yet. I am grappling with the thought, but mentally I am just no there again. Maybe in June? Maybe in September? Maybe next year? We shall see. But, not right now. I’m just not there … yet.).

With those goals in mind I wanted to implement a fitness routine that I did when I first starting losing my weight. It’s something I adapted from not just one DIET, but a number of diets and food/workout philosophies. I learned early on in my journey that about after a month, month and a half that I’d hit a plateau so I’d have to mix things up.

It just kind of evolved into a system of routinely changing everything every six weeks. I found this to be very effective. I believe this was one reason why I was able to lose a lot of weight right off the bat.

I’ve kept the principal of this diet alive, but nothing too strict. Instead of changing everything up every six weeks, I do it when I get bored of my routine. I will be the first to admit, it’s not that effective because my body tends to go nowhere a lot and if I am not careful my weight will sneak up because I get into too much of a comfort zone. That feels like the topic for another post.

Needless to say, I feel the need to be more precise with my workouts and diet especially considering how focused I feel on my sub-two half marathon goal. So for the next six weeks I am going to focus really on weight-loss and trimming down. My diet will be a 80/20 plan. I am planning on focusing on eating protein based meals (Isagenix shakes,Β tuna/cottage cheese, eggs, etc.) for the first 2-3 meals of the day and a fair share of fruit and vegetables as well. Not to mention drinking at least 96oz. of water daily.Β Then on the weekend I am allowing myself one free meal on Friday or Saturday night.

The workouts will be running on Tuesday (speed work, 3-5 miles), Thursday (moderate run, 5-6 miles) and Saturday (long run, 10-15 miles) with strength training and boot camp on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with a light session on Thursday evening (basketball or weights). It’s pretty straight forward. I don’t always know what my workouts at boot camp will be like, but on the days I do boot camp and run it should provide me with a good challenge, because I could be running after leg day. Fun?

To help me plan all of this out I made the follow form. I made six weekly schedules of the same color with different colors for each new six week cycle. Every Sunday evening I plan out the week before me, especially my meals. This also allows me to cook ahead if I need to make rice, chicken or any other food that would take a while to make. Plus it cuts out the guess work so I am not scourging for food the night before for my meals.

What I love about this chart is that is also keeps my accountable by taking my weekly weight stats every Friday and running miles at the end of the week. Feel free to use this form if you find value in it. Adapt it to your needs if you wish.

Healthy Me
A sample of my training and meal planning log. I color coded each one for each six weeks. The little OCD fat kid within me does things like this. Feel free to use the template.

I am playing with the idea of doing a six-week Vegetarian cycle. I also plan on doing a high protein and muscle building cycle not to mention one that incorporates carb cycling into it’s plan. I’d like to follow that more mid-summer when I will running a lot, especially in July. The only constant to my diet and exercise plan will be my Isagenix and running. I feel good about that.

But, the goal is to shake it up often and not allow my body to mentally or physically get too comfortable in the process. I don’t just want to get the stubborn 10-15lbs. off, but I’d like to get a bit leaner if possible. Especially during running season.

I have no doubt that if I stay true to this system I can reach my goals. I’ll be running much faster sooner than later, running that 20 mile run with ease and be ready to get that sub-two half marathon. I am getting excited just thinking about.

Hopefully there is some value to this system for you. What kind of system do you use? Do you change it up quite a bit? Not at all? Please share what works or doesn’t work for you.



  1. Okay, sorry, so in all seriousness, this is a great post. I have been trying to stick to my oatmeal/fruit in the morning, HB eggs for snacks, salad for lunch. My PT exercises are a whole workout in of themselves, and I do them 5-6 days a week. I’m exhausted! So far, it’s going well!

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