My JournalMENU Running Journal

1901353_766484320030205_855026130_nSo, I kinda love journals. No, not the diary kind … the date and schedule kind. I am kind of a nerd in that regard. Like, I may or may not already have a 2016 to 2017 journal.

Needless to say … I like to plan ahead.

But, there’s also one thing about journals that I get to track my races, workouts or every day life … I am picky. Extremely picky. I like my calendars and forms to be the way I like them to be.

That’s why when I found JournalMENU I instantly fell in love with their journals. JournalMENU makes custom fitness journals. And, by custom I mean … for runners, fitness gurus, CrossFit athletes, triathletes and yogis (or whatever you call people who do yoga).

You can also a simple day planner if you desire.

But, what really got me about their journals is the custom covers. And, by custom, I mean CUSTOM. In fact, you can pretty much get whatever you want.

My cover?

Well, naturally it had to include bananas and cats, right?

Here take a look …


It’s perfect isn’t it?

JournalMENU is giving away a free custom journal. All you have to do is check them out on Facebook and Instagram and leave a comment below on why you want one a JournalMENU and what YOU would put on the cover.

Here a few snaps of how you can customize your journal … like I said, you can make YOUR journal however you want.

I love the easy to use training plans. There is also a marathon one in my journal. Great reference even if you have a number of races under your belt.
I love quotes. Most journals I have or look for include quotes.
Easy and simple daily journal. You can use this for either planning or review. I like to use my journals for a mixture of both with more emphasis on planning.

So what say you about the JournalMENU? Leave a comment below!



  1. I would love this running journal and now that I see the inside I want it for sure. I would put the hastag #50by50 in the cover to remind me of my big goal. I would decorate it and add pictures too.

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