My thyroid friendly diet & exercise plan …


So, if you are staring at this post and wondering where this came from and what I am talking about, you should probably read this post first.

But, this is a fairly simple and straight forward diet plan that I am planning on following for at least the next 6-8 weeks (that’s how long I can mentally and physically follow a plan before I need to shake things up) to help jump my thyroid along.

I have a doctor’s appointment in two weeks, but I need to also make sure I am doing my part to promote a healthy functioning thyroid. So, after going through the research and health tips on dealing with hypothyroidism I found online I came up with this regime.

My goal is to lose 15-20lbs. by April 19th (that’s in time for the Salt Lake City Half Marathon if you’re tracking at home). That gives me about two months to get things tuned up medically and cleaned out physically. Plus, by training for my 30K on April 26th I’ll be getting PLENTY of long runs in between now and then.

I want to pump myself full of nutrition and good stuff and make sure that my body is working for me. I’m looking at these next eight weeks in a long term and short term perspective. Long term, I want my health and a balanced thyroid. Short term I want that dang sub-two.

I know the more fit and slim I am, the lighter and faster I’ll be. I’ve got the legs for it, now I just need to get lighter and physically working right. I have no doubt I’ll get there, mainly because I had to go through this last year. It’s not fun, but when the thyroid quits or slows down you learn to adapt and recalibrate. It’s an inconvenient truth (that was for all my Democrat friends).

Anyways, without further adieu, here is my diet plan … sans broccoli (it’s a sad, sad day for me right now).

Thyroid Diet Plan
This might change a tad bit here and there on the way I prepare some of the dishes (especially the chicken and omelets. I might replace either one with fish a time or two). I need variety.

Now that I’ve put this diet plan together I think I am going to go home tonight and have one last big bowl of broccoli. I need to say my goodbyes, on my own terms … and I feel like this would be the proper way of doing it. Just sayin’ …

But, I am excited to get started on this, I am sure this will help A LOT with my thyroid, especially once I get my thyroid checked and medication adjusted. I just want to make sure I do this right.



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