Nacho Dates, German Chocolate Cake and starting fires — just a few ways to describe my weekend.


Such a busy weekend. And, I mean busy. Friday night was spent baking a German Chocolate Cake for my friend Dave’s birthday. What I thought would be a fairly easy ordeal turned into a three times a charm adventure.

My first two attempts failed … completely. The first attempt came out bulgy in the middle of the round pan. Realizing my mistake (needed to lower the temp of the oven) I attempted again — aaaaaand — it came out too flat.

So, I just gave up on the idea of making a layered round German Chocolate Cake and just made a sheet cake and threw the coconut filling and frosting on top. My Mom really helped me on that third attempt — and saved the day. Baking really is a chemistry experiment.

And, I failed chemistry.

But, we got the cake made for Dave’s birthday party so turned out okay. We just were left with a lot of ruined cake. Seems like a great opportunity to make a trifle, right?

Anyways, Saturday was jam packed — we had the Bugout Run in Murray at the RFT Coaching facilities. I didn’t participate, I just helped facilitate it and record some of the challenges. It was a good turnout and quite a bit of fun.

We pulled weights for a mile, learned about pressure points and started fires with flint and steel. It sounds a lot like adult Boy Scouts, right? You’ll have to come check us out on a our next run, April 30th. But, we’ll also be at PrepperCon, April 15-16, as well. That’s going to be a lot of fun.

After the run, I headed down to Utah County for a lunch date. Well, it was actually my first taste testing of my nacho quest. You can read more about it further in the post, but I am in the hunt for the best nachos in Utah and my date and I ate nachos from Milagros in Orem. Read about it below.

My training plan called for four miles on Saturday … aaaaaaand … I didn’t get my run in, because as soon as I got home I had to quickly finish the cake in time for Dave’s party … at Chuck-a-Rama. Yes, C-a-R. Not my favorite place in the world, but for Dave — I’d go anywhere.

Since I already had my free meal for the week, I just stuck with the salad bar. I had three plates of salad. Lightly dressed, but heavy on the veggies. It took some restraint, especially when Prime Rib is sitting right there in your face. But, I did it.

So since I got home late I decided to scratch the run, especially since I had to get up for 9am church. I made a deal with myself that I would HAVE to put my four miles in on Monday morning — and I did.

I am looking forward for this week to slow down a bit. I still have things pretty much every night, but at least they’re spread out — thank goodness.

One good thing of note is that my Dad will be back from the Rehab Center this Friday. He hasn’t been home in over six weeks — so it’ll be a much needed return home. He will need another surgery to put the new permanent knee parts in — which will require another six week Rehab Center stay.

But, he’s recovering REALLY well, so we’re hoping this other surgery (whenever it is) will be a quick recovery. Not sure how that would effect his Rehab Center stay, mainly because Medicaid requires him to be there after the surgery.

But, we’ll see.

The important thing is he’s doing much, much, much better. Thanks to all those who said a little prayer for him, my Mom and our family — they’ve all been much appreciated and felt.

I’m excited for this week — so let’s get it rolling … HAPPY RUNNING!



I reviewed my first plate of nachos this past week. I took a date — Courtney — to Milagros in Orem. It was her choice. I won’t fully critique the nachos here — mainly, because you should read it on my nacho blog — but, they were pretty good. Not the best — especially when it came to the chips.

But, not only I am searching for the best place in Utah for nachos, but I discovered on Saturday that this is a great way to also understand food and what I am eating. How often do we just eat something because we like it? But, what do we like it?

And, I think doing this little nacho quest … I’ll come to a better understanding of the “why” with my food, not just my nachos.

Anyways, here is the full review.


Friends deserve birthday parties. BEST friends deserve birthday parties at Chuck-A-Rama. #partylikearockstar

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Sometimes you go to @chuckaramabuffet and eat two plates of salad. #dietwins

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I love my friend Dave. Seriously, can’t ask for a better friend. I’ve learned more about friendship from him than anyone else. He is never judgmental, a friend to all and assumes the best qualities in everyone. I made his birthday cake today — a German Chocolate cake. It wasn’t easy. I never knew how complicated German Chocolate cake was to make. Literally took me three tries. The first bubbled up in the middle, the second was flater than the salt flats … luckily I learned my lessons and, during the third try, I just went for the sheet cake. I’m pretty sure he would have loved my first failure with the same enthusiasm, but for someone who means the world to me … I’ll only give my best. Happy Birthday Dave! Keep being you and no one else! #bestfriendbirthday

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I think they call this … #style?

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20.6 miles


22.4 miles


195.57 miles


238.57 miles



Daily Shorts.fw

  • I really kinda, wanna, maybe, really need to see the new Jesse Owens bio pic. I’m a sucker for running movies. And, maybe the occasional Disney movie as well. But, most definitely, I will have to catch Race in theaters.
  • I love lists like these of celebrities as kids — quite a bit of awkwardness. But, the good thing is, we all go through that awkward stage. But, oh man, the Ryan Seacrest, Blake Shelton and Adam Driver cracked me!
  • So there’s this Instagram account of really dressed up cats … maybe you should know about it? Like … right meow … and I’m not kitten. Sorry that last part was pretty lame, I wasn’t committed to the joke like I should have been. I just felt obligated to tell a cat joke here. So paw-lease forgive me.
  • I love turtles … but … this might be a bit too much. Still, can’t stop watching.
  • It’s been fun watching the Jazz play as of late — especially emerging stars like Rodney Hood. I’ve loved watching him step up and help the Jazz win some big games with big shots. It’s going to be fun to see what the Jazz do in the next couple years as they put a few more pieces to this puzzle.
  • I remember Skeeter from Muppet Babies — and quite honestly — I forgot about her. But, it’s interesting how she’s just GONE. I’d love to see her make an appearance on ABC’s Muppets. Maybe I should start a White House petition or Facebook group to make that happen? Meh. Too much effort. I’ll join though if someone else does it … just sayin’
  • Chicken McGriddles? Yes, please … maybe? K, not sure what I really want in life, but these look and sound amazing.
  • This is hilarious … JUST SUCK IT UP LEBRON! BAHAHAHA!
  • YES! Now I have a goal when I get a dog. Make it purr like a cat. BRILLIANT!


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#running #fitness #workout #health #fitnessquotes #quotes @joshruns180 @joshuwalla

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#running #fitness #workout #health #fitnessquotes #quotes @joshruns180 @joshuwalla

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