National Running Day!

Featured-Image-National-Running-Day One has to wonder what the percentage is of runners who call in sick on National Running Day. The thought came across my mind. But, the fact, I like having a job and it was a billion degrees (okay 90) outside which would have meant I’d still have to run AFTER work anyways.

So work got 8 hours of me today.

National Running Day is kind of a strange holiday for runners. Sure we’re celebrating running, but … isn’t every day National Running Day? Any day you spend running is like a holiday, right?

That’s why my approach to National Running Day (NRD) is not so much about the running itself, than it is to the friendships and camaraderie that running gives me. I’ve celebrated the day the past couple of years pretty much running with others and for 2015 I wanted to do the same.


Since my buddy Reese lives literally a MILE from me, I wanted to run with him on my NRD run. But, this was more of a resolve than it was a one time “thing.” Being that he’s a mile from my house and on my running route there is no reason why I can’t be his legs and take him along for the ride.

Now that summer is here I am going to be taking Reese along with me on my mid-weekly run. That might be weekly or whenever our schedules can meet up, but if there is something that I’ve learned through my running and especially this past year it is … RUNNING IS A GIFT. And, it is literally a gift I am able (like anyone else) to give to Reese.

My running is morphing into something I didn’t really expect it to. My goal has been a sub-two half for quite a while. But, my health problems and nagging injuries have kind of derailed them. So, the focus has just turned on circuit training, losing weight and strengthening my core with running as a bonus to my fitness regime.

Instead of the focus of speed goals, I am really just enjoying it. I have NO time goals or expectations. I am sweeping more than my share of races, but the focus is more on others. Whether that’s helping others get a new PR, to finish a race or just being a simple friend or support. That’s my focus right now running wise.

And, guess what? I am having a blast!


Maybe by next year I’ll be where the focus will turn. I am not sure. But, I am in a happy place with my running and really just trying to balance it with my health.

But, back to tonight’s run. Running with Reese just reiterated everything I just mentioned. It was about a three mile run and though he couldn’t communicate with words, he communicated with other means that he was having a great time.

One thing that touched me very much was every time we ran down hills he would kick his feet as though he was running. He does this a lot during races, especially when someone fast pushes him. But, it’s those moments that gives the pusher a glimpse to how great of a runner Reese is and that he’s been pulling us along the whole time.

Running is a gift. Give it.


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