No Snow, No Smog, No Problem

This morning I hitched up the ‘ol Oldsmobile and trekked down to the Utah Valley University campus in Orem to run the NoSnow 5K. This was the second year I ran this race with Susette and the Gabicas. Plus, Vince Massa from our running group joined as well. But, besides running with friends, I love this race because it’s indoor, out of the snow and the infamous Utah smog. Plus, it’s a fundraiser for the Habitat for Humanity and for $10 you get a t-shirt, pancake breakfast with oatmeal and apple juice to boot. Not too shabby.

The halls are alive with … running!

But, like last year we didn’t just stick with the 5K, we ran longer. Susette who is training for a hundred miler next month needed to get in around 30 miles. She showed up to the school with Vince at around 6am. I showed up at 7am, while the Gabicas showed up at 8am. Since the race started at 9am we all got in extra miles which was really nice. Even after the race Susette and I ended up running a few more miles before leaving.

The crew (me, the Gabicas and Susette). Vince wasn’t in this picture because he was out running the halls of UVU.
The Gabicas running with Addison. Or would that be Addison running the Gabicas?
Me presenting Vince with his prize for being the winner of the Spaghetti Josh Meme Me Contest.

Vince was the fastest of all of us who ran a quick 14.5 miles, Susette pumped out 16 miles (she had 30 miles on the docket, so finished her remaining 14 miles at home on the treadmill), the Gabicas did a 10K (including a 5K by their three year old daughter) and I gutted out 12 miles. While we all ran different distances we still had a lot of fun being and running together. We always have fun. Heck, how can you not have fun running? (Now that I think of it, I don’t think I’d have fun running another marathon, but that’s a post for another day).

The wonderful volunteers who fed me.
Not quite PANCAKES!!! But, it’s a PANCAKE!!!
Me and my oatmeal. Love at first bite. Then after a few more bites the relationship pretty much ended unceremoniously.
No, I’m not Tebowing, just working out a massive cramp. Lesson learned: Don’t sit cross-legged for more than 15 minutes after running 12 miles.

After leaving the Gabicas and I commandeered our friend Lola and Ryan’s shower. Well, not all together. That would be awkward. Almost as awkward as me writing this last sequence. Either way, we showered and cleaned up our messy selves. It had been a while since I saw Lola so it was AWESOME being able to see her again. I have many stories about Lola from our days in college that I’d love to write about someday. But, I will leave you with this one … one time we were going to elope to Vegas, we got all excited called her folks and ended up just driving to Denny’s in St. George for french toast. I’m not sure what would have happened if we ended up in Vegas, but I’m pretty sure we’d just end up eating at Denny’s there instead of getting married.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for LOLA!!!
Ethan really was more excited than this to see me. Promise.
I thought they said group hug?

Once we cleaned up and grabbed lunch at Costco (did you know they sell Gelato at their snack bar?) we went to the Runner’s Corner in Orem where Lola’s husband Ryan works. I brought along all of my Christmas money ready to blow it all on shoes and the like. A runner with their Christmas money in a running store is the equivalent of a gambling addict spending the day after Christmas on the Vegas Strip. But, I found what I was looking for and added a new pair of Hoka One Ones to my running shoe cycle. Instead of another Boni I got a pair of Magate 2s. I love the shoes. I love the color. I love the feel. I’m in love. I’ll review them sometime after my next long run.

It’s all about the Benjamins (and giftcards)! YEAAAAAAH!
My new addition to the running shoe cycle. I’m excited to get these out on the road!
I might have done a little Sports Bra shopping. 42Bs!

But, before I headed home I went to Sprouts with the Gabicas. I am a fan of Sprouts and Whole Foods and love more than anything exploring new foods. It always seems like they have new or interesting things to try. Since I was still somewhat hungry from my run I bought a Hubert’s Cherry Limeade and Protein Crisps (basically protein chips with no transfats or msg and 10 grams of protein per serving). The chips were alright, but I love the limeade and it wasn’t loaded with sugar which is a bonus for me.

My afternoon snack. I’m digging that Cherry Limeade right about now. Pretty dang good!

After a full day of running, shopping and run shopping with friends I am exhausted. But, I feel good about my run. While I shouldn’t have booked it as fast as I did I feel that I am getting stronger. I feel like I probably could have gone another three miles or so? But, it’s probably best that I don’t. I am not just working towards speed, but running towards keeping pace with Becca during her 20 mile run. I’m enjoying the journey and look forward to having some fun come the running season.

How was your weekend run?



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