One Million ‘LIKES’ closer to an ultra …

The past couple of months I’ve had a few friends trying to convince me to run the Antelope Island Buffalo 50 mile ultra marathon (that in it’s own right is a mouthful) in March. Each time they’ve asked the answer has been the same. No.

Even when my friend Robert Merriman brought back Smarties from Canada … the answer was still a no. But, I won’t lie, it was starting to soften. Especially considering how much I loved Smarties over M&M’s in an instant. But, that’s a different story for another day.

So yesterday I got asked again about running it and basically said … “ONLY IF I GET ONE MILLION LIKES ON FACEBOOK!” Kind of jokingly. But, well … here I am.

As you can see the post below is of the picture people would need to “LIKE” to count towards those million votes. All, I have to say is … good luck. That’s a lot of votes. So, if you hate me … just push “LIKE” … and if you like me. Well, buy me something nice.



  1. I’ve watched you delve back into the world of marathons and I am ashamed that my only proclaimed marathon hating friend is now going for an ultra. Betrayal! For that I’m going to like the picture once for my personal account and once for each of my pages (which isn’t much of a threat, I have far fewer pages than you do).

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