One month away from my marathon …

The best running group. Ever.

Egags … I am ONE month away from running my fourth marathon. I’m all kinds of excited and slightly scared. Just the right kind of mixture of emotion for a marathon. Any more excited and you go into the marathon unprepared or any more scared and you end up peeing your pants before the one mile marker. Luckily for me I feel like I am somewhere in the middle.

New Year’s Run Resolution, Jan. 2014

Being reflective on being one month away to my marathon comes at the perfect time as I have a number of friends preparing to run their first marathon this weekend in Ogden. I am all kinds (I’ve noticed that I say this phrase a lot) of excited for them. The first marathon is such an accomplishment. But, more than that it’s a great sacrifice of time. Many of my friends are parents and spouses and preparing for their marathons hasn’t come easy. Each mile they’ve ran is time away from their families. That’s a big sacrifice.

20 miles down Emigration Canyon, April 2014.

Training for my first marathon wasn’t much a sacrifice for me being a single man. I guess you could make the argument it’s a sacrifice to my Friday nights and Saturday mornings. But, let’s be honest here I’ve never really had wild and crazy Friday nights planned. Unless of course you count going to Walmart to check out the $5 movie bin.

But, friends like Becky who is a stay at home mom to three young kids the time running is a TREMENDOUS sacrifice. She’s had to rely on her grad student husband and neighbors to watch the kids including all of her long runs on Saturdays. It hasn’t been easy and I can attest to that because I ran NUMEROUS miles with her on those many Saturday mornings. Runs down Emigration Canyon, up Emigration Canyon, around Liberty Park, 30Ks in the rain and even a few laps around her apartment complex. It’s really been fun to a part of her marathon journey.

The infamous 30K in Eden with lifesaver Sonja.

I remember her apprehension in the beginning months of her training plan. I can’t tell you how many times she questioned her decision to run a marathon. She felt she would never be ready to run 26.2. But, then after getting a few long runs under her belt it was awesome seeing her gain that confidence that reassured her that YES you can do this.

As her running partner it’s been fun watching this transformation happen. Fear has been swept aside to confidence. And, now in a couple days she will be able to say she is a MARATHONER. I really wish I could be there at the finish line to see her fulfill this great accomplishment. I wish I could be there with all of my other friends running their first marathon. I just want them to know how proud I am of them and somewhat jealous. There is nothing like running your first marathon. It’s really only something that can be experienced.

Listening to U2 during a 18 mile training run. March 2014.

So, while I am running the hills of Camp Williams this Saturday morning I will undoubtedly be thinking of my friends in Ogden. I am proud of all of them. I really do wish I was running beside them, but I still have a month to prepare for my own marathon. My first marathon in nearly 18 months. But, as I prepare for my race I really do draw strength from them.

I am glad that I get one more run with Becky tonight. This will be her last three miles before her marathon and it’s fitting that we’ll be running together at Liberty Park. And, of course we’re planning on getting Sears burritos after the run.

All of which totally makes sense.

Our first Sears Burrito stand visit.



  1. Aww, Joshua, thank you for this post. It means so much to me! Thank you for your nonstop support and laughs the past 4 months. I honestly don’t think I would have survived some of those long runs without you!

  2. I am all kinds of excited for you! I wish I was there for your last 26.2 miles, but being there for the past … what … 300? has been too much fun! You will do great and I can’t wait to run with you tonight.


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