One potato, two potato … 50 potato, more.

potato712006On Sunday for family dinner my Mother asked me to be in charge of making the mashed potatoes. Easy, right? I had a bag of red potatoes I bought last week so I was just going to boil them, throw in some butter, seasoning and buttermilk then whip them up and call it good. It was no problem. They came out tasting great and everyone loved them.

There was only one problem. I was feeding 10 people. And, I made enough potatoes to feed the French Army … plus some. I could have easily feed over 50 with my portion. I don’t know why I had such a hard time gauging how many potatoes I should make? But, after dinner there was a hardly a dent made in my bowl of mashed red potatoes. Then with my luck half of my siblings don’t really like potatoes so they didn’t take any leftovers home with them.

Start seeing this bigger dilemma coming to head?

I’ve got all the potatoes.


Well, not wanting them to become waste I decided to use them yesterday for lunch. I combined them with some egg whites and cheese and threw them into the waffle iron and made own chicken and waffles. It was pretty good. Probably the only way I’d ever eaten chicken and waffles. But, that’s a long story complicated story that I’d rather not tell right now. I’ll just say this … chicken and waffles shouldn’t go together on the same plate and I have strong feelings about this.

Either way, I still have A LOT of potatoes to last me this upcoming week.

I’ve planned at least two meals this week with the potatoes, but I know I’ll have to find other ways to incorporate them. I have chicken, broccoli and mashed potatoes on the menu as well as more potato waffles. This time though no chicken. Just waffled potatoes to go with vegetables for my long temp run on Thursday night.

I need ideas for more. It’s been suggested I make bread, griddled potatoes and among others. But, I’d like to try something new with them.

Any suggestions? Please share in the comments below.

My attempt at a GOOD tasting Chicken n’ Waffles.




  1. Back by popular demend! Breakfast Cakes! OK… take your mashed taters add several eggs, diced saus. or ham or bacon, and cheese… add some diced onions and or green/red peppers…heat up the electric pancake grill. Form mixture into large patties if they are runny add a bit of flour, cook on both sides. Cool and store them in zip loc bags, freeze, re-heat as needed, serve with or without catsup. I make them all the time for a friend who is 96 in Feb, so she won’t have to cook breakfast and when she is tired of cereals. You can use shredded frozen hash browns too.

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