Phat Josh’s Top Ten 2015 Race Medals


This is one of my favorite posts of the year. This is the post where I get to look back at all of my race medals and pick my top favorite ones of 2015. It’s been a big year of running for me — I’ve ran over 30 races — so how do I narrow it down to just ten medals?

It’s definitely quite the task.

The formula for my selections are quite simple — it’s my selection. The selection is either based of sheer design or a mixture of design and what that race meant to me. So if you’re looking for a grading sheet of why I selected a certain medal at a certain spot — you’re not getting it here.

But, that’s okay, this is just based off what I like.

So without further adieu — here are my top ten favorite race medals from 2015, starting with #10 …

10) Murdock Canal Half Marathon


This medal my surprise some people because of the relatively small size of this race. But, quite honestly — I loved the medals. Utah Run does a great job with all of their medals, and this is no exception.

I like the color combination and the simple design, including the splash you get from the orange trail “swiggle” — very nice, simple and bold.

9) Lagoon Half Marathon

Utah’s Disneyland Half Marathon — aka Lagoon Half Marathon had some pretty sweet medals for participants this past year. I love the detail of some of Lagoon’s big attractions in the medal along with the simple two color copper coloring. Very bold and a great keepsake medal.

I do wish however that instead of featuring newer rides that they featured the historic White Roller Coaster, Carousel and even the Colossus. To me that’s Lagoon. The medal probably would have ranked higher on my list with those features.

8) Nebo Half


NEBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! By far one of my favorite courses and races here in Utah. And, the medals don’t disappoint either. I love the sheen and glitz of each medal, not to mention the fall colors of red, yellow and the like — Nebo really is the kickstart race of the fall and they play that up with the medals and shirts.

If I had one complaint — I wish the medals were a bit bigger. But, then again, I love big medals. Period.

7) Drop 13 Big Cottonwood Half Marathon


This medal is one of my favorites for a number of reasons — one, I love the colors. I am a sucker for blue and gold. Two, I love the race — any race down Big Cottonwood is a favorite, but this race takes the cake as far as half marathons go. And, two, I love the size of the medals — they’re big and shiny. A great recipe for someone who such a short attention span such as myself.

6) AF Canyon Run Against Cancer Half Marathon


This race has a special place in my heart — mainly because … CANCER SUCKS! And, I love the mission of this race. My Mom is a cancer survivor and I’ve had a number of other friends who’ve battled through the disease. Including one whom we honored later in the year at the Timp Half.

Design wise of the medal — I love the simplicity. The AF design is really cool in the blue and lime green. Plus the size and weight of the medal makes this a considerable finisher’s medal. Combine that with the memories of the race and it’s one of my favorites in 2015 by far!

5) Snow Canyon Half Marathon

If there is one thing you should know about me it’s this — I am a sucker for the red rocks of southern Utah. So this medal definitely delivers on that accord. Plus, the race itself delivers even more red rock scenery so I’ll make that association everytime I look at the medal.

I love the design of the medal along with the sheen of the gold and orange along with the size and weight. But, I will always associate this medal with this race and my beloved red rocks of southern Utah.

4) Ogden Half Marathon


This medal is CLASS. All of the medals I’ve received from the Ogden Marathon have been. This year’s race was one of my favorites for a number of reasons — namely, because I had so much fun running in the rain. I know that sounds weird, but I came prepared compared to years past. As soon as I crossed the finish line I changed into completely dry clothes. I then headed to the block before the finish line and cheered in friends who ran the marathon.

I am not planning on running the Ogden Marathon again this upcoming year and I am kind of bummed — because I always love their medals.

3) Timp Half


This race was special on many levels for me this past year. Forget the fact that American Fork Canyon is one of my favorite canyons to run down, this was special because this was the race where we all rallied around our friend ‘Dith after learning of her breast cancer diagnosis. We all wore pink in her honor and I sported a pink bra as well. One that I should add — I haven’t ran in a race without since.

But, the medal design speaks for itself in why this is third on my list. It’s solid. The detail, the colors, size and weight are spot on — and spectacular.

2) Revel Big Cottonwood Marathon


I LOVE and I mean LOVE the Revel medals. I’ve ran the race down Big Cottonwood each year since their inaugural run in 2012. And, each year — they’ve delivered awesome and better medals. I love the use of color and design in this year’s medal — not to mention the size and weight of the medal as well. It’s pretty much a frickin’ paper weight.

I really wy want to run other Revel races just so I can collect all of their awesome medals.

1) The Baker’s Dozen Half Marathon


Okay, this has pretty much #1 on my list like MONTHS before I actually ran this race. There’s no way it would have been any lower than #1 — this medal has been one I’ve been pining for, for the past couple of years. All of the Bakers Dozen medals are pretty much legendary around here in Utah.

These medals are HUGE … COLORFUL … and just FUN! And, when I say huge, I mean HUGE! You could pretty much use this medal as a frickin’ plate for a dozen cupcakes. But, these medals are really such a great consolation prize for such a fun party of a race. And, it’s one of the many reasons why I will back in 2016 to claim another epic medal.


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