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After a long busy week last week — this past weekend was very much a reprieve. A much, much needed reprieve and breather. It was full of visits with my Dad, workouts, runs, temple sessions and ghost hunts. Quite the variety.

My Dad got out of the hospital on Friday and is now in a rehab center here in Bountiful. He’ll be there for at least the next six weeks before having another surgery to put more permanent parts in his knee. It will be a process, but at least he’s out of the hospital and closer to home.

That news alone really helped shape the weekend for me. Knowing he was on the road to recovery let me focus on my running, workouts and — life more intently.

Even now as I am looking forward to this week — I feel relieved. I am also excited and motivated to tackle my goals moving forward — especially since I am past my cold and sinus infection.

Sure I worked through all of that this past week, but I won’t lie — it was my first week of the Galloway Method training and it was rather easy cranking out three runs no longer than three miles. But, it is also hard at the same time to do that when you just don’t have the energy or strength.

But, luckily the endurance is coming back. Now it’s just a matter of being consistent and growing to where I want and know I can be physically and with my running. Well, and it’s still a matter of finding the right formula with my medications to help get me there. I have  a couple of doctor appointments coming up the next month that will hopefully help provide me with those answers.

But, right now — it’s just that matter of being consistent and rolling with the punches. And, now I feel refreshed and ready to go to war.

Happy Tuesday! Happy Week! Happy Running!


I love to go to the temple. I went there today. #templesaturday

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I haven’t dressed like this since I was rolling on the short bus. #idressmyself

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Hanging out with with BFF #1 @gangster_of_luv tonight. #bestfriends #totesadorbs

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This kid makes me so proud she’s watching YouTube videos on how to draw Star Wars Tie Fighters! #prouduncle #starwars

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10.75 miles


16.2 miles


32.02 miles


65.67 miles


2574.38 miles



It’s not really spaghetti squash season — but, can I just profess my love for spaghetti squash? Well, if you said no — you’re reading the wrong blog.

I can simply eat spaghetti squash with tomato sauce and cheese and be in heaven. But, also I love a good complex and healthy dish of it as well — like this recipe.

It’s spaghetti squash loaded with chicken, mushrooms, pesto, love and the works. Mmmmm … I want it now.




Three years ago today my Aunt Diane (picture above with me) passed away after a brief illness. It’s amazing how fast time passes. It really seems like yesterday to me.

My Aunt Diane has always been in my life. She never married or had kids of her own — so she adopted all of her nieces and nephews as such. Whenever there was a birth — she was there. Whenever there was a wedding — she was there. Whenever there was a need — she was there.

She loved giving of herself, her resources and time. You never fought with her whenever she wanted to pay for lunch or fill up your gas tank — she always insisted on it. Especially if it meant you could spend an afternoon or evening with her.

Throughout my life — she was also one of my biggest advocates and supporters. From an early age she would always tell me how special and close to her heart I was to her. I believed it — but I didn’t understand it until much later in life — really only a few years before her passing.

When I started my weight-loss journey — she was my biggest fan. And, I knew from the beginning that she understood that this wasn’t a journey of weight-loss for me — but of happiness. She saw so much more within me than I could at the time. So she encouraged me along the way with little notes of encouragement, long conversations over the phone (and I mean long) or by going shopping for new clothes.

She saw so much more in me and helped pull that out of me through our conversations. I didn’t realize until later — that I was creating something everyone needs in a weight-loss or fitness journey. A team, a support group — or a squad.

It’s one thing to undertake a journey by yourself — but it’s quite another going about with the help of others. It’s not just a haphazard group of supporters — but one that helps build you up, keep you on track and moving forward in your goals.

My Aunt was very much my emotional supporter, she was able to see things about myself that I couldn’t. I also had my Mother and Grandma who were my biggest fans — they would cheer me on every step of the way. I had my trainers — who not only helped with the work in the gym — but told me how it was.

And, these are just a few of many supporters and fans that helped me right the course of my wayward ship. It really wasn’t just me — sure I put in the work and did what I needed to do. But, without that support — why would keep going? What was the incentive?

Having a group — or a squad — is beneficial. Whether it’s a relative, close friend or trusted stranger — if you want long term success — build your group.

Even creating one online is a great idea — whether it’s through a Facebook group, blog or other social media account. Whatever it takes to keep yourself accountable, supported and moving forward — do it.

There are still moments when I can hear the support of my Aunt Diane tell me that I can something — whether it’s running, in the gym or just a moment I find myself in self-doubt. That support you create around yourself not only helps you in the moment — but it stays with you — even when they are gone.

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