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I won’t lie — these posts seem kinda cliche. It’s the new year, new goals, new focus, etc., etc., etc. I have a love/hate relationship with the new year because of that. How do you make good resolutions? And, when are you overreaching on your resolutions — and I guess to an extent under reaching?

The past couple of years I’ve kind of stepped away from making specific new goals at the start of the year. Instead, I have long term goals that are my focus throughout the year. So, I’ve used the new year as a good time to reevaluate those goals –Then there’s this year’s goal of counting the amount of eggs I eat and re-energize my intention towards them.

Sure, I’ve recently made goals to start off the new year in 2013 I swore off soda for the year — that’s now lasted the last three years. And, of course last year I made the goal to count the bananas I ate throughout the year (1,000 to be exact). Then there’s this year’s goal  of counting the amount of eggs I consume throughout the year. Basically the last two years my “goals” have really just fed my OCD tendencies.

But, I do love the energy that the new year brings to my long term goals.

I guess one goal I have made this new year — is to blog more about my journey. I kind of went away from that this past year. Partly, because it felt like the same old song — “trying to lose weight, running, running, but my thyroid won’t let me”

And, honestly, that mentality wore on me — to the point it was my mentality. No more. I’ve gotta be more tenacious in my mentality — not just in my workouts, but also my seeking a solution to my health problems. Cuz — it sucks.

So really I am trying to work on my mindset this year — especially this month. And, really, that’s just being positive, accepting failure and coming back stronger. I really want to get back to my race weight of 230-235 by June or July.

And, to get there will take a lot of reprogramming, dedication and solutions. But, really, just hard — smart — dedicated — work.

Though I don’t necessarily prescribe to the traditional New Year’s Resolutions — I support them — and encourage them. Especially when they deal with desired fitness or weight-loss changes. There is no matter time to change than now — and if you’re going to make those changes at the first of the new year — so be it — just do it.

The new year is such a great time to review and renew —  if you don’t have long term goals to review, make them now. And, really, it’s as easy putting one foot in front of the other. Have faith in every step you move forward will lead you closer, even if it feels like you’re going backwards or have failed. You haven’t — keep fighting. Strength is learned and gained in the midst of the fight.

But, really, I hope you’re going to the overcrowded gyms — or running you’re heart away — or working towards whatever your desire and goal is for the new year. You can do it — step by step.

Happy New Year! Happy Running!


The first batch of eggs towards my 2016 goal … #ocdproblems #eggs2016

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It’s pretty well documented how much I hate cancer. Cancer sucks. My Mom is a breast cancer survivor. I lost my Grandpa to cancer — along with a few friends. And, then of course there are my friends ‘Dith and Amy that are currently fighting their own battle with blasted disease.

Cancer knows no boundaries, it doesn’t play favorites and it doesn’t care who it effects. It’s not just a personal fight — it’s a fight undertaken by family, friends and communities. And, it’s hard to see people succumb to it — whether they’re a family member or friend.

This morning one of my friend’s Marie Murray passed away after battling breast cancer for over the past 11 years. Actually, she’s fought it twice. When I started running for the Huntsman Hometown Heroes back in 2012 in honor of my mother and her battle with cancer, Marie was one of the first runners I met on the team. Words can’t express how positive, cheerful, kind and radiant she was with friends and strangers alike. She was a light and inspiration.

That’s all going to be missed. I am going to miss seeing her cheerful self at races — laughing alongside friends — and just being her. She is going to be truly missed. Rest in peace.

So, so, so sad to hear of the passing of my friend Marie A Murray. She was always a light and positive force that I’ll…

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One of the biggest things about losing weight — is changing your habits. It’s not just about stopping yourself from eating a whole pizza, it’s about rethinking about what’s on that pizza. One thing I’ve done over the years is rethink a number of recipes of some of my favorite foods — lasagna, pizza, pasta, burgers, desserts, etc., etc. It’s been fun and challenging — but, worth it.

Sure you still enjoy the regular thing once in a while, but why not find healthy, delicious alternatives that you can enjoy a bit more than once in a while?

Like this alternative to pizza — TURKEY PIZZA RECIPE

What are some alternative recipes you use on some of your favorite foods?




When I started my weight-loss journey — I did so with MUCH trepidation towards the gym. I hated the gym. This is despite having a gym membership to Gold’s Gym (but, really it was just something to put on my key chain — not actually do anything with).

Being a 400lbs. guy in a gym is kinda intimidating — I mean really intimidating. Not only do you feel extremely out of shape, but when you see the Greek Gods around you on the weight floor — you feel extremely judged. So that’s why I would hide myself on the Elliptical or better yet — the Cardio Cinema.

It was just easier.

So, when I started my weight-loss journey — not surprisingly — I didn’t start in a gym. I really just started with my diet and a conscious effort to walk more throughout the day. Within my first month I had over 30lbs. and gained some confidence.

And, with that confidence came the realization that at some point I would need to comfort my fear of the gym. Sure, I could do it all at home — but, I was locked in my gym membership for another year (typical Gold’s membership) and I wasn’t going to waste more money by NOT going.

Instead of just showing up and having at it — I decided to kind of ease into it. I hired a trainer. My trainer was a friend of mine and it helped having one on one focus during workouts because it helped me take my mind off of the other people in the gym.

During one of our sessions I told him about my fears of the gym — especially going by myself. And, surprisingly — I’m not alone I’m not alone in that fear. A lot of people, especially those that want to lose weight feel that way … and it’s normal.


And, it’s a big but.

He assured me that — the majority of people there aren’t judging you — they’re applauding you. They’re looking at you make changes in your life. And, odds are some — if not most — have been in your shame shoes.

That changed my whole perception.

Not only did I get over those fears at the gym, it’s what also got me outside running. I was very self conscious about that for a while as well.

But, really, why should it matter to other what you look like working out or running? If they have a problem with it — it’s their problem, not your’s. Your goals should be predicated on your own terms — not by anyone else.

And, now — some six years later — I much rather workout in a group. Whether that’s at boot camp or while running. Sure, I love going solo once in a while — but, I’m a social butterfly that needs that positive reinforcement and motivation.

It’s amazing what things you can accomplish when you put you change your way of thinking and perception.

Have you ever had similar issues with the gym or running outside? How did you get over them? Comment below!




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