Preppin’ and buggin’ out at PrepperCon

071692dWow. I survived the week. After one of the longest and tiring weeks of my life … it is done. After about a year of my family planning and preparing the first inaugural PrepperCon it happened this past Friday and Saturday and was more successful than we anticipated. Like, by a lot. It even got some coverage across the pond in the UK. Too cool.

Koko was one of the models for the Prepper Fash: Fashion Show. Let’s just say … she stole the show!

It’s been fun being a part of PrepperCon, but more than that seeing it go from a moment of inspiration all the way to what happened this past weekend. It’s been an interesting and difficult process at times, but doing it together as a family as a team has been very rewarding as well.

I am already optimistically looking forward to next year’s PrepperCon (April 15-16) at the South Towne Expo Center. It’ll be fun to build upon the momentum from this year’s convention. And, I can tell you the rest of the family and team is excited and ready to building upon this year’s success as well. It’s going to be fun to see this grow.

I was one of the judges for the Food Storage Cook-Off alongside Becky Brown and Becky Goodrich.

But, I came home on Saturday and crashed. I slept pretty much 14 straight hours, stumbled out of bed and to church. It’ll probably take a couple days to get readjusted, but I am also looking forward to getting back to a regular routine — work, sleep, workout and run. It’s amazing how much that affects you when it’s all out of whack.

Still, great week!

Bugout Challenge Logo

Another project that I was working on concurrently with PrepperCon is The Bugout Run. I blogged about this extensively on Friday. But, this project has been one in the making for about the past year. Ever since Jorge and I divulged our secret that we were both preppers. And, then once Dave Bell came on board the project has grown immense wings.

It was fun to share our thoughts and vision with others during PrepperCon. Once people got past the notion of “running” … they loved the idea and concept of the race. It was endurance race, but more of opportunity for people to test out their survival skills in the event that they’d have to “bugout.”

Our booth at PrepperCon

There is a lot more to the project that I want to share, but this is really not the time. More information will be coming within the next couple of weeks. I can tell you this though … our first main event will happen at the end of September or early October, will take place somewhere along the Wasatch Front and most likely at a mountain resort.

Oh, and it will be fun. A lot of fun.

Jorge explaining the race to a group of interested people.

There are a few polls on our website we’d like you to take to help us give participants a better experience. They’re polls that take less than a couple of minutes. But, you can find them here. You can also sign up for our newsletter to get updates and information quicker.

Oh, and you can also LIKE us on Facebook and Instagram.

Come bugout with us!


IMG_4212As I had mentioned on Friday I didn’t get much … nearly … none running mileage in just because of how busy I was last week. But, I was able to get in a nice three-mile fartlek on the hotel treadmill on Saturday with Jorge before we went back to PrepperCon for day two.

I didn’t push it, I just fartleked it. But, it sure made a difference mentally and physically for me. Much, much needed.

Total Mileage Breakdown for 2015
2015 Training Miles – 155.5 miles
2015 Walking Miles – 97.0 miles
2015 Race Miles – 79.75 miles
2015 Total Miles – 332.25 miles
Monthly Total Miles for 2015
January – 78.8 miles
February – 72.85 miles
March – 115.3 miles
April – 65.3 miles




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