RACE #115: Bakers Dozen Half Marathon

115-bakersdozenLooking back at my races this past year it’s been quite the adventure, especially considering this was my last race of the year. Especially when you consider that I have ran over 30 races — a handful of 5Ks, marathon, Ragnar, a 25K, a 50K and some 26 half marathons. Lots and lots and lots of running.

It’s been a fun and trying year for me — especially with my stupid health issues. But, I haven’t let those issues deter my goals. Sure my speed goals have had to take a back seat, but I’ve been inching closer to my 180 goal month by month and week by week. I have just 65 more races to do in the next five and half years. That’s really just 13 races per year until I turn 40.

Very doable.

Something I could easily knock out in about two years — but — won’t. The goal is to now pace myself so I can focus on more time and distance goals — i.e.- sub-two half marathon, more 50K trail races and an eventual 50 miler. But, I’ll blog all about that later. That’s not the whole point of this post — it’s of course all about the Bakers Dozen Half that I ran this past weekend.

This has been a race that I’ve circled on my calendar for the past several years — for many reasons. The main reasons — because it seemed like a lot of fun and — well — it involved cookies, donuts and cake, while running. What not to love about that? Plus, Cory Reese, the race director, is one of my favorite local runners and running bloggers. He’s such an awesome guy and beyond hilarious.

All great reasons to run.

I carpooled down with my friends Mindy Heaton and Cevan Skinner — and since we didn’t want to make a weekend of it we drove down and back in the same day. We left northern Utah around 2am and drove through central and southern Utah to Hurricane. There were some sketchy areas of extreme dense fog and snowy roads, but Mindy was a great driver and we made it to the race unscathed.

The race consisted of a 3 mile-plus loop around Hurricane. A gorgeous part of Hurricane I might add. It was part paved road and part trail. To complete the half marathon you had to run the loop four times. And, on every lap you had your “aid station” of donuts, cookies, cakes, etc. that you could eat. For every pastry that you ate one of the volunteers would mark your arm.

Since I was running sick I didn’t really feel too hungry for anything — I did manage to get down five pastries. They were mainly mini-cupcakes and some mini-sugar cookies. I know I could have probably packed down more pastries than that, but I’m totally okay with just eating five.

On the other hand there were other runners that ate 50+ pastries. My friend Chris somehow got down over 60 pastries! 60!!! How in the world? I would have severely struggled getting down just 10. Baffles me. But, really, it was all done in the spirit of fun and celebrating another great year of running.

The race wasn’t timed and it’s probably best that it wasn’t. It wasn’t my best race — coupled with my stupid cold and the wind on the course, I felt fairly slow. The wind was pretty consistent throughout the race. Since it was a looped course I got both a tailwind and headwind. The tailwind was appreciated, but as expected the headwind — not so much.

However, I can now say for certain that I understand how Hurricane got it’s name. I felt like I was running through a hurricane at some points throughout the race. It was pretty bad. At one point I lost my Nemo hat — and that’s something since I’ve got myself a big head

But, I still had a lot of fun. I was able to run with a number of friends, enjoy the scenery and moment. Sure, it would have been better if I wasn’t sick, but that didn’t deter me from having a fun time. I will definitely be back in 2016. And, this time I’ll pack down more than just five pastries. Not 60, not 50 or 40 or 30 — but, maybe 10. Maybe.

Anyways, after the race we packed ourselves back in the car and headed home after raiding Alberto’s for a breakfast burrito. It was the perfect way to balance myself after a sugary filled race. Delicious and well deserved.

But, now the focus is on 2016 and my upcoming goals. As I mentioned earlier I will blog about that later. This week will be all about The Joshby Awards before a two week hiatus. Come January 1st — I’ll be back sharing my new year’s focus, goals and new blog design.

Thanks to everyone who was a part of my 2015 running adventures, it’s been quite an adventure. And, without you — this adventure to 180 would be pointless.

Here’s to my 2015 races and a new year! 2016 here we come!


Cevan ruins everything. #eagerbeaver

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There’s a reason why they call it Hurricane. Cuz’ it be windy. #hurricaneiswhereitsat

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For the fifth year in a row — which, really sounds so weird — I will be running the New Year’s Run Revolution at the Kearn’s Olympic Oval. This was my fifth half marathon WAY back on New Year’s Eve 2011. I know that doesn’t sound very long ago — but, in running years it makes me feel ancient … mmm’kay?

This is actually one of my favorite races that I look forward to each year. It’s not so much the course — because you’re basically just running in circles for upwards to five hours. But, because you’re running together with friends the whole time. And, since you are running around a track, you get to see your friends pretty much — every lap.

Back in 2011 when I ran this for the first time — I didn’t know ANYONE. Like, literally, didn’t know anyone and just went solo. And, it kinda sucked — I won’t lie. But, over the years as I have immersed myself more into the running community it’s been TONS of fun. Because, really, it’s the only race of the year that you’re running with EVERYONE! That everyone from the from the gazelles to the turtles. It’s just a lot of fun.

This year I am going to be pushing Josh Twelves — aka — Wheelz. It’s been a while since we ran together, because of one reason or another. But, since he doesn’t do very well in the cold this is the PERFECT race for him since it’s all indoors.

But, like every year the goal will be to get at least a half marathon worth of laps in during the five hours. I might do more, we’ll just see how I feel after 13.1 miles. I wanted to do more last year, but barely eked out the needed 47 laps — because I found out I ran with the flu.

It’s just going to be a party and a great way to kickoff 2016.


Total Mileage Breakdown for 2015
2015 Training Miles – 259.5 miles
2015 Walking Miles – 522.05 miles
2015 Race Miles – 480.65 miles
2015 Total Miles – 1262.2 miles
Monthly Total Miles for 2015
January – 78.8 miles
February – 72.85 miles
March – 115.3 miles
April – 76.3 miles
May  97.4 miles
June  131.15 miles
July  101.65 miles
August  110.2 miles
September – 115.69 miles
October – 164.7 miles
November – 148.95 miles
December – 55.2 miles


  • As I mentioned on Friday, I am toying with the idea of rebranding the blog — including the name. Regardless of what I choose, I will be changing the layout and graphics. I’ve had the same layout the past couple of years and it’s just time for a change.
  • I have the name down to about two names — sticking with Running180 or going back to PhatJosh. For those who have followed my journey since 2010 — that was the name of my first blog. I still own the URL and I am debating going back to it. And, who knows — maybe I’ll go with something completely new? Chime in if you have an opinion.
  • I just noticed that between January 1st and May 7, I only have two half marathons planned — and I am not planning on any more, in fact maybe less? If you’re wondering which two, they are the Run Revolution and The Zion Half Marathon.
  • The reason why I am doing that is because I am planning on following a half marathon training plan to before the Provo City Half (May 7) to help me lose weight and get faster. I will have more of that plan come the first of the year. But, basically, I’m following a Galloway run/walk plan.
  • This is pretty much the coolest thing — I’ve been following Derek’s journey on Facebook and I just love his attitude as he works towards his goals. As the article states he’s an inspiration to MANY, including myself. Makes my speed bumps meaningless in the scheme of things.
  • I could have used this about a week ago — oh well, still good advice.
  • If you’re in the hunt for a good laugh — this should do it.
  • This never gets old either.
  • This is one of the many reasons why I love running — we’re such an odd bunch of people that running in a suit for a world record actually seems sane.
  • Since I am not running many races next year, especially earlier in the year I am planning on volunteering and supporting other runners. One of these ways is by making signs for along the course. This should give me some ideas.
  • I missed this story from Boston earlier in the year — but I kinda love it. I probably could have lead the first — 5 steps? Still pretty cool!
  • I pretty much know the answer to the question being stated in the article — no marijuana won’t make me a better runner. It might help with my carbloading, but I don’t see much benefit from it. Other than though — I like the picture associated with the article.



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