RACE #116: 2016 New Year’s Revolution Run


I love the new year — new possibilities, new goals, new focuses. It’s like a new clean slate. And, then on the other hand — it’s a great time to just refocus and recommit to your goals as well. I love this time of the year, because there’s a lot energy that carries me into the new year.

In what has become somewhat of a tradition once again started off the new year running the Revolution Run. Back in 2011 it was my fifth half marathon — and I’ve ran it ever since. It’s not necessarily about the miles, pace or time — it’s about being around friends, being active and just starting the new year off right.

When I ran this back in 2011 — I ran it alone. I didn’t know anyone at the race — at least … yet. And, I won’t lie — it was kinda boring. I wasn’t planning on running it again — because running around in circles on an indoor track ISN’T the most attractive workout for me.  But, over the course of the following year I got more immersed into the running community and made a number of new friendships. And, it was those friendships that made me continue to sign up for this race.

It’s just a big fun run party.

This year wasn’t any different. Going into the race my only goal was to at least get 13.1 miles — so it’d count towards my 180 races — and stay for the whole five hours of the run. Pretty simple goals. And, since I am not a huge New Year’s Eve party animal I was ready to go for the 8am gun time.

And, this year’s run compared to year’s past? Still just as fun. One thing I really love about it is being able to run with running friends of differing speeds — the cheetahs and turtles alike. I ran mostly with my friend Camille — but, I was also able to do laps with friends like Susette, Cory, Greg, Sonja, Matt, Shaylee, Melissa, Robin, Shelley, “The Dith” … etc., etc., etc.

It was just a lot of fun.

It really was a party.

It was 48 laps to do a half marathon — and I ended up doing just over 50 laps. I ran quite a bit, but I also walked quite a bit as well — I stayed on the outside lane so my actual mileage for the race was 16.2 miles. Which is great especially considering I need to do 2,667 miles for 2016.

And, while I did get 50 laps in, I probably — and should have — gotten in more laps. I am just grateful that I wasn’t running with the flu as I did last year. Though I was probably just as slow. But, there’s a reason that my next race isn’t until March. I am starting a half marathon training plan next week to get me prepared for the Provo City Half Marathon in May — along with my summer races. Most notably Drop 13 and Deseret News.

I really want to focus in the next 3-5 months on getting leaner (lose about 40 lbs. or so) and faster. I’d love to shoot for a PR (2:08:25) or faster at either Nebo or Revel Big Cottonwood in September. But, I’d be just as happy getting myself back to consistently running within the 2:10-2:30 range.

I know there’s more into me than what I’m doing right now. Sure my health issues have a lot to do with that — but, I am emotionally getting tired of using that as an excuse. And, I don’t care what others say — to me it feels more like an excuse than a cause. I just have to be relentless in battling my thyroid and testosterone the way it needs to be tackled.

I am excited about what 2016 has in front of it. The future is bright — I am very optimistic of what’s going to happen. It’s going to be a great year of running on and off the course. I am a part of some awesome projects with The Bugout Run and a few other organizations — which I’ll share in the near future.

Count me in to be back again next year for the Revolution Run — well — actually, it’s not next year. Since January 1st is on a Sunday the race will be held on New Years Eve 2016. So I guess my race schedule for this year is now 17 races? Like it makes a difference any way. As long as this race is still on and I’ve got friends to run with — I’m doing it.

Anyways, Happy New Year! And, as always  — HAPPY RUNNING!


NEXT RACE: The Zion Half Marathon


The Zion Half Marathon is my next planned race — I got a free entry last year. I won’t lie — there is a possibility I’ll have to defer to another Vacation Race. Besides specifically training for the Provo City and Drop 13 races, I am also going to be extremely busy with The Bugout Run, PrepperCon and a few other projects. There is a possibility I might be needed for the weekend of March 12th — when this race is planned.

But, until I know whether or not I’ll be able to run it — I’m still planning on it.

This will be my first Vacation Race. Despite having a number of races in proximity to Salt Lake — I just haven’t done one yet. A number of my friends have ran or paced them — and rave about them. One race that has always caught my eye is the Yellowstone Half Marathon in June. I just haven’t been able to do it because it’s the same weekend as Utah Valley and Drop 13.

But, really, from what I’ve heard from others — you can’t go wrong with any of them. That’s why I am not too worried if I have to change my entry to another Vacation Race — it’ll be fun either way.

If you’ve done a Vacation Race which one(s) have you done — any recommendations? 


As many of you are aware of my Facebook challenge that garnered 889 ‘LIKES’ — I will be running/walking 2,667 miles in 2016. For in depth and up to date mileage you can follow my miles here.

These are my numbers from just this past week —


0.0 miles


16.2 miles


11.95 miles


28.15 miles


2638.85 miles

Daily Shorts.fw

  • I started a “#run4dith” team for the AF Canyon Run Against Cancer — if you use THIS LINK — you can join our team. It will give you a $5 discount + if you share your registration on Facebook you can get an additional $5 off. Our team is in honor of our friend Meridith “The Dith” Ethington who is battling breast cancer — along with all other cancer survivors and fighters.
  • Like most Netflix subscribers — I’ve been mesmerized by “Making A Murderer.” I mean, WOW! There are so many ups and downs throughout the series. I won’t give anything away — because you have to watch it. But, if you don’t care or what more information — this gives you a bit more detail into the case.
  • Um, a burrito vending machine? Why is this not in Utah … like yesterday?
  • This was from earlier this year — but it’s probably just as applicable this time of the year. If we are really serious about losing the weight for once and for all — it’s not a matter of just running — it’s about being active — walking, running, stretching, etc. I really want to take that to heart.
  • If you ever wanted to know how much a fart weighed — you can find out here.
  • I am a fan of weird news — and retrospective pieces at the end of the year. Sooooo — this was pretty fun to read. I want to go over it all my second time around and see how many happened in Florida. Lots of strange stuff happens in Florida. (actually only one on that list — there were more from Oregon, which makes sense).
  • Oft times as runners we neglect strength training — and I am just as guilty as anyone. That’s why I found this piece pretty informative and spot on. I know when I am at my best — it’s when I am balanced between strength and cardio training.
  • The Bundy standoff in Oregon is pretty crazy — especially considering the ones behind it are members of — my church — the Mormon Church. It’s not a Mormon issues — but there are undertones of our belief system throughout the Bundy’s cause. That’s why I find this piece on BuzzFeed actually pretty spot on about Mormon history and their battles with the government. Fascinating.
  • I really love this — this lady gives some great advice on how and why she stuck to her New Years resolutions and ran a 10K. There’s a lot that can learned from her on how to start running and the mentality one should have training for a race. Good stuff.


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