RACE RECAP #63: Boys Chase Girls Half Marathon


The Boys Chase Girls Half Marathon was somewhat of a last minute half marathon for me. Well, okay, it was last minute. My friend Camille had to back out of it because she got injured during the Ogden Marathon last week. She offered the bib on Facebook and thanks to my over dependence and addiction to social media I was the first one to claim the bib! She was giving the bib away for free, but I couldn’t let her do that so I promised to make her some Rice Krispy Treats in exchange for the race entry. A fair trade if you ask me.

On the bus all by myself. You know what that meant? NAP TIME!

Initially I thought about running a race this weekend, but was afraid of how my legs would keep up after running the Ogden Marathon last week. But, quite honestly they feel great. I’ve been doing cryotherapy sessions all week at the Wasatch Chill Zone in Bountiful (I will blog about this more later this week) and I took the week off from running. I really could have probably ran this week, but I took my time getting back into it … and I really don’t feel bad about that. I do however want to make sure I do run at least 100 miles for the month. I will have to keep track of that.

But, hey, I still got 13.1 miles in for the week and I got to mark off another race of my 180 goal! So … SCORE!

Me and Carl before the race!

Unlike most of my previous races this was pretty much done by myself. I shouldn’t say ALL by myself, but I traveled to the race by myself, got the packet and loaded on the bus by myself. I did run into Carl and some other friends once at the starting line and at the finishing line. I haven’t traveled to a race by myself for a while. That didn’t mean it was less fun than other races. It was just different.

Plus, I got to make this video in the middle of the race (I love having friends with running related names) …

This race was somewhat unique in that it was literally boys chasing girls. The girls started the race at 6am and then the men started a half hour later. The girls that didn’t have a boy pass them on the course got an extra medal and the bragging rights. I am not sure of how many women got that extra medal, but the male winner finished his half in a sub-1:20 time. Oy. My feet just hurt thinking of that, especially on that course.

Not ready for all those HILLS!

The course was not as easy as it looked on the website’s chart. There were some AWESOME downhill stretches, but for the most part there were too many daunting stupid hills. Especially during the first couple of miles of the race. I was not ready for that and my legs started yelling obscenities at me trying to run up hill. So I compromised and did a nice semi-mall walk approach (meaning I basically walked the hills, but that I have made myself THINK I actually put more into than I really did) to my early mile hills.

But, once the downhill came I just flew and let myself go as far as my legs would allow me. My goal was to let my body dictate my speed, but in my mind I knew I wanted to finish somewhere in between 2:20-2:30. I felt like post-marathon that would have been a good enough goal that I wouldn’t have killed myself before I got to the finish line. Luckily I had my Garmin on me and I didn’t have much of a problem calculating my pace and time … BUT … it was somewhat inconvenient not having a pacer between those two times. There wasn’t a 2:20 pacer and then I think the 2:30 pacer ended up getting hurt or something because he came in wincing around 2:50ish. I could have used that extra help gauging my pacing and time.

So nice knowing that there were other runners out there mall walking up those hills.

The only other problems I had during the race was that I got nausea around mile three and ended up throwing up. This has been my second time barking at pavement during a race in the past month. I am fairly sure that it was because of the Powerade. I think it was just made too strong and it just didn’t settle in my stomach that well, even after mixing it with water. So I just stuck to water during the rest of the race. And, the other issue was no gels at the aid stations that were said to have them there. But, I found out from one of the aid station that their gels were actually stolen. Luckily I brought along a couple of my Clif Shots that I got at Ogden last week so I was okay. But, they didn’t have any out at the other aid station and I know a couple other runners were a bit peeved about their absence.

Other than those few issues the run was actually REALLY beautiful. I mean gorgeous. The forecast called for a 1% chance of rain … but … we found the 99% fairly easily. Luckily during the race it wasn’t a downpour, but it made the Morgan Valley and the surrounding mountains just look breathtaking. I took a few pictures of the beauty around me, but they just don’t even do justice. At all. It really has to be experienced.

This was some beautiful scenery, in fact it wasn’t far from here where I fed the ants …

After the course ran down Snowbasin and headed into Morgan the course flattened out fairly well. There were a lot of stretches of the course that I was familiar from the Ragnar Wasatch Back Relay, but I just focused on drudging along enjoying the scenery and listening to my music. It really was great to just kind of lose myself in the music and thought. It was appreciated time running by myself in solitude. I have to say I haven’t done much of that lately. Not that that’s a bad thing, I love running with others. But, sometimes you just need to crank miles out by yourself. And, this race was one of those.

Once I finished I stuck around the finish line and cheered on the remaining runners out there on the course. That’s one thing I really like to do … and try to do after a race. Sometimes in larger races all you have to do is turn around and congratulate the few runners behind you and then smaller races like this one you can kind of just hangout there and cheer them on at your leisure. It was a lot of fun.

I accidentally cut one of my cats. Okay, no I didn’t … just BLOODY NIPPLES! #runnersworstfriend

But, after I devoured a couple of bananas I hopped back in my car and headed home. Well, not home right away. I actually went to Dairy Queen. If there was something that stuck with me during the race it was this IMMENSE desire for ice cream fairly on during the run. So I headed to DQ for a chocolate fudge Blizzard. I wrote more about it here.

All in all, this was a fun little race. Will I run it again next year? Perhaps? I am not against running it again because it is gorgeous part of Utah that I haven’t ran much. The scenery alone was worth it. So, we’ll see …

But, now I am focusing on the Utah Valley Marathon in a couple of weeks. I have two weekends to go and I need to up my mileage a bit this week and then get myself back to tapering down. I shouldn’t have a problem with that (I just need 10.6 miles this week to reach the goal). I will be running on Wednesday at Liberty Park and then I have a 5K on Saturday with my friend Elsha. And, more than likely I’ll go for a nice long run later today. So, we’ll see … I am just glad that the weather is nice. Makes such a huge difference in my running.

Anyways here’s to Utah Valley and my string of six races in six consecutive weeks!


Total Mileage Breakdown for 2014

2014 Training Miles – 387.55 miles
2014 Walking Miles – 28.95 miles
2014 Race Miles – 143.4 miles
2014 Total Miles – 559.9 miles
Monthly Total Miles for 2014
January – 100.0 miles
February – 100.0 miles
March – 130.0 miles
April – 140.5 miles
May – 89.4 miles




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