RACE RECAP #67: Utah Midnight Half

67-Utah Midnight Half

Ugh. Can I say that again? Ugh. Triple ugh. Quadruple ugh. Fiftruple ugh? I’m pretty sure I just made that word up … but I don’t care. This run was just miserable. I’ve ran this race twice before and it’s really not THAT bad of a race. I just don’t think I want to really do it again in the future.

Let me explain myself here.

One of my favorite friend selfies. Ever.

When I ran it in 2012 I did as a post marathon half and because it was something different. I never really ran a half marathon in the evening before so it was something new. The race wasn’t horrible, I just hurt since it was a post-marathon race. Eh, I let that slide.

When I ran it last year all I wanted to do was best my time from the previous year, which I did, but it was hot and pretty miserable. Plus, there were a few aid stations that had warm water which didn’t help matters. The heat didn’t help, but I pushed through and didn’t do that bad.

Then there was this year.

Pure (runners) love with Tim.
I love this picture. You can tell who likes to be in front of a camera and who doesn’t …

The heat wasn’t bad at all. In fact it was pretty nice. I was pacing alongside Susette for the 2:30 time. I wasn’t too worried about that time, because that’s around my range, especially for flat half marathons. I was pretty excited to run, because Becky was also going to be running alongside us and there were a number of other friends running the race as well.

Ideal racing situation.

Once we started I knew something was wrong. I felt it with every fiber of my being, but mostly in the gut. The combination of running late in the evening and the heat did not help me at all. Thinking it was because I was wearing layers I decided to take a quick pit stop to take my black shirt off and just run with my pacing singlet. Not a bad decision. The bad decision came when I tried to catch up with Susette after the pit stop.

The moment I tossed the cookies or …

I ended up just getting sick and well there are many ways of putting this … I ended up …

    • throwing up.
    • barfing.
    • ralphing.
    • blowing chunks.
    • chucking.
    • seeing my dinner again.
    • kaking.
    • liquid laughing.
    • tossing my cookies.
    • laughing at the ground.
    • barking at ants.
    • spewing.
    • chundering.
    • yawning in Technicolor.
    • heaving

Whatever you want to call, I think you get the idea now, no?

After that happened, I knew I was going to have a hard time catching back up with Susette. I tried, but it just didn’t happen. I feel bad about that because I committed to pace the 2:30, but at the same time I am glad we paced in a team, because Susette just took over.

Plus, I didn’t run alone either. Becky ended up staying behind with me and ran the last 10 or miles with me. It helped a lot mentally to have a friend right beside me. Especially knowing that I wasn’t feeling that good.


But, it was fun as well, even though we weren’t running that fast we still got to cheer along other runners and we met a couple people running their first half marathon. I love coming across first time marathoners and half-marathoners, it’s a feat to do one. And, I love finding out why they got into running. There’s always a reason and it always seems to vary.

The course really was pretty flat. There were a couple places that I swear we climbed like 2,000 feet, but in reality was probably like five feet. The Legacy Parkway Trail is really flat as well as being pretty bare with very few trees. Running it at night is the best way to run it. For the cooler temps and lack of scenery. Which really isn’t that bad, because I’ve ran this race both with friends and by myself. When I ran this by myself I just plugged in my earphones and lost myself in thought. Either way, I felt more focused.

When you’re feeling sick this is one of the last pieces of graffiti you want to see.
I love this picture. So appropriate.

The aid stations were welcome oasises throughout the run. I was particularly happy that the water was cold. They had problems with that the past couple times I ran it. But, the cold water helped make me feel better as well.

In all, the run was tough. Mainly because I got sick. I knew what to generally expect because I ran the course before, but hurling did not help things at all. At. All. And, even though I tanked my pacing time, the race was redeemed in the time I got to spend with Becky and making a few friends along the way.

Bling #67!

After the race Becky, Sonja and I then went to Village Inn for food before I got ready for my second race. But, I won’t go into all of that, because I wrote about it yesterday which you can find here.

You can view more pictures of my running adventures during the All-Night Marathon here.



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  1. Shannon says:

    I think your marathon idea is awesome and if I didn’t have to run THIS one the night before I might be all in for next year! i ran the 10k (I ran it last year, the infamous 13.3k) and it’s just HOT. Thank you also for listing all the ways to vomit, there are some I might use in the future.

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