RACE RECAP #85: New Year’s Revolution Run

85-NYRRAnd, we’re back! Welcome to 2015 and welcome to the first half marathon of the year. It’s kind of fitting that it would be on New Year’s Day. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the first day of the year. Well, I could … a Disney vacation, tropical getaway in Fiji and/or anywhere where it doesn’t snow.

But, still, a running a half marathon is a pretty awesome way to kickoff 2015.

This was my fourth time running the New Year’s Revolution Run. I’m having a hard time dealing with this fact. Why, you probably aren’t asking? Because time is FLYING way too fast since I started running. Was 2011 really just four years ago? (and of course the answer would be, yes)

Camille, 22 weeks pregnant, and I making one of our DOZENS of loops around the track.

The first year that I ran this race, I pretty much did it alone. I didn’t know anyone at the race. I just went to the Oval by myself, ran by myself and then went home by myself. Don’t cry for me though, it got better. The following year I ran with a few more friends and then last year it really was more of a party than a run. Still a challenging run, but having made a number of friends over the preceding year helped.

This year there were numerous new friends and runners that I hadn’t met in person yet. Which is awesome you compare 2011 to this year. Running and the running community has really helped change my life the past four years. And, this run really helps jump kick start the year with all those friends and excitement moving forward. This year was no exception.

A classy Goldfish selfie with Becky.

This was a tough race to run for me though, because going into it I was pretty dang sick. For the past couple of days I had been fighting a pretty bad cold/sinus infection and quite honestly I probably SHOULDN’T have ran. But, I justified it in two ways. One, it was inside and not outside and two, I had five hours to crank out at least 13.1 miles. I didn’t have to go for time, I just had to go for completion. I knew I was going to be slow and take a number of breaks.

Which I did.

I was glad that the race was inside because the thermometer at home said it was barely 3 degrees. Yeah, if this run was outside I would have died of dysentery or some other godforsaken Oregon Trail death. But, alas, no worries being indoors.

Two great volunteers in The Dith and Christy!

The great thing about this race is that there is an aid station about every 25th of a mile. That includes pretzels, gels, licorice, Swedish Fish, Goldfish (the crackers not the animals), Trail Mix, water and Powerade. The only downside of the whole table were the unpeelable green bananas. But, nevertheless, you knew you weren’t going to go without for very long. It’s one of the best features of the race.

Plus, the volunteers are great and very cheerful. But, that’s a quality that you get at every Extra Mile Racing event.

Both Q and I knocked out a half marathon while sick. We should get extra medals or something?

As I mentioned above, the race was extremely tough for me being sick. I needed to get 48 laps in for a half marathon so that was my goal and focus. I didn’t care about time, because I knew it could probably take me the whole time to get my goal. I started off the run a few minutes after everyone else started and then I just went as far as I could before I needed to walk. I got about 10 laps in at a good slow steady pace before I walked a number of laps with my friend Camille who was also 22 weeks pregnant. We had our own little party which was fun. She needless to say in the end, she beat me.

Yep, I got beat by a walking pregnant woman.

But, it was Camille so it’s totally okay.

Who do these calves belong to?
TO SUSETTE!!! What a stair climbing, trail running fool she is! Totally jealous of those legs!

The greatest quality of this whole race is that no matter what your speed you’re always able to see and spend time with anyone of any speed. So, I got to run with a number of friends whether for a few minutes or few seconds, it was great. And, running with others that knew I was sick and having them encourage me on helped a lot. That kind of environment is something that the running community is well known for and this race accentuates that quality.

And, as expected I took my race right to the 5 hour limit. So the last 10 or so laps I booked it as hard as I could. Which was the worst and best decision that I’ve ever made. Physically, I was spent and didn’t have much more to give, but mentally I was blocking that out and just shutting my body up. I didn’t care if my body wanted to stop or slow down I wanted to finish my race. So, I just bore down and cranked out those last few laps.

I was dying.

I abandoned this one this on Saturday’s half, but she PR’d so KUDOS to Shaylee!

But, I finished on the last lap and finished in 4:34:32 hours. Which surprisingly isn’t my worst half marathon time. Granted, the other ones I was sweeping, but still. I finished and I was happy about that. That was my goal. There was no time goal, just a finish goal.

Once I finished and pokingly made my way home I downed some NyQuil and slept the rest of the day in a deep slumber. In fact, I slept all day Friday and Saturday as well. I had planned on running the New Year’s Half Marathon on Saturday, but I ended up selling my bib because I knew I couldn’t do it. Physically, I wouldn’t have made it. Especially, with it being outside I couldn’t afford to compound my illness any further.

MORE BLING! Starting 2015 with more medals!

But, my goal this year is to focus on my long-term goals and that decision very much is in line with my long-term goals. A sicker Josh doesn’t further my goals. And, I need to learn how to step back when needed.

So now the focus is to get healthy, lose some weight, focus on speed and get myself ready for the Dogtown Half Marathon in February.

And, you better believe I will be back this time next year to start 2016 off the right foot. Let’s just hope I am not sick!

NEXT RACE: Dogtown Half Marathon (February 21)

Total Mileage Breakdown for 2015

2015 Training Miles – 0.0 miles
2015 Walking Miles – 0.0 miles
2015 Race Miles – 13.1 miles
2015 Total Miles – 13.1 miles
Monthly Total Miles for 2015
January – 13.1 miles



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