RACE RECAP #88: Lagoon Half Marathon

88-lagoonhalfI won’t lie, I’ve having a hard time grappling with the fact that I have ran 88 races over 13.1 miles still. I’ve had people ask me if I remember each one. And, yes, I do. I kinda feel like each one is one of my children. I’ve always learned SOMETHING from each race and it feels like I’ve always come out with a new friend from each race as well.

I’ve kept all of my race reports and once I reach my 180 race goal I am going to put it all together into a book. It should be an interesting read not just for the reader, but for myself as well. Looking back at these races it’s fun to see what my mentality was going into each race. Some were for time, some were for the challenge and nearly all of them were for fun! The Lagoon Half this past Saturday was no exception.

Josh fell in love with my smoothies. I ended up making him two during his stay at my house. #bigtimedrinker

I signed up for this race basically when it was announced late last year. The idea of being able to run inside the park was appealing to me. It was kind of like a Utah version of the Disneyland Half Marathon. The course was to run outside of the park along the Legacy and Rail Trail and then finish the last two miles inside the park. How would that NOT be fun?

Plus, after running 88 races I always love giving new races a try. Not just for the experience, but of course for the medal and race shirt. And, since this was the inaugural running of the Lagoon Half Marathon I HAD to do it. New race shirt, new medals, new challenge and running INSIDE the park.

The lunar eclipse over the roller coaster before the Lagoon Half Marathon.

My friend Josh Twelves wanted to do the race with me so I agreed to push him along with our friend Chanda. Well, I won’t lie, Chanda did most of the pushing, but I helped because this was her first time pushing during a race. It was a neat experience for all three of us. Especially for Josh since this was his first half marathon.

I picked Josh up the night before and he stayed at my house overnight. It was really kind of fun to watch Josh’s excitement and nerves throughout the process. He was anxiously excited for the race. I remember that feeling during my first couple of races. You don’t know what to expect and everything is absolutely new. He was nervous about making sure we got to the race on time to pick up our packets. He wanted to leave at 5am to make sure we got the packets. I assured him 5:30 would still leave us ample time. Especially since the drive between Bountiful and Farmington is so short, especially that early in the morning.

All of the ladies were impressed I was able to take such a quality selfie with just my arm. I have no doubt that the good Lord gave me long arms for just THIS thing.

It was pretty neat though, because we were able to catch the lunar eclipse that happened at 5:58am. This was a precursor to the blood moon eclipse happening in September. I won’t lie, if I wasn’t up for the race at that time there would be a VERY good chance I wouldn’t have woken up and gotten out of bed for it. Well, okay that good chance is a definitive. It wouldn’t have happened.

Once we met up with Chanda we mingled at the starting line with a number of other running friends that I forgot to properly start my Garmin or switch out my glasses for my sunglasses. I wish I could say this was new for me, but … yeah … it’s happened before.

Chanda and Josh with our little fireman friend pushing up the rear.

The race took us from outside of Lagoon across I-15 and onto Legacy before running over to the Rail Trail. It was kinda tough because it was a new cart and the sun wasn’t fully out. It was rather cold. Even Josh was freezing. But, luckily our first aid station was full of familiar faces and they took care of Josh by properly tucking him in with layers of blankets. There is nothing like a motherly touch. It was much appreciated.

Once the sun came out Chanda and I got into our groove and we followed the trail for the chunk of the race. Around mile 7 when also started getting followed by a fireman in a gator. Yes, we were LITERALLY the caboose. Something I am not entirely a stranger too, but I wasn’t sweeping the race. But, I shouldn’t have been too surprised because new races usually don’t have huge races and we had to make a couple of pit stops for Josh too.

Of course we had to take a picture with our new friend. I would also like to take note that I took this picture in the middle of a crosswalk on a busy road. #ilivedangerously

But, really, it wasn’t about time it was about having fun and really helping Josh have a great experience. Chanda and I have ran a number of races so this was about Josh. The only goal we had was to get to the park by 9:40am before they closed it to runners. Which we BARELY got to in time. But, it was a fun experience, we got to run around the southern part of the park and a few of our friends even came to run with us until the finish line.

It was a great experience. There is nothing I like more than witnessing first time racer’s first trip across the finish line. This was no different.

I am going to have a more complete race report coming out in the next version of UtahRunning.com’s newsletter. I will post a link here.

My awesome medal. They ran out of colored medals so I got a bronze medal instead. First time I won anything … 😉


legs and wheelzIMG_3294

Josh and I decided that not only are our nicknames are Legs and Wheelz, but anyone who pushes Josh in a race gets to be inducted into the Legs & Wheelz family. How do you get inducted? Simple, you get a nickname. And, generally that nickname ends with Legs.

And the first inductee into the family (obviously) goes to Chanda who pushed Josh during the race. The nickname that we gave her was … Snot Legs. Now, let me explain how we came to this nickname. Both Chanda and I were BLOWING snot rockets throughout the entire race. I mean that quite literally. We were both kinda relieved that we were both runners with enormous amounts of snot. We felt comforted knowing we weren’t alone in this struggle.

Plus, Snot Legs is just an awesome nickname. And, Chanda has nothing to worry about pushing, she’s a natural pro!


If you would like to push Josh for any up coming race just contact me. Josh loves being pushed around!

NEXT RACE: West Mountain Half Marathon

westThe next race on my schedule is the West Mountain Half Marathon on April 18th down in Benjamin just off the shoreline of southern Utah Lake. I am pretty excited for this race. It’s the same day as the Salt Lake Marathon which I’ve ran the past four years, but after the race was sold to a new group and they JACKED the price to over $110 for the HALF MARATHON … I couldn’t support it any more. So I went looking for another race.

Even after the Salt Lake Marathon cut their prices down because of the backlash of runners not willing to pony up that much money, I decided to go with the West Mountain race. For one, this race is MUCH more affordable. Their introductory rate was $40 for the marathon. But, it is also a new race and I am always on the lookout for new races. It was a win-win.

Plus, it was my way of sticking it to the SLCM. I’d love to run it again, but they need to be realistic about prices. No one is going to pay more to run around SLC than in St. George, down Big Cottonwood or even Ogden. And, that’s saying a lot.

Since I am also an ambassador for the racing company, Extra Mile Racing, that is putting on the race if you want a discount on the race (or any of their races) you can use the code “EXTRAMILEHANSEN” for $5 off your registration price. So save some money by not running SLC and come run with me!


Total Mileage Breakdown for 2015
2015 Training Miles – 141.4 miles
2015 Walking Miles – 82.0 miles
2015 Race Miles – 66.65 miles
2015 Total Miles – 290.05 miles
Monthly Total Miles for 2015
January – 78.8 miles
February – 72.85 miles
March – 115.3 miles
April – 23.1 miles





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