Rockin’ the Causeway

rockI love running. But, more than running, I love running with friends. Or really anyone. I’m a social running whore … if I may call myself. If you have a group of people out running somewhere … odds are I’ll be there too.

See … I’m a running whore. I’ve come to terms with this and just try to live my life the best I know how. But, I’m not here to talk about my loose running morals.

Well, sorta.

Chanco. When you are a man, sometimes you wear stretchy pants in your room. It’s for fun.

This past week I didn’t really have concrete running plans for the weekend. Mainly, because I was PLANNING on running The Burn, but that was the week before … which … I missed, because I was down in Provo running. Yeah, I should check my calendar more carefully. It’s something us yellows need to work on more (if you are wondering according to my Color Code I am mainly yellow, but almost equally white and blue, but hardly any red … if you get to know me in real life you’d totally understand).

So, throughout the week my friend Jill and I were thinking of places we could run. Since most of our friends were down in St. George running the half marathon, we knew our numbers would probably be somewhat small. We even entertained the thought of driving down to St. George last minute to run the half, but Jill’s husband Mark squashed that dream fairly quickly.

That’s when we decided to run the Antelope Island Causeway.

Our pre-run selfie. Just look at our faces … so naive, full of promise and happiness …

I’ve never ran the entire causeway before. In fact, I’ve never run Antelope Island at all. So the intrigue of running the causeway from the island back to “mainland” was intriguing. The run is about a 7 mile journey and … well … it’s flat. Very flat. I mean, there might have been a five foot climb, but it’s flat. I have a love/hate relationship with flat courses (they are more of a mental workout for me than anything else).

So, Jill and I put out the idea and invite out on our running groups. There were a couple of groups that were running the island and causeway on Saturday as well, but most of them were going fairly early in the morning and well … if you know Jill or I well, we’re all about the late start, especially during the winter months. Because who wants to run so early in the morning that your nose hairs freeze and you question your very existence? Just wait a couple of hours when the sun is out and it’s somewhat warmer. It makes life much, much better.

I think you can see the curvature of the earth in this picture?


I met up with Staci, Maria, the Gabicas and Johnny at the entrance of the causeway. Johnny who’s an overachiever did an out and back, while the rest of us aimed for a one way run. The run was colder than I imagined it would be. But, then again wind coming off a lake generally makes temperatures colder. Something you generally don’t run into here in Utah, since we’re pretty much landlocked and the Great Salt Lake is something Utahns look at and generally don’t go swimming in.

Once we got started it really wasn’t that bad. The smog was an issue and present over the lake. It affected me a bit, but the group I was with were mainly run/walkers so it helped me a lot. While Staci, Maria, Jill and I ran together Mark ran speedily ahead of us and did his own out and back so he could pick up the car. It was a nice little situation we had going.

I was so excited to get running I forgot to switch out my regular glasses with my sunglasses. At least I looked hip while running my 7 miles on the causeway. Count your blessings I guess?

Since I didn’t get much running in during the week, the run was at a perfect pace and distance to feel like I got something out of the run. Plus, it was very much a mental run for all of us running together because of the cold, flatness of the course and the need for miles.

Even though the pace was slower than I usually go, I am not so much concerned with pace or training for a certain pace at the moment. Right now the focus is getting miles in and using the running cardio to help aid lose weight. I still have about 25lbs. I want to lose. Since I working on balancing my meds, etc. with the thyroid and testosterone I am starting to get that energy and metabolism back. This is helping get that crap weight off.

Things got a LITTLE steamy half way through my run.

I would like to get back to where I want to be my April since that’s when my race schedule really picks up. I am then planning on working on speed training in earnest working towards the Nebo Half in September and my ever-elusive sub-two half marathon time goal.

Anyways, that’s kind of the side plan. But, for now … miles. Well, miles, fun and more fun. I am looking forward to the new week, especially with a four-day work week. I’m planning on a little Monday morning run and then a couple three-milers with a 6-8 mile run on Saturday. I would like to get over 20 miles for the week. I think that will put me in a good place.

For now it’s just focusing on one foot in front of the other with some awesome peeps!

The only difference from this picture to the first one is that we actually got Johnny to slow down long enough to get a picture with him. He’s fast.

Total Mileage Breakdown for 2015

2015 Training Miles – 23.85 miles
2015 Walking Miles – 8.0 miles
2015 Race Miles – 13.1 miles
2015 Total Miles – 44.95 miles
Monthly Total Miles for 2015
January – 44.95 miles


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