Running down Emigration Canyon …


Today some of the my RA friends and I decided to run down Emigration Canyon to Liberty Park for a nice little downhill 12 mile run. Becca, Kasie, Robert Merriman, Katheryn and I ran the whole 12 mile course while Q, Elvia and Christy ran about 7 miles. It was a fun little run. In the course of the 12 miles Becca even convinced Kasie to sign up for the Ogden Marathon in May. Becca definitely doesn’t want to run alone. I wish I could run with her as well if it wasn’t for already signing up for the Ironwill Half that weekend.

Either way, I am still excited for Becca’s first marathon.

Running down Emigration. It looks cold, but it really wasn’t. Perfect actually!

Even though I am not running the Ogden Marathon with Becca, Kasie or the MANY RA group members that are, I am still training up for to run the 30K in Ogden on April 26. That will essentially be 20 mile training run for Ogden. Mentally, I am not there for another marathon (I just love half marathons WAY too much right now … we’re in a happy place), but depending on how I do during the 30K I might try for a summer marathon (I’d like to do at least two more before I finish my 180 races).

So we shall see.

But, I won’t lie, it’s been fun training with everyone. I really think the training runs have been the most fun. Whether it’s running around Liberty Park, down Emigration or around the Olympic Oval in Kearns I’ve loved them all. There are so many great, funny (actually more like —-ing hilarious) and genuine people in our running group. I feel extremely lucky and WISH that I had this kind of support when I was training for my first marathon two years ago. I basically ran by myself around my neighborhood. Not that fun.

But, these runs are a blast!

I am already looking forward to next week’s run. We’re running 9-10 miles either in Orem or at the Olympic Oval (really depending on the weather). Undoubtedly it will be a blast … and I CAN’T WAIT!

One reason I love this group … our attempt at jumping pictures …

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  1. It sounds like you’ve got the running part right on target, but the jumping……not so much. Looks like you need “Fast Cory” Reese to bring some of his amazing leaping-lessons to town.


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