Running from here onto July …

Hallelujah! January is now over. I absolutely hate January — it’s pretty much the Monday of months. I love the overturn into January from the holidays, but after January 1st — it just sucks.

It’s somewhat because of the winter blues, but something horrible usually happens to me or others I love during the month. I have had a number of family members either pass away or get really sick during January — and it just provides too many crappy memories for me.

I always love celebrating February 1st, because that means — NO MORE JANUARY! And, we’re also that much closer to March and spring weather. Though this year we’ve pretty much had spring all winter long.

Since my tendinitis diagnosis on my ankle I’ve had to rearrange my race schedule a bit for at least the next 4-6 weeks. Which I’m fine with. I’ve actually been really enjoying the focus on my strength training and 5K running — it has been somewhat refreshing.

Plus, now that I have the right kind of shoes, inserts and wedges I am feeling a HUGE difference in my ankle pain. There’s basically none. Well, there is — but, after running on it for a good eight months without the correct inserts and shoes the pain is minimal and much more bearable.

So I am very optimistic about my recovery. But, the focus in the recovery is not just the ankle, but doing exactly what my doctor wants me to do. And, that’s keep the running distance at minimum and build myself back up into the half marathon and longer distance running.

Perfect. Done.

Besides getting back into the half marathon mode, the focus is also getting myself to my 180th race in July — the Handcart Days Half Marathon. It has to be that race and it will be that race. I am 10 races from the goal so — for the lack of a better term — I’ve got to pace myself from here onto July.

That means minimal back-to-back half marathon weekends, no double half marathon days and just overall restraint in my chosen distances. As difficult as that might be to accept — this is good. It not only helps with my recovery, but it helps me build up the base I need to go after some speed goals this year and 2019.

I am hesitant to look much farther than July, mainly because there are many variables still up in the air on speed and race goals. I have a pretty good idea of what I’ll do, but honestly — the biggest goal right now is to get myself to that 180th race.

So here’s my planned weekend/race running schedule from here until the end of July …


3 — Sweethearts 5K
10 — Candy Heart 5K
17 — AIIA Charity 5K
24 — Cross Training


3 — March Madness 5K
10 — Cross Training
17 — Lucky 5K
24 — Riverton Half Marathon
31 — A Run with my Peeps (Event Page)


7 — Run Emigration Canyon Half Marathon
14 — Personal Training Run (3-5 miles)
21 — Salt Lake City Half Marathon
28 — Cross Training


5 — Provo City Half Marathon
12 — Vigor Big Cottonwood Half Marathon
19 — Cross Training
26 — Memorial Day Big Cottonwood Group Run (Event Page)
28 — Run of Remembrance 10K


2 — Squaw Peak Volunteering
9 — Drop13 Big Cottonwood Half Marathon
16 — Mueller Park Trail Group Run (Event Page)
23 — AF Canyon Run Against Cancer
30 — Heber Half


7 — Hobbler Half
11 — The Slurpee Run (Event Page)
14 — Run4fun Trail Run
21 — Bountiful Handcart Days Half Marathon
24 — Deseret News 10K
27 — Utah Midnight Run 10K
28 — Timp 5K

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