Running myself “Back2Phat”

back2phatOkay, first off, I am not necessarily starting a new blog, but I guess in a way … I am? But, really, this is more of a campaign. I hate calling it a diet. It’s just a focus of accountability. But, basically, now that my thyroid and testosterone is (finally) leveled, I am wanting/needing to focus to get off the weight from the past year.

How much?

About 40-50lbs … ish?

Now that my metabolism is starting to work for me, I am focusing on giving it what it needs to optimize itself. I’ve been doing this the past month or so, but I’ve felt the past couple of weeks that I need to share this on social media and on my blog. So here I am.

I am not going to reiterate everything I’ve written on my blog post about it all. But, the name I gave this campaign is “Back2Phat.” It’s a nod to my first blog, which documented most of my weight-loss back in 2010-2011.

My motivation for this campaign really comes from a desire to not just get rid of the weight I’ve found this past 8-12 months, but to focus on the becoming a better runner. So, instead of JUST running off the weight, the focus will be strength training and focusing on my core. Something, I will admit, I haven’t been good about maintaining the past few years.

I know all of that is correlated. And, I know this isn’t going to be an easy fix. But, for at least the next 12 weeks my focus will be cutting fat and losing weight, while getting stronger and faster. If I drop the 40-50lbs. during that time … GREAT! Is that realistic? Probably not? But, it’s possible. So we’ll see what happens I guess?

But, to reiterate it again, I am not replacing this blog. I just wanted a different place to record my numbers and that’s why I set up a different blog over on Blogger to do that. I’ll write things pertaining to the fitness campaign and my thyroid issues on that blog, but will also post a link of it to here. So don’t worry this blog isn’t going anywhere.

Stay tuned the next 12 weeks and see what happens, eh?



Me, Justin, Glen and Ray before heading down Emigration. Such a great view from the top … as always!

This past weekend’s LONG run was an 11.5 mile run down Emigration Canyon. I put the run together during the week on my running group’s Facebook page. So, I kinda expected it to be a small group run. I really didn’t have a reason why I ran 11.5 miles other than that was the distance from the top of Emigration Canyon to my car in Liberty Park.

Plus, it was my first self-paced long run since Ogden. I didn’t run the week after Ogden and then I swept the Jordan River Half last weekend. Sure, it was 13.1 miles, but I was as fast as the slowest runner. So, physically I felt like I didn’t get the most out of it as I would running faster. So this run was just about getting a good long run in.

Which it was.

Justin and I at the mouth of Emigration Canyon in front of the zoo.

While Ray and Glen ran ahead, I ran with Justin who was up from St. George for the weekend. He had to pick up his son from a basketball tournament so he thought he’d come up and run with the northern Utahns. I ran with him during the first half of the Utah Valley Marathon so it’s literally been a year since we ran together. We’ve always had a great conversation whilst running.

This is one of my favorite courses to run in Salt Lake City. I ran this course A LOT last year while training for my marathons. We start at the top of Emigration and then just follow the road to 700 East back to Liberty Park. Great downhill course that’s close to home.

It was a HOT day and needless to say … it warranted a post-run Slurpee.

The legs were dead and I did my mileage in just under 2:30 hours. It wasn’t a race pace so that’s encouraging to me. But, quite honestly, race pace over the next 12 weeks isn’t my top priority. The priority is to focus on my fitness and weight. Running wise, the focus is simply doing my best and putting my best effort out there.

So, at the end of a race if I can tell myself I did my best … that’ll be enough.

And, Saturday, it was my best effort. And, I’ll take it!


WEEKLY SUMMARY – There were two runs during the week. The first being on National Running Day with Reese and then the aforementioned run down Emigration Canyon. I did a lot of walking this week with my car out of commission. The walk to my bus stop was about 0.7 miles from my front door and then about 0.6 miles to my office. I won’t lie, I might take the bus more during the week. I love the walk and passive commute. 
Total Mileage Breakdown for 2015
2015 Training Miles – 182.0 miles
2015 Walking Miles – 160.25 miles
2015 Race Miles – 132.15 miles
2015 Total Miles – 474.4 miles
Monthly Total Miles for 2015
January – 78.8 miles
February – 72.85 miles
March – 115.3 miles
April – 76.3 miles
May  97.4 miles
June  33.75 miles




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