RUNNING WEEK: February 9-16, 2014


So, as I was preparing this post I noticed a glaring omission. Last week’s running week report. I don’t know how I spaced it? But, I’m pretty sure the fact that I was sick had something to do with it. I’m not going to retrospectively write it. I think it’s sufficient enough to know I ran 18.25 miles. I planned 8 miles on Saturday, but ended up just running 3.25 miles because I wasn’t feeling “it” and that well. Which coming off illness I am fine with.

My goal for this week was to get a few 5 mile runs in and kind of make up for my lack of a “long run” on Saturday. I know that illness and crappy weeks come. But, they also go and you move on, quite literally. But, the focus was on refocusing and I felt like I did that. I did my first double run day on Monday. I ran five miles in the morning and evening. Then I ran five miles again on Wednesday.

I was somewhat planning on running Thursday night, but it didn’t happen because I had a church basketball game. But, I was planning on running 10 miles on Saturday anyways and I felt like 25 miles was a pretty good number to be at for mileage at this point of the year. I don’t want/need an injury. Plus, I am amping up my mileage slowly in preparation for my 30K in April and sub-two half marathon in September. I feel the need to run smarter.

Anyways … here’s a recap of my running week’s individual runs.

Long Term Goal(s) – Run a sub-two half marathon by September 2014 & a 30K with Becca on April 26th for her marathon training.

Monday (2/10) – 5.5 miles (58 minutes/10:31 pace)

Treadmill, Planet Fitness – Started the run a little slow, but ramped up the pace after mile two. Turned on a little Neil Diamond and lost myself in the run. The legs were sore, but were more sore if I went slower. Truly the “Catch 22” of running. Who would think running faster would cause LESS pain? Either way, it was a great run!

Monday (2/10) – 1.25 miles (28 minutes/22:23 pace)

University of Utah – Running errands around campus. Miles are miles, right?

Wednesday (2/12) – 5.0 miles (53 minutes/10:35 pace)

Treadmill, Planet Fitness – The legs really weren’t there and I didn’t really feel like pushing it during the first three miles. But, once I warmed up sufficiently I picked up the pace at a pretty good clip. I ran my fourth mile four at my goal PR pace (9:05) and the last mile at about a 09:40 pace. Not a bad finish. I felt like the speed work redeemed my slow start.

Wednesday (2/12) – 1.25 miles (23 minutes/18:23 pace)

University of Utah – More running errands around campus. Yeah errands!

Thursday (2/13) – 3.25 miles (35 minutes/10:48 pace)

Treadmill, Home – A slow three mile run at home. I was going to run 5 miles, but the motivation just wasn’t there. I did end up playing two games of full-court basketball later in the night so I got some nice speed work in. After the two games my legs were dead and extremely SORE all day on Friday. I was kind of worried about running the training run down Emigration Canyon on Saturday, but a day’s rest was exactly what I needed.

Thursday (2/13) – 1.25 miles (23 minutes/18:23 pace)

University of Utah – Even more running errands around campus!

Saturday (2/15) – 12.0 miles (2:29 minutes/12:25 pace)

Emigration Canyon to Liberty Park – Ran with Becca, Kasie, Robert Merriman and Katheryn 12 miles down Emigration Canyon. Q, Elvia and Christy also ran 7 miles down the canyon as well. It was a fun and great training run. I was sore during the first few miles, I really didn’t have an issue unless I stopped. My pace was much faster than a 12:25 pace though. I forgot to turn off my Garmin a couple times when we stopped to use the restroom, etc. It was a blast chatting and laughing with everyone. Once we got to Liberty Park the rest of the group did another lap to make it a half marathon. I would have gone if I knew they were going the whole loop, but the 12 miles was sufficient enough to feel accomplished. I’m already looking forward to next week’s run.

This week’s plan – 5 slow miles (Monday), 5 miles (Tuesday), 5 tempo miles (Wednesday), 3 miles (Thursday) and 9-10 miles (Saturday).

2014 Training Miles – 128.45 miles
2014 Race Miles – 29.3 miles
2014 Total Miles – 157.75 miles



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