RUNNING WEEK: February 3-9, 2014

runningweekSo, as I was preparing this post I noticed a glaring omission. Last week’s running week report. I don’t know how I spaced it? But, I’m pretty sure the fact that I was sick had something to do with it. I’m not going to retrospectively write it. I think it’s sufficient enough to know I ran 18.25 miles. I planned 8 miles on Saturday, but ended up just running 3.25 miles because I wasn’t feeling “it” and that well. Which coming off illness I am fine with.

My goal for this week was to get a few 5 mile runs in and kind of make up for my lack of a “long run” on Saturday. I know that illness and crappy weeks come. But, they also go and you move on, quite literally. But, the focus was on refocusing and I felt like I did that. I did my first double run day on Monday. I ran five miles in the morning and evening. Then I ran five miles again on Wednesday.

I was somewhat planning on running Thursday night, but it didn’t happen because I had a church basketball game. But, I was planning on running 10 miles on Saturday anyways and I felt like 25 miles was a pretty good number to be at for mileage at this point of the year. I don’t want/need an injury. Plus, I am amping up my mileage slowly in preparation for my 30K in April and sub-two half marathon in September. I feel the need to run smarter.

Anyways … here’s a recap of my running week’s individual runs.

Long Term Goal(s) – Run a sub-two half marathon by September 2014 & a 30K with Becca on April 26th for her marathon training.

Monday (2/3) – 5.0 miles (56 minutes/11:06 pace)

Treadmill, Home – Rode the ‘ol hag (my home treadmill’s name … don’t ask) at 5:30am at home. It was my ‘make up for Saturday’ and ‘I ate more than I wanted while watching the Super Bowl’ run. My goal wasn’t to run a fast pace, just mainly to get the miles in. It really was more of a mental run to nip any loathing and self-pity in the butt after a crappy weekend. The legs felt good during and after the run which was a good sign.

Monday (2/3) – 5.0 miles (53 minutes/10:36 pace)

Treadmill, Planet Fitness – My first double run day. My legs felt fresh enough after the morning run that I felt the need for another run. This was even after a session of boot camp. I really need Monday mentally. In fact, I think I want to start calling Monday workouts Mental Mondays and just push myself, because they are great ways to start off the week. My second run was even better than my first, I deliberately pushed it within my comfort level. I just told myself to run where I felt comfortable and if it was faster than I thought I should run … just go for it. This was even after I forgot to wear my headphones or wear my bandana, which could have played a bit with my mojo. I had my mojo during this run.

Wednesday (2/5) – 5.0 miles (50 minutes/10:01 pace)

Treadmill, Planet Fitness – Excellent run. It was a late night run at 11pm, but still excellent! I pushed myself throughout the run at a 10:01 pace. I felt great and I kept pushing it, just testing my body and limits. This was a physical and mental victory for me and I couldn’t have been happier. However I really do need to stop running so late, because it is VERY difficult for me to get to sleep before 1-1:30am. But, sometimes you just need to get the run in when you can, right?

Saturday (2/8) – 10.0 miles (2:06 hours /12:28 pace)

Liberty Park, Salt Lake City – I didn’t really run a 12:28 pace. There were a couple times I forgot to stop my watch when I refueled or gawked at three-legged dogs. I was much faster than that, but it’s what my Garmin said, so as it is written as it was so. I blogged about my run in a bit more detail here. But, it should be mentioned here was it was a good training run and I plan on running Liberty Park much more than I have in the past. It’s a perfect 1.45-ish loop around the park and it doesn’t feel slow at all. Perfect for me! But, it was a great time spent with Becca and other friends.

This week’s plan – 3-5 slow miles (Monday), 5 miles (Tuesday), 3-5 tempo miles (Wednesday), 5 mental miles (Thursday) and 12 miles (Saturday).

2014 Training Miles – 98.95 miles
2014 Race Miles – 29.3 miles
2014 Total Miles – 128.25 miles


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  1. Becca says:

    Like I said, I usually struggle at LP, but yesterday was a complete BLAST! Sorry I left my barely-drunken water bottle and neck warmer in your trunk.

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