RUNNING WEEK: Jan. 13-19, 2014


I’ve seen a number of other running blogs do posts like this and I’ve always dragged my feet at doing one. But, I really feel that if I am going to be serious about reaching my goal of running a sub-two half marathon this year I need to be accountable to other people. Namely, those that follow this blog … and probably my Mom.

So each week until September (or longer) I will report my mileage, provide a brief run summary of that week and not to mention an overlook of the week ahead of me. I am anticipating to do this either on Sunday or Monday morning. Time will tell on that. But, I want to keep myself accountable and just like my weight-loss journey four years ago, I’ve found no better way than by putting it all out there on the internet.

Enjoy and by all means let me know if you feel that I am slacking …

Long Term Goal(s)Run a sub-two half marathon by September 2014 & Run 20 miles with Becca on April 26th for her marathon training.

Monday (1/13) – 5.0 miles (53 minutes/10:39 pace)

Treadmill, Planet Fitness – Ran at a slower pace because of half marathon ran two days prior. Probably could have ran at a faster clip, but I knew I’d be putting more mileage on my legs during the week and wanted to save them. Plus, I felt like I was starting to get sick and just wanted to finish. I was praying that I wasn’t getting the flu that my brother brought back from Europe. Luckily, I did not. I ran whatever I was feeling out of my system.

Wednesday (1/15) – 5.4 miles (57 minutes/10:29 pace)

Treadmill, Planet Fitness – My Dad was in the hospital recovering from knee replacement surgery. I had spent all evening with him and family. I didn’t get home until 10:15pm and could have easily just forgone the run. But, I knew I needed to get my run in, but I needed it more physically, emotionally and even spiritually. I got to the gym at 11pm and booked it. It was a great run. I felt alive and spent some great time alone with my thoughts. It was a MUCH needed run. The only downside to the run was that it pumped me up too much and I didn’t fall asleep until close to 2am. Totally my fault.

Saturday (1/18) – 7.0 miles (1:14 hour/10:30 pace)

Treadmill, Planet Fitness – My long run of the week. Since my short term goal is to get myself ready to run with Becca during her 20 mile training run, I designed a training schedule to get me to that point. The first two miles of my run was spent on a high clip and incline. I did this partly out of the need and want to get more hill training in. Once I start running outside again I won’t have to worry too much about hills since Bountiful is alive with hills galore. After my high clip two miles I ran a stead 10:31 minute mile with an occasional 10:00 minute mile in there for good measure. It was a good run, but I can’t wait to start running outside again, I have a hard time running more than five miles on a treadmill.

This week’s plan – Easy 5 miles (Monday), Tempo 3 miles (Tuesday), 5 miles (Thursday) and 10-12 miles (Saturday)

2014 Training Miles – 34.5 miles
2014 Race Miles – 26.2 miles
2014 Total Miles – 60.7 miles

NOTE: To help myself keep and stay on track I made a six-week system that I will follow for diet and training. I will probably blog about this later this week. But, here’s a sneak peek at what the paperwork looks like …




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