RUNNING WEEK: March 10-16, 2014

runningweekWelp, I have mixed feelings about this past week’s running. On one hand, it wasn’t that great mileage wise. I managed just 27 miles, when I probably should have done 32-35. Then on the other hand I had a really good training run down Little Cottonwood Canyon to Millcreek Canyon with my running group, Runners Anonymous. So, overall, I am really not that disappointed about my running, but I know I can do better. I just was extremely busy this week and find it a minor victory that I was able to get the miles in that I did.

Now that we are half way done with the month I am also excited that I have 72.25 miles done. The last two months I’ve done 100 even, so to be 30 miles away with (a tad less) half a month left makes me excited. There’s a good chance that I can reach 100 miles for the month by the end of the week and possibly 135-140 miles for the month. Wow. Lots of running. But, getting closer to the Utah Valley Marathon I know I’ll be putting a lot more miles on the ‘ol pedometer.


After nearly two months of not running I race, I am finally running another half marathon this weekend! I am running the Riverton Half Marathon (naturally) in Riverton, Utah. This will be my second time running it. Last year I was registered, but they ended up canceling it because of snow. Lame, I know. Especially when I found out that people still ran it and still got medals. I totally would have gone. But, then again snow was involved … soooooo … probably not. Just think that I would, k?

Needless to say, I am really excited to get a new t-shirt and medal. It’s been entirely TOO long. Like, you have no idea! NO IDEA! The course will be a challenge and I am not expecting a PR, especially if the mind shows up. More than anything it will be a preparatory race for next month’s Salt Lake Half and Winter Circuit 30K. Spring and Fall race times for me suck. But, I am fine with that. I’m just happy to be running for running’s sake and with friends I enjoy.

Anyways, here’s a look at my runs last week and an outlook to my week ahead–

Long Term Goal(s) – Run a sub-two half marathon by September 2014, run a 30K with Becca on April 26th for her marathon training & run the Utah Valley Marathon on June 14, 2014.

Monday (3/10) – 2.25 miles walking

Tuesday (3/11) – 5.0 miles (51:44 miles/10:20 pace)

Treadmill, Planet Fitness – Good run at the gym in the morning. The legs were a tad sore to start out with, but I picked up the pace at a pretty good clip. Partly out of the need for speed and partly out of the need to hurry and get home to shower so I wouldn’t be late for work. Still, great run.

Thursday (3/13) – 5.0 miles (55:35 minutes/11:07 pace)

Treadmill, Home – Ran before my church basketball game. I really didn’t feel like running five miles to begin with, but I just sucked it up and did the five. I was really tempted to stop at three miles. I am glad that I didn’t. It wasn’t my best run, but I did it and I am proud of that.

Saturday (3/15) – 15.0 miles (3:23 hours / 13:31 pace)

Down Little Cottonwood Canyon to Millcreek Canyon – Awesome run down Little Cottonwood Canyon with my running group, Runners Anonymous. The plan was to do 17 miles, but I did 15 miles after we drove down the canyon after finding out it was really snowy and icy where we were to start. I probably could have done an extra two miles at the end of the run, but my legs were shot after the canyon run and a nice nasty hill at miles 13-15. So, I just kept it at 15 miles and I don’t feel bad about it at all. It was a great time with friends.

This week’s plan – 3 miles (Monday), 5 miles (Tuesday), 3-5 miles (Wednesday), 5 miles (Thursday) and 13.1 miles (Saturday).

Total Mileage Breakdown for 2014
2014 Training Miles – 225.2 miles
2014 Walking Miles – 13.75 miles
2014 Race Miles – 33.3 miles
2014 Total Miles – 272.25 miles
Monthly Total Miles for 2014
January – 100.0 miles
February – 100.0 miles
March – 72.25 miles


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