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As I’ve mentioned the past couple of weeks, I’ve been toying with the idea of shaking things up here on the bloggy blog. Including changing the blog’s name. Welp, I bit the bullet.

I actually have reverted back to one of my old blog URL’s — This was actually the name of my blog when I first started blogging some five years ago. I switched over to Running180 two years ago when I switched from Blogger to Word Press — honestly, it was easier just to sign up for a new URL then transfer over the old name. So that’s one of the reasons why I went with

But, I’ve always held a special place in my heart for PhatJosh. I originally picked it, because I it was an attitude and mentality change I was undertaking in my weight loss journey — I wasn’t Fat Josh anymore — I was PHAT Josh. And, that’s always kinda stuck.

So when I was working on refreshing up the blog — the idea of going back to PhatJosh kinda stuck with me. And, the more I worked on the rebranding, the more I kept on coming back to returning to my original URL.

So, this past weekend — I decided to just go with it.

I wasn’t planning on doing it until the first of the year, but when I got things rolling and trying to figure out how to transfer the blog over from Google to Bluehost — before I knew it — it was transferred. It was much easier to just transfer it now instead of learning how to transfer it now and then doing it later. If that makes sense?

I am the type of person that would totally forget what I was told and then have to go through the steps again. I am very computer illiterate because of that. It’s also probably why I only speak one language as well? And, there’s probably some correlation there with why I spent many years in special education.

But, I digress.

The change has been made and the blog is officially from here on out. I tried to make the URL concurrent with PhatJosh — but, it was too complicated. So, any past links I posted on Facebook, Twitter and the link with the old Running180 URL are essentially dead. You might also find some photo links missing.

With that I apologize — but I have been sharing more of my photos via Instagram on the blog so there shouldn’t be too much of an issue with missing links. Hopefully. Some of the older posts — probably.

The blog format and layout will pretty much stay the same for another week or so after I’m done posting The Joshby Awards. Then during my two week yearly sabbatical I’ll be playing around with the format, layout and imagery of the blog. And, come January 1st — things should be up and running for the new year.

I am excited about the changes and the return to my old URL — I’ve always loved the PhatJosh moniker. There’s a power in the name. And, as I look forward to 2016 I need a little bit of that magic from the old name as I battle through my health issues. I need to OWN what PhatJosh is all about. I am not Fat — I am PHAT!

I hope you enjoy the changes — please also note some slight changes with my social media pages. The URL to my Instagram and Facebook pages have changed — you can find me at @phatjosh180 and

Other than that — not much else has changed.

But, welcome back to! I hope you enjoy the change and look forward — like I am — to the changes coming in 2016!


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