Socially speaking …

I don’t get social media sometimes. I know that sounds weird coming from someone who uses and utilizes on a daily basis. It can be a tool for great use or a tool for … well … tools.

But, luckily I am not a tool.

Personally, I’ve found social media is a good way to connect with old friends, make new friends and network with countless others. It’s also a great way to share a bit of yourself with others.

Something I do over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram most extensively. I share my weight-loss and running journey, a bit about my religion as well as my love for inspirational quotes, humor and memes.

I balance personal accounts with my business accounts as much and best as I can. And with some accounts I share the posting responsibilities with others.

That’s why I was a little confused and disappointed that my personal Instagram account got deleted last night. To protect my identity I decided to reboot my page and start a fresh. You really can’t be careful enough these days and I wanted to make sure none of my pictures geo-cached my home address.

Pretty simple and easy. I wasn’t worried about losing my pictures because I have all of them backed up anyways. So, I opened a new account and switched my username @thegr8joshby over.

Following me?

I guess apparently somewhere in that change I violated Instagram’s terms of use policy and I was locked out of my account including the email I signed up with, but more importantly the username. Once an account is deleted the username is lost.


I am not exactly sure what it was that caused my account to be deleted, but I think it might have been something to do with the amount of people I was adding? Which doesn’t make sense because it usually just stops you from doing it over so many LIKES. Even after I read the terms of use it didn’t help any.

So whatever.

So, I used one of my older accounts and rebooted my personal page once again. But, instead of using my @thegr8joshby handle that I have so fondly gotten attached to as of late, I had to choose a new one.

So, why am I telling you all of this?

Besides wanting to write my complaints, I kind of rebooted some of my social media accounts. Well, mainly my personal Instagram and Twitter. I like having similar handles and since @thegr8joshby is my Twitter handle as well, I decided to change it as well.

So now when you want to connect with me via Twitter and Instagram my new handle is @mejosher. This is actually a name I used years ago for one of my blogs, plus I like the simplicity of it and “Josher” is what my family calls me … soooooo … it works.

Also, of note, I changed my username for @back2phat to @running180. I felt there really wasn’t a need to have an Instagram account for my weight-loss tracking. I am not sure exactly what I am going to do with @running180 yet. I might post a picture from each race I’ve ran leading up to my 180th?

We’ll see. So stay tuned.

Anyways, see how confusing social media can be or seem sometimes?! So, if you’re on Instagram or Twitter I’d love to connect with you. The same goes with Facebook. I mainly use my personal page, but I do have a Running180 page I frequent and post my blog posts on.



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