Stupid Cupid, 5Ks and Dead Presidents …

abeAfter being out sick from work for four days over the last two weeks — I won’t lie — having another short week is kinda nice. Especially since I am no longer sick. Thank goodness, because I was getting sick being sick.

There was some question last week on whether or not I was going to run the Sweethearts 5K on Saturday — well — I did. And, I didn’t die.

The goal on Friday night was to run some, but walk what I needed to. But, on race day I actually felt pretty good — pretty fresh — so I gave it a go. I wanted to push myself and decided to run what I could and if I needed to slow down or walk, I’d do it.

So as I toed the starting line I made the decision to just go — and I did.

The first mile wasn’t that bad — the excitement of the race itself really gave me a lot of juice. And, of course that caused me to come out too strong. But, since it was a 5K — I really didn’t care.

The smog was pretty thick and was honestly my biggest worry. I had problems throughout the week with the smog and my cough. I didn’t want to be mid-way through the race and have a cough attack. But, fortunately for me it wasn’t a big issue. Sure, I coughed up a lung afterwards — but not mid-race.

Even when I got to the midpoint of the race I was still feeling pretty good. Fatigue did start to come in, but at this point I really didn’t want to relent my push. Let’s be honest logic was pushed out of the window by my stubbornness.

I did start taking small walk breaks in the last mile — not so much because of the inversion — more to do with the lack of condition. My legs started to feel fairly heavy. Again my stubbornness wouldn’t allow me to stop — or walk for that long.

At this point I really wanted to break my time from the Frigid 5K — some two weeks ago. I finished that just under 39 minutes — and with less than a mile left in the race that felt within reach. So, I just kept pressing. And, pressing. And, pressing.

As I turned the corner for the last 100 yards of the race I could see I was going to soundly break that time goal. And, was better than I thought possible not only at mile 2.8, but earlier in the day — and week. As I crossed the finish line my official time was 37:12.25. About two minutes less than my last 5K and 20 minutes than my expectations earlier in the week.

But, really more than just beating my last 5K’s time — I did that on basically no running or workouts the past two weeks because of bronchitis and walking pneumonia. That was impressive to myself — and to the testament of the body as well.

Don’t get me wrong — I’m sore. And, I hurt. And, in no way does this signify that I am ready to tackle a half marathon. But, it gives me hope — and encouragement that I am at least heading in the right direction. That’s my take away from the race.

This doesn’t change my goal going into this week of easing back into the cardio — the focus will still be strength training with a couple easy runs. The last thing I want to do is go TOO gung ho and end up injuring myself within the next week. And, honestly — I was probably playing injury roulette with the race on Saturday.

But, I am here where I am — and it’s about moving forward, right?

And, forward I am going.




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18.35 miles


22.4 miles


167.78 miles


208.53 miles




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