Super Monday

Like I mentioned the previous couple of weeks — I am neither a Broncos or Panthers fan, so the Super Bowl didn’t mean much to me. Did I still watch? Of course. I can’t remember the last Super Bowl I didn’t watch?

Well, I take that back — 2001 and 2002 — I did miss. Oh, and I think I didn’t watch the 2006 Super Bowl? Either way — I love watching the Super Bowl regardless of who’s playing. And, if nothing else for the commercials.

There were a number of good commercials this year, but the one I hated the most was definitely the Seth Rogen and Amy Schumer commercial. The classless dick joke was one the reasons I hated it — but let’s be honest Seth and Amy are just not funny.

Anyways — congratulations to the Broncos. I know my brother-in-law is a happy man. As well as all those bandwagon Colts to Broncos fans who have crushes on Peyton Manning.

This past week … and weekend to some extent … has been rather frustrating. As I had mentioned on Friday I’ve been sick pretty much since Tuesday-ish. I have nasty congestion and an unbearable cough. Pretty much killed any chance of running this week.

I did go to the Endurance Sports Show at the South Towne Expo Center on Friday and Saturday. I had enough energy to get through the two days though the cough remained. The expo hosted a free 5K/10K — I wanted to run it, but I couldn’t. My lungs just wouldn’t have any of it.

I am hoping this week is MUCH, MUCH, MUCH better. It should be. I am still somewhat congested, but the lungs are still — blah. I just gotta get a run in sooner than later or I am going to go CRAZY! I just want to get back into the groove I was starting to get into a couple weeks ago.

I am sure I will get myself there — I just have to be smart about it.

But, spending the weekend at the Endurance Sports Show was a lot of fun — it was like a race with all of my running friends … just no race. It was a lot of fun to also get the message of The Bugout Run out there, we were also able to make connections with a few other businesses and — it was just a lot of fun.

Oh, we did also get to record another episode of the Runcast. That was fun. You’ll have to make sure to catch that on February 19th on

Anyways — looking forward to a better week — a healthier week. No more coughing or dying. I just want to get up, run, workout and work towards my goals.


Nuttin’ but honey and lemon tea today … #sickday

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Does this shower cap make my ears look big? #theanswerisyes

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Poor Jackson TRYING to bugout. #bugoutbag

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