Super Problem: Denver or Seattle? Ugh.

Screen_Shot_2013-07-26_at_8.23.46_PM-590x330 _ 2I’m an interesting football fan. I grew up cheering for the Dallas Cowboys. No, not just because of Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith or Michael Irvin. But, just because my brother was a fan, a fan since the Danny White-era when he was a kid. But, in the mid-90s when half of the Cowboys team was in a halfway house I just stop following them. I lost my desire to be considered a fan. So I started looking elsewhere.

For about 14-15 years I went without a “team” I cheered for religiously. I would just follow whatever team had a good story or generally the underdog. I loved cheering for teams that hadn’t been to a Super Bowl or won much, but had turned it around. And, this would change from year to year. Basically it looked something like this-

  • 1995 – Indianapolis Colts
  • 1996 – Carolina Panthers
  • 1997 – Denver Broncos
  • 1998 – Denver Broncos (Yeah, I kinda had a thing for John Elway as a kid, I wanted him as an older brother)
  • 1999 – St. Louis Rams (Who wasn’t a fan of Madden Football brought to real life?)
  • 2000 – Tennessee Titans
  • 2001 – Chicago Bears
  • 2002 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • 2003 – Kansas City Chiefs
  • 2004 – New England Patriots
  • 2005 – Cincinnati Bengals
  • 2006 – New Orleans Saints (Who wasn’t cheering for a miracle season for New Orleans?)
  • 2007 – New England Patriots (I will admit, I wanted them to go 19-0 for the sake of history)
  • 2008 – Detroit Lions (Yeah, this was the year they went 0-16, how can you NOT cheer for a team to go 0-16?)
  • 2009 – San Francisco 49ers

Now for the record I wouldn’t consider myself a bandwagon fan. More like a fan of the NFL. Bandwagon fans cheer for whatever team is hot and act like they’ve been fans for life. (CASE IN POINT: How many lifelong Miami Heat fans did you know before the summer of LeBron? Case closed). The only football jersey I’ve bought was a Niners jersey four years AFTER committing myself to them. And, I am a Niners fan for a number of reason, but that’s not the whole point of this post.

So, since 2009 when I pledged my allegiance to the Niners I decided to kind of keep my NFL gypsyism going. The rule was once the Niners were eliminated from the playoffs I would pick another team to cheer on. Once that team was eliminated I would pick another team, etc., etc., etc. until we got to the Super Bowl. Most seasons it’s been easy to choose. 2009 was the year the Saints, 2010 the Packers, 2011 the Giants, and of course 2012 was the Niners.

But, this year is different for a number of reasons. One, I hate the Seahawks (Niners rival) and two, I can’t stand Peyton Manning. I would say hate, but … WWTTD? I’ve never cared for the hype around Peyton since he came into the league and I just couldn’t come around to cheering for him. Even when he was playing the Bears during his first Super Bowl. Just couldn’t do it. So when he signed with Denver it just didn’t help my future chances of cheering for the Broncos again (not to mention that they treated Tim Tebow like yesterday’s news by sending him to New York).

Last week I was praying for a New England vs. San Francisco Super Bowl, but that didn’t happen. So now that Seattle and Denver are playing against each other in the Super Bowl, I don’t know what I am going to do? Who am I going to cheer for? I have good reasons for and against both teams (especially after Richard Sherman’s postgame remarks). I mean I love the Seattle area and Denver isn’t that half bad. Granted I hate the Nuggets. But, I equally didn’t care for the Sonics either and now that they moved to OKC, I think Seattle gets some sympathy points?

See the dilemma I live with?

To help me with this problem I devised a system to help me chose. I’ll compare Denver and Seattle to one topic or subject and grant either one a point or two who I think wins that category. Simple enough, right? Winner with most points wins my temporary fanhood on February 2nd.

  • Home City (+1, Seahawks)
  • Home State (PUSH)
  • Home State Law on Marijuana Legalization (PUSH) – had to.
  • Home Stadium (+1, Seattle)
  • Team Colors (+1, Broncos)
  • Team Logo (+1, Broncos)
  • Team Uniforms (+1, Seahawks)
  • Team History (+1, Broncos)
  • Best Fans (+1, Seahawks)
  • Team Quarterback (+2, Seahawks)
  • Team Running Back (+1, Seahawks)
  • Team Cornerback (+2, Broncos)
  • Team Offense (+1, Broncos)
  • Team Defense (+1, Seahawks)
  • Team Coach (+1, Broncos)
  • Place I would love to run most (+1, Seahawks)
  • Best place to vacation (+1, Seahawks)
  • Better local cuisine (+2, Seahawks) – Denver only has the omelet! 
  • Better baseball team (PUSH)
  • Better basketball team (+1, Broncos) – RIP Sonics.
  • Better State Flag (+1, Broncos)
  • Family interest (+1, Seahawks)

So by tallying that up, it looks like the team I’ll be rooting for on Sunday is …


Okay, I can live with that for one day. But, just one day. Then, it’s back to wearing 100% Niners. In fact, I think I am going to wear my 49ers gear on Super Bowl Sunday. At least that would make me feel better about myself.

So who do you think is going to win? Seahawks or Broncos? My guess is Seahawks 24-17. Leave your guess in the comments!




  1. I was raised on the west coast, but now live in Colorado, so I have a similar dilemma. I don’t have a favorite team, although my husband is a die hard Miami Dolphins fan. I imagine I will do the same thing I do every super bowl, which is cheer for whoever happens to be losing at the time. “Come on, score some points, you can do it!” (Flip flop to the other team as soon as they get a touchdown) “You can do it, put some effort in, don’t let them scare you!” (Flip flop back to the first team again once the second team scores a touchdown) etc….

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