Tackling the 2017 race schedule …

As noted last week and pretty much ever since last December, I’ve been trying to work out my 2017 race schedule. And, I won’t lie — it’s been tougher than past years. Why? I think it’s two fold — one, I want to try out some new races. And, two, I’m making the conversion from road to trails slowly, but surely.

There’s a part of me that REALLY wants to figure out my race schedule from January to December. But, I am realizing more and more — I can’t really do that. I know which races I want to run. Plus, I am planning on running the Walt Disney World Half in January 2018, so I’ll have to make sure most of my races in late 2017 don’t cost me a lot in travel and registration fees.

I have most of my races selected from January to about June-ish. There are still a couple of races I am debating on in May and June, so I feel like I can’t commit to those. But, January to April, I am pretty much dead set on my schedule.

The races I have registered for until April are SLC Tri Club Indoor Half, Emigration Canyon Half and the Tulip Festival Half — I am planning on signing up for the St. George Half soon. And, then when registration opens for the other races.

I am getting more and more excited about next year’s race schedule, not just because I am nearing completion of my 180 race goal, but I am excited to be hitting the trails and running some new races.

Anyways, here is my 2017 race schedule from here until the end of April …

139-new-years-half 140-st-george-half 141-slctc-indoor-half 142-march-madness-half 143-antelope-island-buffalo-run 144-emigration-canyon-half 145-tulip-festival-half