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My Improvised Liberty Park Run

My Grandma had a saying whenever she had to do something she didn’t really want to do. She’d exasperate, “you gotta do what’cha gotta do, when gotta do it!” And, she’d usually follow that up with, “well Josher, you can’t win them all!”

You could pretty much sum up my Saturday long run with those words.

This weekend has been on my calendar for a loooooong run. Initially, I wanted to do a self-supported ultra run — 50 miles to be exact. I wanted to run from the State Capital in Salt Lake City to the Provo Towne Center. It’s a run that’s on my Honey Bucket List — and I WILL do it one day.

But, I decided against for a number of reasons — the main reason being my back, but also I liked the idea of doing it on a looped course, like my last ultra, so that I could have an aid station every 2-3 miles or so. I decided to do 50 miles at Liberty Park where I could have an aid station and/or 7 Eleven every mile and a half or so.

After that decision the plan went from 50 miles to 50K to 20 miles before deciding that a canyon run sound better, so I organized a group run down Emigration Canyon to Liberty Park. That run is about 13 miles from the Little Mountain summit and one I used to do quite a bit a few years ago. And, even though I am running the Emigration Canyon Half Marathon next week — I love the canyon enough that I knew I wouldn’t get sick of it come next week.

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I had a good 8-9 people committed to the run, but come Friday night that number started dwindling. Part of that reason was the forecast, but others opted to stay home or get a bit more sleep — which I don’t fault or am upset about it. I get it — I’ve done it too.

So, come Saturday morning, when my friend Laura and I were the only ones to show — I knew I wasn’t going to be running down Emigration Canyon. Which I was fine with, so I just decided to just run Liberty Park. Laura had done 16 miles the previous day so she decided to just go home.

After talking for a while with Laura, I decided to get going on my run. And, I won’t lie — I really wasn’t feeling it. Especially with having planned to run 13-16 miles for the day. But, as much as I don’t mind running Liberty Park, I had my mind set on doing at least 13 of those miles down a canyon.

So, I tried to talk myself into my run. At first, I tried to justify just doing 8 miles, but after a couple of strong laps, I knew I had a bit more than that in me — so I fixed my mind on 10 miles. And, for most of my run I just planned on 10 miles — which is about 6-7 laps around the park.

And, for as much as I wasn’t feeling my run, I did feel rather strong. I alternated my laps with a running lap and a fartleked lap (walk, run, walk, run about every third or fourth of a mile … ish) and just got into a good groove. I just focused on losing myself into my music and thought.

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Well, I guess I got lost pretty good because I lost track of my laps and ended up doing an extra one. I ran to my car THINKING I just finished running 10 miles, but when I looked at my watch I noticed it said 11.5 miles. I laughed at this realization and then just thought to myself — I got one more lap in me.

So, I beasted out one more lap.

At this point it was raining pretty strong. But, I was already wet, so it wasn’t going to matter anyways — so I just cranked up my music (R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly” which had been on repeat for about 3-4 miles) and went for an even 13 miles. But, of course I ended up doing laps around the parking lot to get 13.1 miles.

I did briefly entertain the thought of doing another lap, but I knew if I did that, then I’d have to do another to even it to 16 miles — and I was actually getting a little tired. But, mostly hungry — and no thanks to me craving burritos for most of my run. So, I just decided to stop.

After sitting in the car to warm up a bit my hunger grew strong — especially for tacos or a burrito. So, I decided to trek over to the Sears Burrito for lunch. It’s been a looooong time since I’ve eaten at the Tacos Don Rafas stand and I just wanted/needed it in my life at that moment.

I was wavering between getting corn tortilla tacos or a burrito, because of the gluten in the flour tortilla. But, I made the decision for the heftier burrito justifying that I SHOULD be okay this once — especially if I didn’t get sour cream or cheese on it.

Anyways, long story short — I was wrong. But, at least it didn’t stop me from enjoying it in the moment. But, I paid for the flour tortilla later. Not fun — and a lesson learned.

But, all in all — I feel good about the run. It was tough to mentally get into it, but I eventually got into it. I didn’t let the rain mentally destroy me and I forged through it for a rewarding 13 miles.

A good way to go into my race next weekend. I’m looking forward to a solid week of running and workouts now that I have my back in a place where I want/need it. And, I feel confident breaking through with a solid sub-three during the race.

And, at least I know I’ll be running Emigration Canyon next week. No plan B — and no burrito.

Weekly Review

It was another tough week for me. I got in some miles during the week, but I wouldn’t call them good or what I planned on — but I still got about 17 miles in and I am good with that right now. My SI joint flared up again and made walking just painful for a few days. I’ve been doing a lot of stretching to avoid the flare ups, but when it happens — it happens.

I really should get into a chiropractor, but I won’t lie — I’m a bit too cheap for that. It’s usually my last resort. So, I did the next best thing and found some tutorials on YouTube on how to align your SI joint by yourself. And, you know what — it works! I haven’t had any stiffness the past couple of days. Truly magical.

Anyways — I want to go into next week’s race feeling prepared with a few strong runs in me next week. I feel that’s possible and I am ready for them. I want to gain some speed back. I just need to be a patient young grasshopper.

Weekly Miles

Running Miles — 17.6 miles
Race Miles — 0.0 miles
Walking Miles — 22.34 miles
TOTAL MILES — 39.94 miles
Race(s) this week — None.

March 2017 Miles

Running Miles — 38.1 miles
Race Miles — 26.2 miles
Walking Miles — 89.05 miles
TOTAL MILES — 153.35 miles
Races in March — March Madness Half and Lucky 13 Half Marathon.

2017 Miles

Running Miles — 174.75 miles
Race Miles — 96.12 miles
Walking Miles — 303.99 miles
TOTAL MILES — 574.86 miles
Races done in 2017 — New Year’s Half Marathon, Sweethearts 5K, Jackpot Running Festival, SL Tri Club Indoor Half, March Madness Half and Lucky 13 Half Marathon.

Obligatory singing and lighting of the cake (with a side of 'keep Thalia from touching the flame'). #thaliaturns1

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Pinterest has got nothing on me! #thaliaturns1 #pinterestfail

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Made a new friend today. His name is Cosmo, but I changed it to Humpy. #emsizzlesinto30 #realcamelsdontsmoke

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Running 13 miles in the rain earns you a burrito from Tacos Don Rafa. It's like a rule or something … #irun4burritos

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This kid melts my heart! I can't help it that he picked me as his favorite uncle. #chubbingtatum #prouduncle

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So, putting socks on my nephew's hands isn't a good idea. Kinda like taping a cat's paws. #nobueno #chubbingtatum

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Brace yourself, the poop trees are back. 💩🌳🤢 #gagme

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On Friday night my friend Emily celebrated her 30th birthday with (what will hopefully become a tradition) riding camels! Here is a little video she made of the adventure. I won’t lie … I want a camel now. Anyone want to buy one for me?

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35lbs. lighter for Birthday #35 …

Welp, I am a year older — as far as a year wiser … that’s up for debate. I definitely don’t feel 35. But, then again — how is 35 suppose to feel, right? It didn’t help that I woke up on my birthday with a kinked neck and sore muscles. But, luckily, those sore muscles were from my 20 miler. The kinked neck? Probably because I am old.

I had a really good birthday weekend — and was overwhelmed with the birthday wishes. I’ve got so many awesome friends and feel extremely blessed and lucky to have you all in my life. I took the day off from work to spend time with family, especially since I share a birthday with my sister. We try to make a weekend of it when we can.

We started the weekend up in the Uintas at my cousin’s cabin four-wheeling, playing games and watching the Olympics. Just a fun relaxed weekend with family. And, then yesterday for our birthday, my sister and I took the nieces and nephews to Cherry Hill. And, that was definitely a blast.

I haven’t been to Cherry Hill in YEARS — probably close to 20 years? We used to go all the time as a kid. It’s basically an RV/camping ground that has some waterslides, pools and mini golf among a few other things. It was a shot of nostalgia for all of us, especially seeing the kids enjoy it as much as we did.

I will have to admit though, we probably had more fun than the kids at certain points. My sisters and I ditched the kids for a half hour or so and went down some of the waterslides ourselves. Oh, my heavens. I’ve never had so much fun in my life. We were those three crazy adults just BUSTING up laughing the whole way through the ride.

I felt 15 again. But, probably younger.

I will say this — I’ve also never felt so self-conscious getting out of an intertube than at Cherry Hill. I felt so awkward — but, I didn’t care. We were laughing so hard it didn’t matter. It was just so much fun.

We then ended the day with some Costa Vida and homemade tres leches. Which was a nice treat considering it had been over three months since I had nachos and dessert. But, it’s back to the gym and diet regime today — which I’ll blog about a bit later this week.

Anyways — I love birthdays. I don’t care how old I am. My mother always made it a point to make us feel special on our special day and even at 35 I love treating it like a holiday. And, I love being able to share the day with my sister. I think it makes it more so a holiday for the both of us.

But, here’s to 35! The best is yet to come, right?



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Well, the final weigh-in is official. I won’t lie, I was a little disappointed in my final round of Whole30. But, I really shouldn’t be surprised considering it was a matter of time I hit a plateau the closer I got to my goal. 

It’s been three months of a pretty strict diet and with only losing about 4lbs. the last month my body is telling me it’s time to go onto something new. Honestly, I probably should have moved onto something else last month. But, I wanted to see what I could do with one more round under my (shrinking) belt. 

Not that it’s an excuse, but I’ve learned my body reacts better to diet changes about every 6-8 weeks. When I lost most of my weight a few years ago that’s how often I would change my diet regime.

I don’t how much I am going to change my diet this go around. Because I really love the Whole30 diet plan. It’s designed to be very restricted, which works for some people over a long period of time. That’s not me.

But, I love some of the principles that I want to keep going forward. The biggest being eating clean, pure food. Basically, keep the added sugars out of the diet. And, then of course dairy (it helps being lactose intolerant). I am not sure about beans or bread. I want to add some bread back into my diet, but gluten-free bread only. I think my thyroid responded well to the Whole30 diet because of the elimination of the gluten.

And, I do want to add some of my Isagenix shakes to my diet. That helped me a lot a few years ago get to my best running weight. Plus, I love how they make me feel. 

Anyways — I’ve got a lot to plan out. I will share the plan later this week. But, the one thing I plan on doing is only weighing in once a month. That’s one thing I loved about the Whole30 plan. I like going off how I am feeling and not the number on the scale. But, that’s a post for another day.

But, losing 35lbs. over three months has been a godsend for me. That’s still 11.5lbs. a month. And, for all the thyroid problems I’ve had the past couple of years — all I can say is — Whole30 works!

Stay tuned later for more.


At least one of us is excited to watch the Men’s 100m race! #rio2016 #unclejoshertime #catshirts4bothofus

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A great escape, with a great view. #cabinlife #uintas

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My niece and nephew sure know their way into their uncle’s heart. #catscards4josher

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Birthday Nachos. The best part of getting old (beside the discounts). #happybirthdaytome

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191.6 miles


192.9 miles


957.33 miles


1341.83 miles


1325.17 miles


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#FitnessFriday: 20 Midnight Miles …

Egags! That was one of the toughest things I’ve ever done. This was the weekend I was planning my midnight 20 mile treadmill run. Originally, I was going to do it Saturday morning beginning at 12am, but our family is heading out of town for the weekend — so I decided to move it up a day to Friday morning.

So, here I am writing about my run — pretty much half asleep. I wouldn’t be surprised if I started to hallucinate before noon. I am pretty dang tired. I guess staying up all night while running 20 miles to do that to you, eh?

But, it’s done.

Now, you’re probably wondering what possessed me to do this? Well, first off — I blame Jill. She was the one who gave me the idea. She likes coming up with these “how can we punish ourselves?” training runs and routes. She is one the best worst influences in my life — literally in many arenas.

So, yeah, I totally blame Jill.

But, the thinking behind this run is to not just prepare me for my marathons next month, but my 50 miler as well. I wanted to do something that was physically, emotionally and mentally tough. And, running on the treadmill — for 20 miles — in the middle of the night was just insane enough to cover all three of those focused areas. Plus, it’s awesome fatigue training.

To keep myself from going completely insane — I decided to a couple of things. One, I was planning to break up the run into four 5 mile legs with about a 15 minute break in between the legs. I used that time to run to the restroom, eat some food (mainly bananas) and hydrate.

I also planned on changing my shirt and hat/bandana after each leg too — no point in staying in a soaked shirt and headband, right? Plus, wet shirts substantial raise the risk of me chaffing all over my body (not just the moobs),like manatee that got ran over by a motorboat.

Simply, put — it’s not fun.

And, lastly, my plan was to keep myself entertained through Netflix, the Olympics and whatever looked good on TV. I thought about putting my headphones in and jamming out to my music, but — yeah — I would have probably gone mad or the very least fallen asleep around mile 10.

I pretty much ended up watching more Olympics than anything. Netflix wasn’t really working and NBC was replaying the swimming and gymnastic events — and since I didn’t see them earlier I just ended up watching that for a couple hours.

And, oh my gosh, it was the best/worst decision I could have made. When Phelps won his 22nd gold medal I almost threw my hand into the ceiling fan in jubilation and then I pretty much lost it when Simone Manuel won her gold medal. Her reaction was just priceless — I could only imagine those emotions.

The other Simone — Simone Biles — was AMAZING in the gymnastic meet. Holy cow! I don’t understand gymnastics most of the time, but every four years I’m GLUED to it. I have never seen anyone more dominant than Simone. She deserved her gold medal. She was simply amazing.

I’m the runner your mother warned you about. I did my first of two 20 milers last night — on the treadmill starting at midnight. I’m pretty sure this certifies me as crazy? But, I not only did this for my marathon training, but for my 50 mile ultra as well. This was primo fatigue training! I broke up my miles into four 5 mile legs with 15 minute breaks in between each leg. I was shooting for between 4-4:30 hours of total running — ended in 4:20, I’m happy about that. So it took me just over 5 hours total. Bit bad. As much as I hate the treadmill it was nice having everything I needed right there. A flushable toilet and change of shirt was great to have at each break. I ended up watching a little Netflix, lots of the Olympics and even some Rachel Ray to pass the time. Emphasis on some. I ended up turning Netflix back on because Rachel was a bit too much to handle at mile 17 of my run. She really shouldn’t ever be given coffee. My other 20 miler is in two weeks and then I get into running my marathons in preparation for my 50 in mid-October. I can’t wait! #running #20miles #trainingrun #marathontraining #ultratraining #fitness #motivation #wellness #workout #treadmill #treadmillworkout #dreadmill #ultramarathon #marathon @fight4phat @josherwalla @joshruns180

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So after all of this Olympic jubilation — NBC followed it all up with Rachel Ray. Talk about a steep drop off. I tried to get into her show, but at 3:30am — I couldn’t take her personality. I swear she gets hooked up to IVs full of coffee before each show.

So, yeah, I tried to find something else to watch. But, do you know how hard it is to find something decent to watch at 3:30-4am?I swear if I wasn’t on the treadmill running I would have bought a kitchen load of copper pans that keep cheese from sticking to the pan. I also saw a Squatty Potty commercial — those are always magical.

Anyways — the run itself wasn’t bad. Well — THAT — bad. My goal was to finish within 4-4:30 hours so with my breaks in between the legs it’d take me a good 5-5:15(ish) hours. It took me 4:20 to do the 20 so I was within my range — I did end up fartleking a lot of my last leg, because of fatigue. But, overall, I feel good about the run.

I mean — I ran 20 miles on the treadmill in the middle of the night. Who does that?

Crazy runner people who are training for a 50 mile ultra, I guess?

Luckily, this is my only long treadmill planned. My next 20 miler (in two weeks) will be running the Run Elevated Half down Little Cottonwood plus 7 miles afterwards. That’s another tough mental and physical run, because usually when I am done racing — I am done moving for the day. This will be a hard run. But, a neccessary one.

And, I am oddly looking forward to it.

Anyways — as I mentioned above, I doing a mini staycation this weekend to relax. And, then on Monday I’m (finally) turning 35. I say finally, because I’ve been telling people I am 35 for pretty much the past six months or so. It’s kind of the curse of working with finances, because I go off the fiscal year a lot. It’s already my 2017.

So make sure to come back next Tuesday for pictures of my weekend and birthday festivities. Since I share a birthday with my sister we usually go do something fun. And, by fun I mean — wherever the nieces and nephews want to go. A few years it was the zoo, last year it was Snowbird and this year it’s Cherry Hill! It’s like 1996 all over again. I’m looking forward to it.

I will have a number of posts out next week as well dealing with my Whole30 completion (Monday is my weigh-in), my new diet plan and a 40 Before 40 Bucket List I made in honor of my birthday.



It’s been awhile since we’ve posted a podcast of either AIIA or the Runcast. Life has been pretty hectic. But, AIIA is back this week — and — the Runcast will be next week. Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you.

This is a great podcast this week from AIIA — it’s a Q&A panel and dives into some good stuff. No matter what your relationship is with addiction — the AIIA Podcast is a great source of inspiration for everyone! So please give it a listen …


I’m mowing the lawn right meow. #punnypuns

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Today is Day 28 of my third round of Whole30! Which means my weigh-in is on Monday — which is also on my birthday! I have no idea how much I’ve lost. I kinda doubt I lost the 13.3lbs. I wanted to lose to get into the 230s, but I am fine with that. I feel like I’ve plateaued a bit — which is typical.

I’ve stuck with the diet and kept myself on track there. So we will see. I love the intrigue of my weigh-in days — it’s like a page out of the book of The Biggest Loser. All I really need now is a blinky scale and flavored gum sponsor to make it legit.

I have a diet plan I am going to share a bit more in depth next week. But, basically, I’ve adapted the Whole30 diet plan into a 80/20 format. There’s a lot to it that’ll share later next. But, I am excited and ready to keep a lot of this momentum going.

So make sure to come back on Monday for my weigh-in stats!

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#FitnessFriday: Red (bloody nipples), White (pasty legs) and Blue (bruised toenails)

Before we start blabbering about the 4th of July weekend it should be noted that today is Canada Day. So to all my Canadian friends and Canada lovers — Happy Canada Day! This isn’t just a hollow salutation — not only am I part Canadian (1/8) but I actually have stories of celebrating Canada Day IN Canada. I don’t know how this makes me more special … it just does.

It was actually 20 years ago today that I was in Canada on Canada Day. It was actually Victoria Island in British Columbia. I’m not sure exactly why we went? I think it was because my aunt wanted to visit Butchart Gardens?! As a 15 year old teenager that attraction kinda suck. Really the whole highlight of the trip was Canada Day and me buying a Mr. Bean t-shirt at a gift shop.

But, hey, I was in Canada on Canada Day — that’s the important thing to remember here.

Anyways — Happy Canada Day! Happy Independence Day! Happy Weekend! This really is one of my favorite weekends of the whole year. Not only do we celebrate two awesome countries, but my niece’s birthday is sandwiched between the two as well. So it really is a string of celebratory days around my neck of the woods.

I am really kinda excited about my niece’s birthday. She is turning the magical age of eight — which means she’s getting baptized next week and all that jazz. But, I am also really excited to give her, her gift tomorrow. I am giving her a 5K entry! Well, we’re going to run a 5K together!

She is quite the runner actually. When her mom was super prego she’d go running with her around their neighborhood (ranging from 2-3 miles). She’s also done a number of Kid Ks, but not an official 5K. So with her parents’ permission I am going to gift her a running date with Uncle Josher!

I haven’t picked a race yet — odds are it’ll probably be a 5K in August or the Frightmares 5K on October 15. That would be a fun one, because we run through Lagoon, we can dress up for the race AND it will be a week before my 50 miler, so I won’t need a lot of mileage that day. The more I type about the benefits, the more I’m sold on it.

Anyways — gotta spread the love of running, right? It’ll be a lot of fun.

But, have a fun, save weekend. But, please, please, be careful out there on the roads. It’s one of the most dangerous weekends for travel (not to sound like your mother or anything … but, I have a love/hate relationship with this weekend because of that).


124 - 13 miles of freedom.fw

Sometimes it’s it’s kinda hard to fathom how many races I’ve ran to date. Tomorrow will be Race #124?! Where has the time gone? Really. It seems like yesterday that I ran my first 5K. It’s kinda amazing what happens when you simply focus on one foot in front of the other (this really is the key to running all those races).

I don’t have any goals for tomorrow’s race. I just want to run by feel and energy levels. I’m not pushing it for a certain time goal. But, I’m not planning on slacking either. It’s going to be hot, a flat course and there isn’t much shade on the race route, so I just want to be careful. I’m really running this to celebrate the weekend and get my needed miles in for my long run.

But, with that said — I am excited to run. A number of my friends will be there. I’m sure I’ll make some new friends in the process. But, this will be a great start of the 4th weekend, especially since we’re having a birthday BBQ with fireworks for my niece later that day!


Runcast - Podbash Banner

After a few weeks off, the Runcast is BACK! I had some technical difficulties with an unaired episode a couple weeks ago — so I scratched it. And, then I joined Coach Blu and AIIA’s podcast with an exclusive interview with the Mayor Running himself Bart Yasso. So we kinda counted that as a joint Runcast and AIIA episode.

This week’s episode is another music episode. I’m playing a few of my running favorites. I’m playing a little Fall Out Boy, Justin Timberlake, Imagine Dragons and some new stuff. Not to mention some unknown gems. I hope you love this episode — it’s a great one to just download and go run with.

But, we’ll be back with Jorge, Jim and myself in a few weeks. We’re hoping to set up a few special guests in the next couple of months, including Pod Bash’s resident psychiatrist Dr. Matt!

Give the new episode a listen …



I wonder if one of those is a magic flying feather? #probablythebrownone

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O Canada, Happy Birthday you sexy beast! 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦 #canadaday

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I’ve had a good week. For one, I feel that I’ve lost more weight. Again, I have NO idea how much I have lost since starting my second round of Whole30. I am hoping for 15lbs. by July 16th, but we’ll see.

I have a lot added energy as of late. My anxiety isn’t as pronounced as it once was when I was struggling with my energy levels, weight and health. But, part of that too could be a change of dosage in my medication. But, for the sake of selling the benefits of the Whole30 plan lets just say it’s because of the diet … mmmkay?

But, one of the reasons I can feel and tell that I am losing more weight is by the feel of my clothes. My shorts (that I bought like two months ago) are getting roomier and roomier. And, I am able to comfortably fit in a few of my XL shirts that a few months ago made me look like a kneaded used roll of toothpaste.

I am still planning on following Whole30 for three rounds. That will take me to my birthday (August 15th). I’m hoping to be down about 40-45lbs. after my three rounds. Not sure if that’s doable, but you better believe I am going to try and work towards that!

One thing I am starting now is my post-Whole30 plan. I don’t feel like this is a longterm solution. But, there are principles of it I want to continue doing and practicing. I’m not sure if I’ll go back to gluten laded products? Honestly, I think that’s one of my biggest differences for me and why my thyroid is starting to function better. So more whole grain and whole wheat products. But, I think I am going to limit those to mostly around my exercise? We’ll see on that one.

I plan on continuing to eat a veggie and fruit heavy diet — along with lean meats and, of course, steak. Oh, and eggs too. I want to keep as much as the processed food out of my diet as possible. So that’s not going to change.

And, then dairy — I am so torn with dairy. I love cheese. I love butter. I love it all. But, honestly, I feel better without. Which, seems like blasphemy typing. I am lactose intolerant so it’s probably for the best. But, cheese? Le sigh.

I am debating now I want to practice my ‘free meals.’ Before Whole30 I would have one each week, usually after my long run or race on Saturday. I am not sure if I want to keep those a weekly thing or move them to a monthly thing? Since I plan on not stopping just weighing myself once a month, I was also thinking of using my weigh-in day as the day of my free meal?

Just a thought.

Anyways — all is going well. I am feeling awesome. I’m looking forward to some grilled chicken, corn of the cob and TONS of fruit this weekend. Yum, yum, yum.

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RACE #103: Park City Half

103-parkcityI have decided that running a half marathon ON your birthday is like the best way to not just kick start your birthday, but celebrate it. Originally, I had planned on making this Race #100, but after deciding to move it up the Handcart Days Half in July the plan was abandoned. So it simply turned into a birthday run.

Regardless of the significance, I was still excited to run. It not only was it on my 34th birthday, but I was spending the weekend up in Park City with my family. A great combination if you ask me.

And, if you thought that couldn’t get better, the mere fact that I could burn off my birthday dinner AND cake before eating it made everything that much more awesome! Both of which ended up being a Burrito Pizza and Banana Cake. Gosh, it’s getting better the more I write about it.

But, seriously, birthday dreams come true.

Back to the race.

Got assigned BIB #1! The first time this has happened to me. It doesn’t have so much to do with me being elite as it has more to do with me signing up for this race first.

This was the second time I’ve ran this race. I ran the half marathon back in 2012 when it was the Park City Marathon and Half. But, last year the race was bought by the Mountain Trails Foundation and the marathon was dropped. So now it’s simply the Park City Half & 5K.

In addition to the name and organizers change, the course has changed a lot. It still started and finished in the Newpark development near Kimball Junction, but the course now includes a combination of both road and trail around town. It’s very much a rolling hill course with just a couple hundred feet of elevation change.

I don’t do very well on flat and rolling hill courses. Well, I should say I don’t prefer them as much as I do canyon runs. But, that’s a whole other post for another day. But, more than that … I don’t do very well in heat. That’s evidenced from this year’s Ragnar Relay after I got heat exhaustion. Not fun.

Waiting for the race to begin at the Newpark development in Park City.

So when I found out that the race didn’t start until 8am, I was a bit worried. I didn’t need a repeat of Ragnar, especially on my birthday. Normally races around here in Utah during the summer start anywhere between 6-7am. Ideally, it would be around 7am at the latest right now in August.

And, 8am was TOO late, especially when the temperature got to nearly 90 degrees later in the day. By mile 6-7 I was spent. Most of my time spent at the aid station after that was used drinking Powerade and water, while pouring water over my head. It was just awful. Which was unfortunate, because the course was gorgeous.

In fact, I enjoyed it a lot more than I did the first year I ran the race. Plus, the combination of road and trails were fun and somewhat refreshing. It was a good introduction to trails for roadrunners. A good transitionary race if I can say so myself. Something of a transition I am in the process of making.

The smile is fake people. I was dying of heat, possibly dying within. This was my cry for help.

Since I was having such a difficult time with the heat and terrain I resorted to Galloway-ing a lot of the last 5-6 miles. I tried to stick to a minute of walking and a minimum of a minute of running — if not longer as the body allowed me. I know the last two miles it was more like three minutes of walking to one minute of running, but I tried to time it so I wasn’t walking too much.

Fuel wise I was okay, I brought my favorite Gu packets and I brought some salt tablets for mid-race. This helped me tons. And, they had gel chews at every stations along with water and Powerade so it wasn’t that bad for me. I did wish I brought a mid-run banana along with me because I needed something on my stomach.

A distant scenic scene of serenity and mountains. Too bad Bob Ross isn’t still alive, I’d have him paint this for me.

The last mile was horribly hot and I started actually getting a little sick. I was worried because the last thing I needed was an ER trip on my birthday. I took a Gu packet which helped, but I just wanted to get done. I knew I wasn’t the only one struggling with the heat as I passed a number of other runners in the last mile. There were a good 20 other runners behind me after I crossed the finish line.

But, the finish line made up for all of that. My family was there at the end to cheer me on, including my Dad. This was the first time he has been at the finish line of any of my races. It meant a lot to have him there. He has a hard time getting around because of his double knee replacements from last year so I know what kind of sacrifice it was for him to be there.

My foot. My right foot specifically.

Once I finished and I got rehydrated and ate a banana we took some pictures and left. I wanted to stay for the raffle, but I was feeling the affects of the heat I knew I needed more liquid and substance in my body. Namely … a Slurpee.

And, if that wasn’t good enough, it was almost like 7 Eleven knew it was my birthday, because they had banana Slurpees at the Park City location. Happy Birthday to me, eh?

Anyways, after getting showered and changed we headed out the door to have fun around the Park City area that included Park Meadows, bowling, pizza and swimming. Oh, and of course cake. What’s a birthday with cake? Especially banana cake.

I got a whole Slurpee even though I only did half of a marathon. I ran half the marathon and got a full Slurpee.

What a great weekend of running, family and birthday fun! It definitely gives a boost going into 34!



Here are a few Instagram posts that give you a bit of a better picture from the weekend past …

I didn’t find an unicorn to ride, but this is close enough. #birthdaypony

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My nieces are cuter bowlers than your nieces. #bowlingnight

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This has turned into one of my favorite races here in Utah. This is their third year doing this race down Little Cottonwood Canyon … and my third year doing it as well. It’s a fast course. It’s a fun course. And, it’s a challenging course, especially for those not ready to let gravity pull you down one of the steepest canyons in Utah. Plus, I love the convenient factor for me, it’s close to home, easy to get to on race day and not expensive at all for a great race.

I am hoping it doesn’t snow at the starting line like it did last year. I won’t lie, it was hard to get bumped for an AUGUST race while snow came pouring down. But, I guess that’s the nature of a race in Utah, especially down one of the premiere canyons. Luckily, the snow was gone before mile one was finished.

But, this is a great race, great course and I am looking forward to letting go and letting my legs take me down the canyon. Especially since I am not pacing or sweeping.



Total Mileage Breakdown for 2015
2015 Training Miles – 193.0 miles
2015 Walking Miles – 256.15 miles
2015 Race Miles – 280.0 miles
2015 Total Miles – 729.15 miles
Monthly Total Miles for 2015
January – 78.8 miles
February – 72.85 miles
March – 115.3 miles
April – 76.3 miles
May  97.4 miles
June  131.15 miles
July  101.65 miles
August  55.7 miles


The 85th Fartlek Friday™ – I hear someone is having a birthday … oh wait … that’s me!

fartlek.fwIf you couldn’t tell by the title of this week’s post and the graphic header … this weekend is my BIRTHDAY! Well, specifically, tomorrow is my 34th birthday. It’s a weird feeling for me, because I don’t feel 34 and … well … I don’t act 34 either (but that’s a post for another day).

Since I share a birthday with my sister we are celebrating the weekend as a family up in Park City. We usually celebrate our birthday around a family getaway, because as kids it was our last trip before school started. Now it’s just an excuse to take time off work as adults.

We’re up in Park City all day today and then tomorrow on our birthday after I run the Park City Half we’re going to do the whole Park City experience … Alpine Slides, Downtown Park City and then of course our birthday dinner. We haven’t decided on a location yet. But, usually it’s pizza or Mexican food. Two foods you can’t go wrong with.

But, we’re planning on staying up in Park City until Sunday or Monday so we can get some R&R and good swimming in with the kids. As you can probably tell I am really excited about the weekend. I need a nice long mental break away from work, get refreshed and ready for the start of the new school year.

But, let’s talk about turning 34 for a minute. I guess you can basically say I am in my mid-30s, right? Technically, I think this is the point where I probably should have a quarter life crisis? I know being a single Mormon male I should be freaking out, but you know what? I’m not.

Should I?

I think what baffles me somewhat is that 28-29 really doesn’t seem that long ago. I started my weight-loss journey basically right after my 28th birthday. I ran my first half marathon a month before my 30th birthday. So to now be sitting here at age 34 I do wonder where the time went?


I am afraid to blink and have another four years pass. But, in reality, I take my life one day at a time. I don’t fret about not being married or having met cultural benchmarks. Those things will come as I work on them. And, I am fine with that. But, I won’t lie, time could sure slow down a tad, because it’s flying but too dang fast.

But, here’s 34! 



As I mentioned above I am running the Park City Half tomorrow morning. Initially, I had planned for this to be my 100th race, but after gaining some commonsense after realizing the Handcart Days Half was a better race to celebrate that milestone at (since it’s where I ran my first race), I changed that direction.

I am still equally excited to be running the Park City Half tomorrow whether it was Race #100 or #103. This will be my second time running this race. I ran it back in 2012 with Cousin Em. I believe the course has changed a little, so I am excited to see the changes. But, the race starts and finishes at the Newpark development near the Kimball Junction area.

Since I am running on my birthday I’ll be running to earn my birthday! Talk about motivation, eh?



If you haven’t caught the latest episode of The Utah Runcast, it’s a good one. We talk about bananas, Jim’s pink pair, McGriddles and a few upcoming races! You can listen to the whole episode here …



Here are a few things that caught my attention this past week …


34 things you should probably know about me … if you don’t already

IMG_5352This Saturday I am turning 34 years old. It’s kinda hard to believe. I’ve pretty much embraced my 30’s so I am not going to be going into some quarter life crisis or anything anytime soon.

But, at the same time I won’t lie … it’s strange. I don’t feel 34 mentally or physically. Well, physically, probably more so than mental. But, I can’t much of a difference from when I was in my 20s. Which I am fine with. The number is just shocking to me, because I’ve always held some what of a stereotype to that number. But, I really don’t care. And, now I see what my grandma meant when she said age was all perspective.

And, I know for a fact that mentally she was a teenager trapped in a 85 year old body. Because, she very much was.

Since I am turning 34 this Saturday I thought it would be a little fun to (re)introduce myself to some of you. I haven’t done this in a while here on the bloggy blog and it’s probably overdue. But, I thought I would share 34 things about myself that you may or may not know about me. Hopefully this will give you a glimpse into the life of Josh and a better understanding where I am coming from with my perspective on life and running.

So without further adieu …

  1. I was born legally blind as a kid. I was suppose to grow up with the need for a seeing eye dog, etc. But, through the power of miracles, faith and really good doctors I got 100% of my eye sight back when I was a kid.
  2. I share a birthday with my sister, she is two years younger than me, but we always celebrate our birthdays together and have always joked we’re twins separated by two years. But, we’re not the only ones in our family that share a birthday. Our dad and other sister share a birthday with my Aunt and then my brother-in-law and sister-in-law also share a birthday. More cake the better, eh?
  3. I love cats and wish I could be a cat person, but I am actually HIGHLY allergic to them. I found this out the difficult way this past January when I got two kittens. Life isn’t fair sometimes.
  4. I also love dogs and aspire to one day have a three-legged dog.
  5. I do all of my graphics, logos, etc. on my blog. Graphic design is a skill/talent I enjoy immensely, not enough to make a career out of it, but it’s come in handy throughout my career.
  6. When I was a junior in High School my design for Utah’s “Red Ribbon Week” logo was accepted and I became the first student to design the “Hot to Not” logo. Because of that the logo was painted on the drive way of my elementary school for about 3-4 years afterwards.
  7. I am an extreme Disneynerd. Especially when it comes to the history of Disneyland, Walt Disney and early Disney movies. The story of Walt fascinates me. The way he dreamt, worked to make that dream reality and envisioned new ways to get there.
  8. Besides being a Disneynerd, I am also a HUGE Sportsnerd. Growing up my choice of reading material was a sports encyclopedia. It still sometimes is. I love reading novels and history books, but there are times I’d much rather read sports statistics. I can’t really tell you where this passion came from, but it didn’t help when my family bought a sports card and memorabilia store when I was a teenager. It just fueled the passion for it tenfold.
  9. I have a legitimate fear of deer. Not sure where it came from, but living in Bountiful and running either early in the morning or at night there are ALWAYS deer around. It makes it a TAD uncomfortable for me. The anxiety of being outside in front of a deer is very UNNERVING for me.
  10. I have extremely good handwriting, not just for a guy but for a person. Especially in today’s technological world. It’s sad to me to see so many people be unable to write in cursive. It’s a dying art which it shouldn’t be.
  11. I spent eight years in Special Ed. It was mainly due to pretty severe anxiety as a kid, but it also didn’t help that I faked a speech impediment to get out class. I don’t know how I got caught, but I must have fallen out of character when saying my R’s.
  12. I served an LDS mission in the Chicagoland area back from 2000 to 2002. I met a lot of people that impacted my life while there, including my first trainer who happened to be one of my District Leaders and really good friends. He was also the one who encouraged me to start running. So I blame him for all of this!
  13. My biggest accomplishment in my bigger days (meaning, when I was fat) was winning a Truffle Shuffle competition. I’m still proud of that, though one probably
  14. I’ve had over 15+ parakeets that I’ve owned over my lifetime. They are by far my favorite pet. But, at the same as I’ve grown I’ve realized how noisy and messy they are. So now I just love them through books and Google searches.
  15. Nothing annoys me more than clowns. Seriously. They don’t scare me at all. But, they sure as heck annoy me to no end. I find nothing funny or charming about them. I just don’t want to be bothered by them.
  16. My middle name of Snow doesn’t come from the white stuff outside during the winter months, it’s a family name. I am a great grandson of Lorenzo Snow. One of the early Mormon prophets of the LDS Church. If you look at pictures of me and Grandpa Snow you’ll notice we have the same earlobes.
  17. My first ever race actually was three years before my first 5K. I got talked into doing a 10K back in the summer of 2007. I had NOOOOOOOO idea what a 10K was and literally trained running (walking) on a treadmill no longer than a mile or mile and a half? I was dead last, it took me just over two hours and I vowed to myself NEVER to try that again. I’m glad I didn’t keep that promise.
  18. I am a quarter Greek and dang proud of it. My Grandma is full blooded Greek. And, it’s something she always shared with us, whether it was cooking Greek food or talking about her time in the homeland. We even have relatives still in Greece we communicate and visit with. My goal in life is to visit the homeland and my family there!
  19. I hate my hair. I have the thickest and most luscious hair in my family and I would prefer to shave it then maintain it. This of course drives my poor mother crazy. But, while I hate my hair I also have aspirations to grow it for a long period of time … for religious reasons.
  20. As a kid I was overly obsessed with killer whales. Shamu was my idol. Every summer we went to southern California and the trip was never complete without a trip to Disneyland … AND … SeaWorld. I was the kid that would draw whales, dolphins and penguins constantly on homework, paper and sometimes even the walls. My dream as a kid was to be a killer whale trainer. And, then, well … I watched Blackfish.
  21. When it comes to the BIG rivalry question … BYU or UTAH, the answer is always now … neither. I grew up a Ute fan, but ended up at Southern Utah for my undergrad. I will always be a T-Bird at heart. And, for as much as I try I just can’t root for BYU. I can’t … it’s basically against my religion at this point.
  22. I flunked gym class in 7th grade. I flunked for a number of reasons, but one of the biggest reasons is that I was always the last one to finish the mile and half run. I often wonder now what my placement would be among those classmate today?
  23. I also flunked Special Ed Social Skills. Go figure? I have theories about why that was … but … yeah, how many people can claim they failed that kind of class?
  24. I really kinda hate movies, I wrote about it here on my personal blog. But, seriously, if you want to go see a movie with me and it’s a super hero movie be ready to pay for me. But, I will say this … I actually enjoyed the Dark Knight trilogy. That I could stand.
  25. I am a huge Utah Jazz fan and when I was a kid my Dad played what he thought was a harmless April Fools joke and told me that Jazz were moving to Las Vegas. I cried. And, by cried, I mean, I UGLY cried for a good 5-10 minutes. After that I did the April Fools jokes around the house.
  26. While we’re on the topic of sports fandom. It gets complicated when it comes to rooting for sports teams for me. I am a diehard Jazz fan as well as a Clippers fan. And, I have been since the early 90s (big Danny Manning fan). When it comes to baseball it’s the Giants first and then the Cubs, Mets and every California team except the Dodgers. I just can’t come to root for the Dodgers. Football it’s the Niners first and then once they’re out of playoff contention whatever storyline I like better. So … yeah … there you go.
  27. I once got slow clapped by Richard Simmons in his exercise studio. I probably hold too much stock in this memory, but it was right after losing 100lbs. He found out about my weight loss after my aunt told him before the class started. I love this memory just for the fact that I got slow clapped by a celebrity.
  28. I have never broken a bone in my body … which I feel like typing and knocking on wood at the same time. But, I have blown out my knee. It was at my best friend’s wedding as I went after the garter. Luckily, I got it. Mainly because I rolled right over it. So I guess you could say I have still never CAUGHT the garter at a wedding.
  29. Sometimes people think I am indifferent about life when they don’t know me. But, when you get to know me better you’ll understand my philosophy in life is to not worry about things out of my control. I am pretty sure if I lived in the 60s and 70s I would have been a hippy.
  30. On a related note, I am a yellow-blue-white personality (like basically equal in all three) with a sliver of red. I was tested about 10 years ago, but I am pretty sure I have more red in me now. But, still, that gives you a better glimpse of my personality according to the Color Code.
  31. My biggest claim to fame is being the lead story for the Channel 2 and 5 newscast a couple years ago. Luckily, it wasn’t for anything bad. And, quite honestly, I was surprised it got much media attention at all. But, it was a mere suggestion I made on the SLC Marathon Facebook page to wear green at the SLC Marathon in support of the Boston Marathon bombings. It was a crazy day.
  32. My dream race is to run the Athens Marathon in Greece. My Grandma was Greek and the homeland will always hold a dear place in my heart. We even still have family we communicate with over there. Most of my family have visited them, but I need to get over there soon!
  33. Each birthday and Christmas my Grandma and I would exchange cards that usually included a picture of someone mooning the recipient. We had a very interesting relationship based on mutual respect, a wicked sense of humor and pickles. I miss her daily.
  34. I have counted all of the bananas that I’ve eaten this past year (well since January 1st) and I am currently (as of Thursday, August 12th at 4pm) at 663. The thought came to me … I should be hitting 666 on Friday or my birthday. YIKES!

So there you have it. Maybe you learned a thing or two about me. Maybe you didn’t? But, I am still trying to come to terms with the fact I am going to be 34 on Saturday. I feel so young, yet am so old.

Well and as my Grandma would also say, “you can’t win them all!” But, at the same time if she thought I was complaining she’d also call me a “chicken shit” … sooooooooo … I’m just going to leave it at that and enjoy my birthday!


So as part of my birthday and in conjunction with my awesome friend Elsha, who’s birthday is later this month, we are asking our friends and family to donate their birthday gifts to us to the Kyle Pease Foundation.

We are trying to raise money to buy a racing wheelchair that can be used locally for a needy assisted athlete. Basically, we want to give the gift of running to someone who would love and enjoy it. That’s why we’re doing this fundraiser.

Every dollar counts whether it’s $1, $5 or $500 we are trying to raise $1000 for a racing chair. So please consider making a donation to our cause. You can make your donation below …