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Lessons we can all learn from ‘My 600lbs. Life’

This past week has been kind of tough for me. On Monday I went to the dentist for some dental work — and after a couple of hours of poking and numbing they couldn’t get my tooth numb. So they did some other work on me that didn’t require much numbing. After about three hours of being in the dentist’s chair as I got up — my back went out.

If you ever want to feel 36 — it’s moments like those that will make you feel like 36. This whole week I have being dealing with a wretched back. A week I was planning on upping my workouts and mileage in preparation for my 50 miler in a couple of weeks. It kinda felt like leaving the car dealership with a new pair of tires and driving over a nail.

Not fun. And, very deflating.

Will this derail my 50 miler? No. Will this derail my weekend run down Big Cottonwood Canyon? No.

Sadly, I’ve been here before. It’s that whole part of being 36 and with some rest, stretches and activity I know I’ll rebound and be back where I need/want to be.

So, this week I’ve focused on what I can do. Running hasn’t been an issue, especially non-treadmill miles — so I’ve dedicated a couple of my lunches to a few “slow” runs. The movement oddly helps the stiffness. I say oddly, because I have no idea the science behind why (remember, I’m a communications major?) it is the way it is.

It’s moments and mild setbacks like these that give me pause and perspective on my journey. I always seem to go back 10-15 years and think of what Fat Josh would do compared to Phat Josh of today. Would I throw in the towel and just give up? Honestly? Probably, yeah. Well, okay, yes he would.

But, when I compare the two Joshs — I really see the Josh that acts and lives and then the Josh that exists and is just “there.” I often wonder if I didn’t make the changes when I did, where I would be right now? I know I wouldn’t be a runner. But, I often wonder would I be in the same boat as many of the people on ‘My 600lbs. Life?’

I was on that road. I was over 400lbs. with no direction or goal on the horizon. I was just there. Addiction had ahold of me and I dealt with my anxieties, fears, depression and uncertainties in a very unhealthy way. Because more often than not I found comfort in food.

I don’t try to ponder much about that road anymore, because that’s not me. And, I believe not the person I was destined to be. But, I bring that up, because I do look at the similarities of my journey with many of the people on ‘My 600lb. Life.’ Not just in how they learned to medicate through food, but in their recovery, self-discovery and weight-loss.

This past week as I have been laid out a bit with my back, I’ve watched a few more episodes of the show — and I’ve noticed more so than anything this is a show much deeper than weight-loss. This is a show about life. And, there are many things in the show that we can learn no matter our weight, fitness level, ability or age in life.

A few themes that popped out to me are …

Find Your ‘Why?’

Each episode usually finds the why fairly easily and early. Some of the whys are as simple as — to be less dependent on spouses, partners, parents or children. You can usually tell if they found a why because when they do — success isn’t far behind. The why is what keeps them on track with the diet Dr. Nowzaradan gives them and what gets them active and moving more and more each day. Invariably if that ‘why’ or purpose isn’t found — those are the ones that take an extra month or two following the doctor’s diet.

‘Whys’ are north stars. No matter the size, purpose or reason of our journey or goal, if we don’t have that ‘why’ clearly stated and focused upon — then what’s the purpose of putting our effort into it?

So find that ‘why’ and hold onto it. And, don’t be afraid that it changes or evolves as you do. You’ll notice that happens a lot to many of the patients on the show. That why will change from a simple desire for dependency to something deeper and richer.

But, find that why.

Believe In Yourself

One of the saddest parts of the show for me is seeing many of these patients struggle with believing in themselves. I’ve been there. Heck, we’ve all been there to different degrees. But, many of these patients seemed to have just completely shut that off completely in their lives.

For whatever reason some patients will have a hard time believing that they can follow Dr. Nowzaradan’s diet — and that will show in their actions. Those are the ones that either gain weight or lose far less than what the doctor expected to lose.

Now flip that same scenario with a mentality of self belief and it’s a different story. Holding a belief that you can do something leads your actions to — well — act accordingly. And, the task gets easier. It makes the temptations of derailment and diversion less appealing, because you hold the belief that you can follow the course ahead.

It’s amazing how far you can go physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, financially, etc., etc., etc. by simply believing in yourself and your ability to do what you need to do. Even if you have to fake it to make it at first (which is a completely different post for another day).

Set Good Simple Goals For Yourself

If you want a good example of goal setting — watch ‘My 600lbs. Life.’ Seriously, I love Dr. Nowzaradan’s simple approach to goals. Based off his experience and knowledge he knows what kind of goals to set for the patients. You would think for many of these patients being 600lbs or more would require wildly specific goals and expectations.


His goals for his patients are rather simple. Stick to a 1200 calorie per day diet, get active and lose 30-50lbs (or whatever) within the next month. That’s about it. And, if the patients are true to those goals they’ll meet those goals in order to get their weight-loss surgery.

Watching the show has really made me reevaluate my goals. When I started my weight-loss journey some seven and a half years ago — I basically followed those simple goals for the first couple of months. I ended up losing between 30-40lbs. with those small changes.  Now, granted when you are 400 or 600lbs. it’s easier to get those kind of numbers — that’s not my point.

My point is how often do over complicate our goals? I fall into that trap often. I’ll freely admit. If I am not careful I will put unrealistic expectations on myself to hit certain goals, etc. And, the more complicated I make them — the less likely I’ll hit them.

That is one reason why I’ve had to teach myself (over and over again) to just keep it simple. Focus on what I can control and reasonable do and build on that — keeping the goals challenging, yet simple. Whatever the goal is — inside or outside of the gym — we do a disservice to ourselves with overly specific, unrealistic and complicated goals.

Surround Yourself With The Right People

I love how blunt Dr. Nowzaradan is with his patients. Especially return patients who didn’t hit their goals — or happened to gain weight. Invariably, he asks — who their enabler is. Especially if he knows they don’t drive or walk much. And, yeah, it’s usually a spouse, partner or loved one who’s buying the food.

I’m grateful that I had a good support system around me when I started my weight-loss journey. Besides having parents and family members eager to see me make changes, I found outside of my immediate family many who wanted to support me. Something, I didn’t expect — but look back with gratitude. I couldn’t have had success without the likes of my aunt, grandma, a number of close friends and my trainer. They were my ‘A’ team.

That’s why I feel sad for those patients who don’t have a support system. Not just like mine, but period. I know if I couldn’t have found the needed support within my family or close friends — I could find it by constructing it.

Now, I am not talking about a support system full of cheerleaders. But, a team. I wish the show delved a bit more into this subject because it’s really important for long-term success in weight-loss or any goal. The team should have cheerleaders, but also those who hold you accountable, those who are your emotional support, those who are your partner in crime, etc., etc., etc.

Sure many of these roles can be held by one person, but if you want success — meet those needs through others. You don’t have to go your journey alone. Your team doesn’t have to necessarily be your immediate family. Just find your team and build it, so they can help build you!

Long Term Success Doesn’t Come Overnight

One thing that interests me in every episodes is how many ‘trail months’ the patient has to do with Dr. Nowazaradan before they approved for surgery. I am not sure if the patients know they have to do a trail month before the surgery, but some get it — and some struggle with it. I’ve seen a few take 3-4 months to “get it.” But, I love how Dr. Nowazaradan acts in these situations — he is easy to praise and has no problem ‘getting real’ with his patient.

Being a viewer, it’s easy for us to judge these patients for not getting it the first time. And, honestly, I think shows like The Biggest Loser have helped shape that mentality for us. We want to see immediate results, we want to see big numbers right off the bat. And, while most patients do see big weight-loss numbers because of the surgery — immediate results and changes in behaviors are not reality.

But, like many of these patients we can learn from them to simply never give up. Take the licks. Roll with the punches. Be open to criticism. And, always have your ‘why’ in view to help you keep going when the ups becomes downs and the doubt creeps in (because they do).

It’s a process.

Have Patience In The Process

Just as I noted above — have patience and trust the process. Change — “real life changing” change takes time. Doesn’t matter what aspect of your life you want to change — it takes time. It takes being honest with yourself and those around you. It takes the ability to build a sound support system around. And, most importantly — it takes you to believe in, trust and expect the best — from you.

Now, I’m sure there are a lot more I could add. And, there are. But, the point I am trying to make is — big changes in life are tough. They’re not easy. They’re difficult. But, they’re doable. They’re achievable. They’re within reach.

You don’t have to be 600lbs or severly overweight to get a lot from this show. Just have an open mind and open heart. The lessons are there. Even if it teaches you compassion and sympathy — that’s a lesson the whole world could learn right about now.

What are your thoughts? Have you watched the series? What do you get out of the episodes?

This is Bananas …

Running has become a large part of who I am — a very large part. And, it’s something I want it be a part of me throughout my lifetime. When I made my goal to run 180 races by age 40 — I did so because I wanted running to be a challenge that took me a decade or so to acheive.

Well, I am 35 — going on 36 in August — and I am some 43 races away from that goal. I wouldn’t have anticipated five years ago that this is where I would be. There are many reasons why I love running and racing — but, that’s not what this post is about. Needless to say — I love to run and it has been life changing for me.

But, as I approach the completion of this goal, I am starting to look a beyond the goal. I am starting to ask myself — what’s next? Do I simply add more races to my goal? Do I make a goal to run 300 races by 40? Or 500 by 50? Or do I take another approach?

As much as I would love to add to my number goal, I’m feeling the pull to aspire to something else. For one, I want to eventually reach my goal of a running a sub-two half marathon. And, I can’t really do that when I am running 20-25 races a year.

I also want to run more. And, I am not talking about more races, but more longer races. I love the challenge of ultra races. Having three ultra marathons under my belt — I am beyond the point of guessing whether or not I can do such distances. Because, I know I can.

There is an appeal to me for these longer distances — not just during a race, but in a personal feat. I look at a number of local runners, specifically Cory Reese and his many self-sustained 100 milers — around a track, in the wilderness and in the Salt Lake and Utah Valleys. His craziness and approach to adventure speaks to me.

A couple years ago Cory ran from the Utah State Capital in Salt Lake City to Provo (50 miles) and back — for a crazy urban 100 miler. I was in awe and inspired. He was self-sustained through friends and convenience stores. The run included a number of Slurpee stops — which again speaks to me.

When Cory did this, I wanted to try something similarly “crazy.” Albeit, my kind of crazy. That’s why a few weeks ago I decided that I wanted to challenge myself to a similar goal of running from Salt Lake to Provo — just not back like Cory. It would essentially be a 50 mile run.

The concept and route will be somewhat similar to Cory’s route. I am planning on running down State Street in Salt Lake using convenience stores as my aid stations. Most likely 7 Elevens — because where else can I fuel up on Slurpees and bananas? I am planning on jotting over to Draper and Suncrest as I descend into Utah Valley and follow State Street and University Blvd. to the Provo Town Centre.

You can check out the map I made here. Of course that’s subject to change as I vet out that route a bit more.

But, I am inviting any and all of my friends to join me in the adventure whether it’s for all 50 miles — or a mile or two along the way. I want this to more so be a celebration of running and achievement than anything else. Plus, I think it will be a lot of fun with others involved.

If you’re interested in joining me, I’ve made a Facebook event for this adventure. I am doing it Saturday, March 25th. Which is subject to change dependent on the weather and a couple other factors. But, I am pretty set on that date.

Oh, and the name of the run?

This is Bananas!

I think that pretty much speaks for itself. Because, this run is bananas.

But, it will be fun and I can’t wait.


#FitnessFriday: Pioneer Runners sang as they ran and ran and ran …

What a week! It’s been kind of a rollercoaster week for me. Many ups and downs of emotions, etc., etc., etc. My anxiety was a little bit earlier this week — not fun. Not sure if it had anything to do with ending my second round of Whole30 and starting up a third — or with what’s been going on with the RNC in Cleveland? Maybe I’m already missing the ‘Runsmobile’ that officially got retired this week? Probably all of the above? But, more often than not — anxiety is just anxiety for no other reason than just being anxiety.

I don’t talk much about my anxiety. But, it’s something I’ve dealt with for years. It comes and goes as it pleases — and it differs from season to season. One of the worst days/weeks for my anxiety is when Daylight Savings ends in November. No joke. Usually that Sunday or Monday when it gets dark at like — 5pm, I get anxious. And, it lasts for about a week. Not fun.

I’ve found over the years that running has really helped sooth my anxiety. I’ve learned how to subdue it through running and even timing my runs to preempt a panic attack. That’s an art folks. No joke. Running works almost as good as any medication I’ve used.

I could really write a book about running and anxiety. But, the thought makes me anxious — so I’ll probably pass.

Anyways — the first part of the week — not fun. But, I got a really good run in yesterday morning that centered me — physically. mentally, emotionally, spiritually. I won’t lie — I could have used a day earlier, but I’ll take it. I feel good. I feel balanced. And, I am ready for the weekend.

I am running the Handcart Days Half Marathon here in Bountiful tomorrow followed by the Deseret News Half Marathon in Salt Lake on Monday. So lots and lots and lots of running this weekend. It’s Pioneer Day weekend here in Utah (where we celebrate pioneers or ‘pie and beer’ if you are not of the Mormon persuasion) so we have a number of community celebrations, parades (ugh, hate them), fireworks and of course races!

I wrote a bit more about my weekend races below.

But, since Pioneer Day is on Sunday this year the state holiday is being observed on Monday. Which means NO WORK on Monday. Besides racing and probably mowing the lawn — I am not sure what I am going to do with this glorious holiday? I might go see a movie (as long as it’s not the new Ghostbusters)? Or maybe swimming. I kinda want to do that. Or the possibilities are limitless.

Gosh, I love summer holidays. Can you tell?

Anyways, looking forward to a fun weekend of running, family, friends and holiday festivities (except for those dang parades).

What do you have planned for the weekend? Anything fun? Are you running either the Handcart Days or DesNews Half Marathons? Wanna party?


126 - bountiful handcart days.fw 127 - desnews half.fw

I love Pioneer Day weekend. Not only is it an extra July holiday for us Utahns, but there are LOTS of fun races associated with the weekend as well. And, the DesNews Marathon and Handcart Days Half Marathon, hold a special place in my heart. Mainly, because they were my first marathon and half marathon respectfully.

Normally both are held on Pioneer Day, so it’s usually a decision for me of “either/or.” But, when Pioneer Day falls on a Sunday (like this year), the Handcart Days Half be held on Saturday, while DesNews will be held on Monday (the state observed holiday). So — in years like this year — I get to run both! Because why give yourself the option of “either/or” when the Race Directors pretty much already made the decision for you?

So tomorrow I am running the Handcart Days Half Marathon — which was my first and 100th race. I am still debating whether I want to start at 6am or do the early 5:30am start. I may opt for the earlier start — but, I probably won’t make that decision until tomorrow morning (meaning, depends how much sleep I get tonight). But, after I am done with the race — I need to hop in the car and pick up my packet in Downtown SLC for the DesNews Half on Monday.

My goal for the races are simple. I am shooting for sub-3:00 for the Handcart Days Half. I don’t want to OVERDO it, because I want to save some energy and legs for the DesNews Half. The Handcart Days Half course is rather flat and hilly so I am not expecting much. But, the DesNews Half goal is to run a sub-2:30 — basically anything under 2:29:59 is my goal. Heck, even 2:29:59:9 would be acceptable.

My friend Brook is pacing the 2:30 group and my goal is to keep up with her and their group. Which I feel is doable, especially considering I am nearly 30lbs. lighter since the Provo City Half in May — and the course is an awesome gradual downhill. One of my favorite courses and canyons.

So, I am putting that out there. And, if I don’t hit that mark on Monday — I will be disappointed. Sure, I’ll be happy to have ran, but this is a goal that I CAN do and achieve. Anything less will be a disappointment for me.

Anyways — it’ll be a fun weekend!


Runcast - Podbash Banner

Last weekend Jim and I recorded LIVE from the Utah Midnight Run. Well, okay, it wasn’t broadcasted live, but we recorded in front of other people. Needless to say it was an adventure. Not only did we get to chat with a few runners, we also got confused for the registration booth — while on the air. It was pretty funny.

Jimbo and I touch on a number of topics — including our one year anniversary! It’s crazy to think we’ve been doing this now for over a year! Oh how time flies.

Anyways — you’ll hear plenty from Jim about making sure you stay hydrated and why you shouldn’t get lost on race from me. Give the episode a listen here …


I might have been late to the sunset, but I still got a great show. #utahsunset #lovethem

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I am just wrapping up my first week of my third round of Whole30 (geez, that kinda reads like a biblical genealogy) and things are — going. I won’t lie — it’s been a bit of a tough week for me to get in the right frame of mind. Not with my diet — but working out and running. And, I am not exactly sure why?

I just feel semi-stuck in a funk?

I think part of that is the culmination of my second round of Whole30. It’s kinda like finishing a marathon you’ve been training for, for weeks. You get to the finish line, given the medal and you’re left feeling like — “sooooo, what’s next?” It’s that kind of “funk” feeling. Nothing major. I just need some of my mojo back.

But, like I said — the diet is fine. I did a good run in this past week and a couple of weight training sessions — two workout sessions less than I’d like. It’s probably best I didn’t do another long run because of my two half marathons this weekend. But, I know I can do better and luckily Monday is a new week. So, I am not too worried.

Anyways — I still feel great. I really seeing how my body is getting slimmer, I was able to put on some XL shirts this past week that I wasn’t able to wear earlier this year. If that’s not motivating I don’t know what is?

Earlier this week I blogged about my Whole30 experience and my Round 2 numbers from this past round. Make sure to check them out. But, everything’s going good. I just need to get back mentally a bit and finish the last 23 or so days off strong. I want to hit the 230s by my birthday.

I think I found that motivation.

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It’s been a fun week. It’s been a busy week. It’s been a very rewarding week. First off, the switch in my diet is paying off and I have found some MUCH needed energy. That’s been the hardest thing for me the past couple years. Broken thyroids don’t lend themselves to giving out much energy.

But, this week — I’ve felt a tremendous difference in my energy levels. But, I am not going to talk about that here. Scroll down in my weekly numbers and I’ll come more in depth. I just needed to mention it here, because it’s something I’ve been PRAYING for, for years.

One reason I have also felt very energetic as of late probably has a lot to do with Spring and the switch of the clock. This time of the year has always been my favorite — especially after months of dark, cold, stupid winter. Spring is a renewal of all things — and quite honestly — I get more excited for my projects now than at the start of the year. This feels like the start of the year to me.

And, I guess, historically speaking — April was the start of the new year on many calendars. So, there’s something there in how I am feeling.

This past week I’ve had some great advances in a few projects I am working on. As might know, since November I’ve been involved with Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) — I joined a grassroots movement in Bountiful and have been involved since.

But, one project that Jorge and I — along with a few others — have kept fairly quite about. But, we have started a race series called RACE (Runners Against Child Exploitation) — I won’t bore you with the details here. But, scroll down a bit more for more information and our social media links. I’m WAY stoked about this project — because this is a cause that I am extremely passionate about.

Anyways — as you can tell — I am very excited about many things right now. I haven’t even mentioned that it’s Easter weekend … and … that I have a race tomorrow. I am running the Eggs Legs 5K in North Salt Lake with Elsha. Won’t lie … I’m also excited to run with Elsha! But, then again … who isn’t?

Happy Easter! Happy Spring! Happy Friday! Actually — Happy Good Friday! Happy Running! And, why not .. Happy Life!



Pod Bash took a bit of a sabbatical last week after the passing of Chunga’s father. My deepest sympathies to Chunga, Spinari and their family. Losing a family member sucks — and it’s a bittersweet time. And, after a week off — Chunga is excited to be back at work and so are we!

This episode of AWPY? talks about disaster movies. No, not disastrous movies. But, movies about disasters. You know, like — 2012, Day After Tomorrow, Dante’s Peak, Twister, etc., etc. Spencer and I are going to occasionally review these movies and tell you what things you should and should not be doing from their (good/bad) examples.

It should be a fun project. Give it a listen here …


This past week, the producers of The Abolitionists held a special screening of the movie at the Megaplex Legacy Crossing Theatres in Centerville for the volunteers, donors and families of those involved with the grassroots causes in Kaysville and Bountiful last year.

This was the first time I’ve seen the movie. Sure, I’ve seen the trailer and a bunch of content from the movie — just not the full movie. Until, now. And, it’s changed my life.

I didn’t know exactly what to think or feel about going into the movie? So, I just kind of let myself be unguarded and open to what I saw and felt. And, it got me — numerous times. Numerous times.

The ugliness of human trafficking — especially that of child sex trafficking — is beyond description. It’s an ugliness that’s not just seen with the eyes, but felt with the heart. It’s ugly. It’s powerful. And, it’s real.

We believe the notion that slavery ended with Abraham Lincoln — but, sadly that is not true. He might have helped end institutionalized slavery within our country — but, it hasn’t ended. In fact, there are over 27 million enslaved people worldwide! And, of those 27 million — two million are children. And, a number of those are sex slaves.

Basically, there are more slaves NOW in the world today than at any time of our history. Even when institutionalized slavery was the law here in the U.S. Just think about that?

Can you start seeing why I am involved with organizations like The Abolitionists, OUR, Fight The New Drug and UCAP? This is a fight not just to save children from slavery, but this about rescuing them and persecuting their captors.

If you want to see The Abolitionist it will be hitting theaters here in Utah on May 16th. Stay tuned into my Facebook and the blog for more information. And, if you are interested in getting involved please .. and, I mean please … contact me.


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As mentioned above my friend (and I guess business partner, but more friend than anything) Jorge and I have started a non-profit called Runners Against Child Exploitation (RACE). There are many reasons for this — namely, because we’ve been touched by the missions of OUR and The Abolitionist and have known for quite a while that we NEEDED to do more.

Being heavily involved in the running community we wanted to combine our two passions and the creation of RACE is our way doing that.

So what exactly are we doing? What are we about?

Well, I’ll give you a 10-second answer to that — because, we’ll be adding a few things in the near future that I can’t announce quite yet.

First off, we’re going to be organizing a number of local and statewide races — mainly 5K and 10K races under the banner of RACE. These races will benefit organizations like OUR and other organizations both local, national and international that are dedicated to eliminating child exploitation worldwide.

We are shooting for our inaugural RACE 5K/10K in July or August of this summer. Odds are it will be in the Salt Lake City area. Again, more details will be made available later. So hold tight.

We have been working closely with OUR and a number of other local organizations on launching the RACE series. And, both Jorge and I have been BEYOND anxious to get things going. And, after watching The Abolitionist on Wednesday night — that anxiousness elevated itself.

That anxiousness isn’t from the eagerness to just start a project or do what we’ve been planning for months. It’s an anxiousness to save kids — to save their lives, grant them their freedom and to change the world. I can’t think of bigger social ill plaguing our society than human trafficking — specifically child sex trafficking. 

It’s time that we stand up and erase this ugliness from our society once and for all. It’s time to say NO more!

If you’re interested in joining our cause — you can join us right now on our Instagram account. We’ll be launching a website shortly — so please stay tuned. 


Funny, I found a mermaid in the bathtub tonight. #mermaidcallie

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Not cool, Mother Nature. Not cool. #ihatethesnow

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The kid just busted his diet. I tried to warn him, but to no avail. #babytrex #pizzaovermilk

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COMMENTARY: It’s been another great week for me. Lost another 1.4lbs — which makes me happy. Especially considering how busy of a week it has been. And, honestly, I could have done more. I wish I got one more run — I missed Tuesday’s workout because of a few projects I had to get done in the evening. Plus, I accidentally slept in — I missed my 5am alarm.

Anyways — I am still going in the right direction and that’s what matters. The garcinia combogia and foresklin have been helping and quite honestly most of my success probably comes from adding that to my diet. They’re not magic pills — but, they help burn fat and suppress my appetite. Which has helped me not crave lots of sugary or sugar loaded foods.

Anyways — I am excited to see what I can do next week! I am hoping for a big number — especially considering that I will have most of my evening frees for a few longer-ish runs. YEAH! 

WEIGHT: 277.4 LBS.
BODY FAT%: 24.5%
BMI: 32.0
WAIST: 45.6″
ARMS: 16.2″


BEGINNING (1/8/16)

WEIGHT: 277.6 LBS.
BODY FAT%: 25.2%
BMI: 33.1
WAIST: 46.4″
ARMS: 16.7″

LAST WEEK (3/18/16)

WEIGHT: 278.8 LBS.
BODY FAT%: 24.8%
BMI: 32.9
WAIST: 45.8″
ARMS: 16.25″

THIS WEEK (3/25/16)

WEIGHT: 277.4 LBS.
BODY FAT%: 24.5%
BMI: 32.2
WAIST: 45.6″
ARMS: 16.2″


BODY FAT%: -0.3%
BMI: -0.7
WAIST: -0.2″
ARMS: 0.05″
THIGHS: 0.0″

Daily Shorts.fw

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A photo posted by Runcast USA™ (@runcastusa) on

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Fight4Phat: Everybody loves a comeback … and nachos. And, maybe even a burrito or two, but mostly comebacks


This has been a week long ride of many emotions — personal mental emotions. It started on Tuesday when I jumped on the scale to see the damage of two weeks of sickness. I have such a love/hate relationship with the scale — like I’ve mentioned many times — it’s an aide in weight loss, not a tell all. But, that’s hard for Phat Josh to convince Fat Josh that’s the case sometimes.

So this past week I’ve been working hard to extricate that mentality and work off what I gained. Not only extricating it, but building it back up — and making it a tool in my fitness journey and not a liability. It’s amazing how mental fitness journeys are.


People put so much emphasis on the work — which is important, don’t get me wrong — but if you’re not mentally focused on that work, what’s the point? You’re either not going to stick to it long term … or you are going to hate life. And, it’s usually both.

I’ve put myself in a good place this week. I’m focusing on the things that I can do — and letting the things I can’t control pass. Namely, my thyroid and testosterone — I’ll get answers, eventually. But, I am not going to put other things on hold waiting for a solutions. I’ve got to be a very active part in that solution.

But, I am just excited I am past my illness — that was seriously a drag. I am not coughing or dying anymore — and it’s a relief. I am going to have gain back some (a lot) of my stamina, but it’s a work in progress I have to just take step by step.

I am excited about this weekend — I have a Bugout Run tomorrow. I am not running it — I am actually helping facilitate it. So I am actually going to get my training run (4 miles) in tonight. Unfortunately that’ll be on the treadmill, but fortunately — not much longer.

I am also going to be reviewing my first nacho place tomorrow as well. I am going to Milagros in Orem. Yum, yum, yum. Remember if you want to go with me on one of my nacho adventures you can reserve and pick a spot here.

Besides that I’ve got a couple birthday parties, a podcast to record and, obviously, some fun to be had.

Here’s to a fun weekend! HAPPY RUNNING! 


Josh is joined by Physical Therapist, Dr. Matt Hansen — his brother — and owner of the “Freedom2Move” fitness videos.

The Hansen brothers talk about the seven most common running injuries from Runner’s Knee to stress fractures … and everything in between.

If you are wanting a healthy and injury free 2016 … you DON’T want to miss this episode!


I feel so gangsta … if I was 80 and drank prune juice by the six pack. #gangstaparadise #time4anap

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SLEEVE UP WEATHER!!! #braceyourselfspringiscoming

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There’s no sibling rivalry here … none whatsoever. Miss Koko LOVES being a big sister! #butreallyshedoes #toddlermoment

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I’m fascinated by Joshua Trees, not just because it bears my name, but because it’s very metaphorical of life. The roots of the Joshua Tree are very short and in order for it to take root in the desert ground around it — it must endure the adversity of the unforgiving desert wind through its adolescence. Through the adversity of the wind it helps strengthen the shallow roots so that it can grow into the large mature tree that we’re all familiar with. Much is like our lives. It’s through adversity and opposition that we grow. If we do not take root during this adversity — we cannot grow stronger. We should also not shirk from adversity because we will not grow to our full potential. Oh and the other reason I love the Joshua Tree … U2 of course. #joshuatree #metaphor

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Um, looks like #utahweather forgot to take its’ meds. #crazyweather #comebacksunshine

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COMMENTARY: I won’t lie — the start of this week was MUCH worst than the end of the week. After being sick and a long weekend — I wasn’t happy with the scale on Tuesday morning. But, I’ve worked hard to get that off and while I am not where I was last week … mentally and physically I am in a much better place.

Mentally, I feel like where I was 3-4 years ago — I know what I need to do, eat and run to get where I want to be. It’s a slightly obsessive mentality — but a healthy one. I’m basically zoned in and focused on my goals.

This is a fight … and I am excited to see my numbers come this time next week!

WEIGHT: 281.8 LBS.
BODY FAT%: 25.1%
BMI: 33.1
WAIST: 46″
ARMS: 16.25″


BEGINNING (1/8/16)

WEIGHT: 277.6 LBS.
BODY FAT%: 25.2%
BMI: 33.1
WAIST: 46.4″
ARMS: 16.7″

LAST WEEK (2/12/16)

WEIGHT: 278.9 LBS.
BODY FAT%: 25.2%
BMI: 33.2
WAIST: 46″
ARMS: 16.4″

THIS WEEK (2/19/16)

WEIGHT: 281.8 LBS.
BODY FAT%: 25.1%
BMI: 33.1
WAIST: 46″
ARMS: 16.25″


BODY FAT%: 0.0%
BMI: -0.1
WAIST: 0.0″
ARMS: -0.15″
THIGHS: 0.0″

Daily Shorts.fw

  • I love running for so many reasons … many, many, many … reasons. But, one overall theme that I love the most about the sport is the conquering of once perceived limitations. This is one reason why I am an ultra marathoner and training now for a 50 miler in October. But, I also LOVE see these triumphs in other runners — and friends. My dear friend Jill reminisced the other day about her marathon in 2014 — which I ran with her — and it brought back so many memories. I love this video from the finish line.
  • I found this little diddy on MentalFloss this past week about Utah … I am sure they could find more than 25 UNUSUAL facts about the state. Heck, all you have to do is look down in Provo. #ohsnap #yeahiwentthere #totallyusedhashtagsinablogpost
  • Sure I am on a diet — but, that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy LOOKING at awesome food like these Macaroni & Cheese Sliders, right?
  • This is interesting … who’s responsible for knowing the course at a race? The runner or race itself? I haven’t had a lot of issues with getting lost — maybe once or twice (nothing major) — but, personally, I pay for a closed safe course (for my road races) and it is the responsibility of the race director to mark and staff it for my safety and to make sure I get what I paid for.
  • Oh man, this brings me back to my childhood — I LOVED Ecto Cooler. As tempted as I am to buy some upon its’ return — 41 grams of sugar — is a bit too much to swallow. YIKES! Ok, maybe ONE can … after a long run or workout where I can actually justify it.
  • Speaking of sugar overload — check this out from Starbucks.
  • While we’re on the subject of Netflix releases — the new Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday trailer was released this past week. That’s being released only on Netflix on March 18th. Don’t worry, I’ve already marked my calendar for that.
  • Man, I am finding all of the emotional stories this week — running is awesome, but running for a purpose brings a depth to the sport that is hard to describe or understand unless you do it yourself. This story of a husband who ran — AND WON — The National Marathon to Beat Breast Cancer — is very touching. I hate cancer … hate, hate, hate it. And, it’s races and people like these that will help end this ugly disease.
  • This is almost as bad as that stupid homemade Twinkie maker I saw a couple years ago. If I want a spoon — I’m grabbing a spoon — I don’t have time to make one. Though I wouldn’t have to do dishes after I eat — hmmmmmm. Still, stupid.
  • Posts like these make me feel much, much, much less awkward. Though I totally am pretty awkward.
  • This is basically my thoughts and feelings about hills as well. Spot on.
  • What the what? I can’t even begin to explain this .. funny though. After a long run I always get the munchies … I wonder what his are like?




2015 in Review …


I was watching some self video on YouTube and it asked to summarize my past year in one word. And, I won’t lie — I am having a hard time picking just one.

I can think of many one words that have described my year — inspiring — frustrating — thyroid — testosterone — running — running — running — friends — family — running — burritos — opportunity — growth … and the list could go on and on.

But, what one word could describe my 2015?

I can’t even decide.

Luckily for me (and you the reader) I am a blogger and this is my blog — so I don’t have to be subject to just one word. Because, seriously, I can’t summarize it in one word, so I decided to highlight just a few of my favorite memories — and life moments — here on the blog

Enjoy …



Probably not the best way to start out 2015 — but I ran my first race of 2015 with the flu. I didn’t think much of it during the run, it just felt like a normal cold. But, once I got home after the run I got the chills and started fevering — I had to cancel my planned race later that weekend.


But, at least I can say I’m a hardcore runner, right?




My Grandma Kaye — my hero, inspiration and biggest fan — passed away on February 11th. She had a quick illness that she just couldn’t rebound from. For someone who was healthier than healthy it was a shock.

She was the strength and glue of the family. She was the first one to volunteer to help — whether it was with simply a card or dinner. Even at age 88 she was always on the go doing good for others.

Personally, she and I had a close relationship. We always found humor in everything and a way to fix today’s troubled world. She always looked forward to reading my birthday and Christmas cards because the messages always came from the heart. She always encouraged me to keep writing — even on her death bed. Her last words to me were — “you better keep writing — or I’ll beat you up!”

A promise I made her — and plan to keep.



The week following my Grandma’s passing I joined the Gabicas on a family trip to Las Vegas. But, before hand Jill and I swept the Dogtown Half Marathon course in southern Utah. A memory I’ll always hold of us getting lost during the last mile.

While in Vegas we met up with our friends the Copelands and, my Vegas Girlfriend, Angie Smith. We did the Strip — ate at Hash House of Go Go — and of course visited the M&M World. It was a fun trip and getaway. Much needed!


This picture will ALWAYS crack me up. This was the final few yards of the race and we were lost and we definitely LOOK it! Hilarious.

In October 2014 Jill and I did a half marathon that was 6.5 miles UP hill and then 6.5 back down. It was an epic run. One that made up start planning for more epic runs in the future — including the Antelope Island Buffalo Run 25K in March. The race was Jill’s first trail run and my third — we didn’t have a goal other than just finish.

This run was the inspiration for me to finally tackle my first ultra marathon in November (scroll down for that).



My friend Josh Twelves — we’ve been friends for over a decade since going to SLC together — ran our first half marathon together. We ran the inaugural Lagoon Half Marathon and we had a blast. We were joined by our friends Tim and Chanda and pretty much had a party.

We’re planning on running a number of races in 2016 together including the DesNews Half Marathon and more.



My family gets involved in many interesting things — whether it’s ghost hunts, UFOs, card shops or what have you. This past year we started PrepperCon — an emergency preparedness convention — here in Salt Lake.

But, it shouldn’t really surprise anyone that our family started PrepperCon — emergency preparedness has been something we’ve always been involved in. Ever since I was a kid helping my Mom can our grapes, peaches and apricots it’s always been “who we are” — down to food storage and emergency plans.

Plus, PrepperCon isn’t like your typical preparedness fair — it’s a mixture of that, but with a dynamic infusion of a Comic Con. It’s a lot of fun — we had over 12,000 attendees in 2015 and look for even more in 2016.

PrepperCon will be returning again to the South Towne Expo Center on April 15-16, 2016.




After some 70 years — okay just 7 — Ben and Kelli finally got hitched. We were all kinda worried until the last minute that Ben would get cold feet. But, alas, he went through with it.

The marriage left just Luke and I unmarried — and come next June — just me. Hopefully that will change in 2016.

But, I couldn’t be happier for my brother and Kelli — she’s been a part of the family for many years, it’s just nice to finally make that officially official.



It’s been a difficult year with health issues for me. My thyroid and testosterone have had a hard time regulating itself and my running and weight have been kinda all over the spectrum.

But, there’s nothing like a summer downhill race to kind of cure the mounting frustration. I ran the Drop 13 Big Cottonwood Half Marathon in just under 2:37 — not a personal record, but for the year … my best.

I am looking forward to 2016 to getting back to where I want I want to be and hopefully going for a PR in the fall.



Bugout Challenge Logo

About eight months after coming up with the idea — my friend Jorge and I — start The Bugout Run. The concept of the Bugout Run is simple — it’s an event where participants can test their first aid kits, bugout bags and other emergency preparedness skills in a simulated scenario.

Our events are free and we do at least one event per month. Our goal is to get more people thinking and acting in their preparedness.


On the fourth anniversary of my first half marathon I ran my 100th race (over 13.1 miles) at the same race in my hometown of Bountiful. Instead of going solo like I did back in 2011. I was joined by my friends Tim and Elsha on my milestone race. There’s no other better friends I’d want to share in on this adventure.

At the end of the race I was greeted at the finish line by my family, countless friends and a 100 banana salute. Yes, a 100 banana salute. The gesture was beyond appreciated and very much a surprise.

The race was a celebration of my journey and quite the contrast compared to my first race — when I ran in alone. Running has definitely changed my life.


In July along with friends Jorge and Jim we launched a new podcast — The Runcast USA — on the PodBash Network. You can listen to our past episodes on iTunes as well. We’ll be back up live with regular shows in starting in January.



Since I’ve met my friend Elsha last year — she’s inspired me in many, many ways. She might be small in stature, but she’s got the biggest heart I know. Each Christmas she sells cards she designs for donations that go to African charities and she will do anything for anyone — it’s just her nature.

This past August — we decided to team up during our birthday month and do a fundraiser to raise money for two new racing strollers. We then donated them to two friends that needed them the most.

I am looking forward to doing something similar again next August with her.



This past year I have had two friends fight breast cancer — while normally — like I did with my mother’s cancer diagnosis I’d shave my hair alongside them. But, I always shave my head. It’s not much of a sacrifice for me.

So I decided to go in reverse and grow out my hair instead. I decided to go at least six months — if not longer — in support of my friends ‘Dith and Amy. I’d like to have it long enough to donate to somewhere like Locks of Love, but we’ll see — that might take me longer.



In addition to vowing not to cut my hair for six months — I also bought a pink bra that I sported at the Timp Half in honor of my friend ‘Dith. I surprised her at the starting line with my new purchase — it was a great moment.

And, the funny thing is — I haven’t ran a race since without it. Since I’ve starting wearing it — I’ve had no problems with bloody nipples.



My only marathon of the year — but one of my favorites. I swept the Big Cottonwood course alongside friend Ramie. And, we had a blast. I love the marathon distance, but it’s tough. Well, it’s meant to be tough.

But, what was worse than running 26.2 miles — was trying to go horseback riding afterwards. Yeah, that didn’t happen.



My friend Jill is my hero. She does some pretty epic sh*t — it’s pretty much her nature. That’s why I think we’re such great friends.

So at 26 weeks pregnant Jill and I ran the Sandy Fire Station Half Marathon together. We knew we were going to be slow so we started early — and even though we finished last, it was a memorable race.

This was also a triumph for Jill after having two previous difficult pregnancies. She gave birth to her son Henry in December and though he’s had some difficulties the example his mother set is nothing short of legendary and something to be proud of.

Nothing stops Jill. Nothing.



At the end of September the family got away for a week to Disneyland — and by family, I mean the shebang. It was the first family vacation with everyone involved in a number of years. Nearly over five years.

Besides going to Disneyland we also spent time with extended family and attended a taping of The Price is Right. Nobody from our family got on, but Drew Carey talked to my Mom and we were seated exactly behind Contestant’s Row. Our episode runs on January 13th, 2016 — so set your DVRs!

It was a fun getaway — especially for my parents who got to spend time with the grandkids. A very memorable and fun trip for everyone.



With mounting frustrations with my thyroid, testosterone and weight — I’ve been going to doctor after doctor, searching for an answer. I have gained between 35-50lbs — depends on the day — the past year. And, it’s not like I am staying at home eating cheeseburgers and Coke. I watch what I eat, exercise and run regularly.

But, no results.

The tipping point came in October when my doctor looked at me and without asking questions — assumed — I didn’t know how to eat or exercise. He simply told me to join Weight Watchers to help me learn how to eat and diet. Um, wrong answer — especially considering you never asked what I was doing.

I’ve gotten to the point where I am done searching for answers from doctors and finding the solutions myself. If he only dared asked me first — he might have had a returning patient.



God puts certain people in your path — some by design and some by accident. But, the more I grow older, the more I believe the latter. Nothing is by accident.

I swept The Haunted Half course in Salt Lake and met someone that truly inspired me. JessicaSue was running her first half marathon and had gone through a lot to get to that point — a lot. She had many reasons to keep running that as well — for her husband, children and more importantly … herself.

As I ran beside her and listened to her story — I was in awe of her determination and sense of what she was doing. She helped me put my feelings and trials into perspective — and made me more than determined to keep going despite my current circumstances.



When I started my running journey over six years ago — I had NO aspirations to run a marathon, let alone an ultra marathon. None. Zelch. Nada.

Yet, this past November — I did what I once thought I could or would ever do — an ultra marathon. I ran the Antelope Island 50K (33+ miles) alongside a couple awesome friends. It definitely was the hardest thing I had done — yet one of the most rewarding.

It took me the full ten hours to complete, but I did it! And, in a year where my health and running frustrated me to no end. Further proof that if you put your mind to something — your body will follow.



There are certain causes and things that come into one’s life that just kind of rearrange everything. And, usually it’s unexpectedly. Out of left field. Yet — you know it’s not. You know it’s where and what you were suppose to be doing all along.

Getting involved in Operation Underground Railroad — aka — O.U.R. has shifted and changed my perspective on a number things — including my running going into 2016.

But, my whole family got involved in the O.U.R. fundraiser held in Bountiful in December. We helped sell merchandise, gather donation, put together the program and I even helped put together a video of our month long fundraising efforts.

As of right now our efforts helped raise over $100,000 for O.U.R. — enough to fund four missions to save children from sex slavery.



My little brother Free got engaged this past month to his girlfriend Julie. He popped the question at This Is The Place Heritage Park here in SLC during the Candlelight Christmas. They’re planning on getting hitched in June 2016 — we’re excited to be growing in size.

But, now that he’s engaged all eyes are on me. But, what can I say … “the last’s the best of all the gang!” Congratulations Luke & Julie!


This past year — like I have the past couple of years — I’ve kept track of my mileage. This includes my miles ran, walked and raced. I do this kinda of being of my underlining OCD tendencies, but also because it’s a good way to track the miles on my shoes and knees.

Total Mileage Breakdown for 2015

Race Miles — 485.9 miles
Training Miles — 259.5 miles
Walking Miles — 553.05 miles
TOTAL MILES — 1298.45 miles

January — 78.8 miles
February — 72.85 miles
March — 115.3 miles
April — 76.3 miles
May — 97.4 miles
June — 131.15 miles
July — 101.65 miles
August — 110.2 miles
September — 115.69 miles
October — 164.7 miles
November — 148.95 miles
December — 91.45 miles



As you might have noticed — my blog has changed some as of late. I am no longer using the Running180 URL. I am back to my old blog URL of PhatJosh.com. This was a decision I made a while ago, I was going to switch at the start of 2016, but it was just easier to switch when I did.

So please make sure to change your bookmarks from the old to new (or new old) URL. I’d love for you to join in on my 2016 adventures.

Please also make sure to keep in touch with me — I am on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I am probably more on Facebook and Instagram, but I like to pretend that I am an active tweeter (I still don’t get it).

Look forward to a few changes on my blog as well — I am going to blog a bit more during the week and include more of my weight-loss journey, health struggles and everyday life. Well, everything except for my work life — I just don’t go there.

Plus, I have enough to blog about with my running, health, workouts, family and shenanigans. But, 2016 is shaping up to be an amazing year — it’s going to be fun, difficult and rewarding and I can’t wait to tackle it all.

I hope you have all had a wonderful 2015 and that your 2016 looks brighter and more rewarding than any year past.

Let’s all make 2016 the best one yet!




The 2015 Joshby Awards – Friends Nominees


What started eight years ago as a fun way to acknowledge family and close friends in my life, the Joshby Awards have kind of blossomed into something entirely different. Well on a different scope and focus.

It still continues to acknowledge those close to me, but it’s also an opportunity to celebrate the other people I’ve befriended over social media and my blog — and then of course running.

In fact there’s a whole different segment of Joshby Awards just dedicated to my running experience during the year. That includes my favorite races, race organizations, local runners and the like.

Really, The Joshby Awards are not to be taken entirely too serious. They’re just a fun way for me to celebrate the past year. If I could I would give everyone a Joshby Award, because I really am thankful for everyone in my life.

But, what fun is that if everyone gets an award? The Joshby Awards don’t give out “Participant Trophies” — it’s pretty much against the award’s founding charter.

Anyways — since I am celebrating friends, family and my running family, the week will look somewhat like this —

TODAY – Friend Nominees
WEDNESDAY – Family Winners
THURSDAY – Friend and Running Winners

If you haven’t voted yet for the running category — you can do so here. This year those winners will be up to my friends and the running community. So make sure to vote early and often — like a good politician.

While you’re voting for the running category, please make sure to check out the nominees for the friend categories. As noted above — these winners will be announced on Thursday.

Also, make sure to checkout the Joshby Awards Facebook page throughout the week for additional Joshby Awards — who knows — you could win one!


This Joshby is given to the one friend from the 2015 calendar year that had the biggest impact on Joshua’s year. This is the highest honor one can receive in the yearly Joshby Awards.

The 2015 nominees are —

  • Jorge Garcia
  • Jill Gabica
  • Timothy Gill
  • Dave Stewart
  • Brad Newsome


This Joshby is given to the one male friend from the 2015 calendar year that had the biggest impact on Joshua’s year.

The 2015 nominees are —

  • Brad Newsome
  • Timothy Gill
  • Jordan Jay Thomas
  • Luke Freedom Hansen
  • Josh Twelves


This Joshby is given to the one female friend from the 2015 calendar year that had the biggest impact on Joshua’s year.

The 2015 nominees are —

  • Jill Gabica
  • Shaylee Hurst
  • Dulci Kennedy
  • Ashley Horrocks
  • Emily-Anne Willey


This Joshby is given to a friend who’s friendship began or flourished during the 2015 calendar year that had the biggest impact on Joshua’s year.

The 2015 nominees are —

  • Tricia Paxton Warnock
  • Jason Henry
  • Robert Merkley
  • JessicaSue Hicks
  • Stephanie Stevenson


This Joshby is given to one friend from the 2015 calendar year that was the biggest inspiration to Joshua.

The 2015 nominees are —

  • Timothy Gill
  • Jill Gabica
  • Curtis Beckstrom
  • Elsha Stockseth
  • JessicaSue Hicks


This Joshby is given to the couple — married or dating — from the 2015 calendar year that had the biggest impact on Joshua’s year.

The 2015 nominees are —

  • Jason & Tammy Henry
  • Mark & Jill Gabica
  • Carl & Kate Webb
  • Scott & Jessica Stallings
  • Jorge & Holly Garcia


This Joshby is given to one male friend for the 2015 calendar year that is an example of exemplar fatherhood to Joshua.

The 2015 nominees are —

  • Jesse Holt
  • Jon McNaughtan
  • Jorge Garcia
  • Ryan Copeland
  • Vince Massa


This Joshby is given to one male friend for the 2015 calendar year that is an example of exemplar motherhood to Joshua.

The 2015 nominees are —

  • Lola Copeland
  • Jill Gabica
  • Jessica Stallings
  • Shaylee Hurst
  • Becca Wood


This Joshby is given to one kid of a friend for the 2015 calendar year that is an example of exemplar kidhood to Joshua.

The 2015 nominees are —

  • Landon Hurst
  • Maya Hansen
  • Ethan Copeland
  • Addison Gabica
  • Fran Wood


This Joshby is given to one baby of a friend for the 2015 calendar year that is an example of exemplar babyhood to Joshua.

The 2015 nominees are —

  • Henry Gabica
  • Sienna Lloyd
  • Divina Stallings


This Joshby is given to mother for the 2015 calendar year that is an example of exemplar pregnancy and birthing to Joshua.

The 2015 nominees are —

  • Jill Gabica
  • Megan Spiva Lloyd
  • Liz McNaughtan
  • Kiersten Holt
  • Jenny Minson


This Joshby is given to the one friend from the 2015 calendar year that had the biggest impact on Joshua’s year on Facebook.

The 2015 nominees are —

  • Timothy Gill
  • Shaylee Hurst
  • Jill Gabica
  • Carl J. Webb
  • Tricia Paxton Warnock


This Joshby is given to the one friend from the 2015 calendar year that had the biggest impact on Joshua’s year on Instagram.

The 2015 nominees are —

  • Becca J. Wood
  • Catherine Farnsworth
  • Meridith Ethington
  • Holly Garcia
  • Brooke Russell


This Joshby is given to the funniest friend from the 2015 calendar year that was the biggest impact to Joshua’s year.

The 2015 nominees are —

  • Carl J. Webb
  • Scott Seal
  • Timothy Gill
  • Emily-Grace Holmgren
  • David Britt


This Joshby is given to the one gay friend from the 2015 calendar year that was the biggest impact to Joshua’s year.

The 2015 nominees are —

  • Dennis Effing Busch
  • Kyle Mantas
  • Isaac Holyoak


This Joshby is given to the one McNaughtan from the 2015 calendar year that was the biggest impact to Joshua’s year.

The 2015 nominees are —

  • Jon McNaughtan
  • Liz McNaughtan
  • Luke McNaughtan
  • Shad McNaughtan
  • Micah McNaughtan
  • Joshua Snow McNaughtan


This Joshby is given to the one running friend from the 2015 calendar year that was the biggest impact to Joshua’s year.

The 2015 nominees are —

  • Jill Gabica
  • Jorge Garcia
  • Shaylee Hurst
  • Susette Fisher
  • Cevan Skinner


This Joshby is given to the friend from the 2015 calendar year that was spent the most time with Joshua at Walmart during the year.

The 2015 nominees are —

  • Brad Newsome
  • Dave Stewart
  • Luke Freedom Hansen


This Joshby is given to the one friend who lives outside the state of Utah from the 2015 calendar year that was the biggest impact to Joshua’s year.

The 2015 nominees are —

  • Angie Smith
  • Emily-Grace Holmgren
  • Chelsea Dorn
  • Steve Kelly
  • David Britt