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KETO UPDATE: Two Months In

It’s hard to believe that I am two months into this thing. This past month has gone by quite fast to be honest. My weight loss has slowed down which was kind of expected. But, overall I am close to losing 30lbs — which was my overall goal for the whole three months.

So, though I only lost about 5-6lbs., I am still ahead of my projections — and I am losing inches at the same time. So I am still progressing — which I need to remember. The number on the scale is just part of the equation on the affect this diet has had on my health.

I am still tweaking my thyroid medication, but I feel a difference following a keto diet. Especially the past couple of weeks since I switched my thyroid medication dosage. So I am very optimistic.

Looking forward to the next month, I’d like to lose more than just 6lbs. I feel like I can do more — I’d really love to see 10-15lbs. if my body is up to it. I mean, it’s not like there isn’t fat there to lose. I would love to be close to 240-245 by next month.

Besides just keeping doing what I am doing — I think there’s a few other things I can do to get there. Beside watching my macros closer, I really should watch my dairy intake a bit more. Being lactose intolerant is probably not helping me much. Almond milk and alternative cheese should be more prevalent in my diet.


But, I won’t lie, cheese is a much more enjoyable fat to add to meals compared to olive oil. But, yeah, I need to slowly breakup with it.

I also need add a bit more intensity to my runs. I am working with my coach, not to necessarily make me faster, but to work on my endurance for my 100 mile run in February. But, if I can up my intensity a bit during my week day runs, I know I can burn some more fat along the way.

The changes aren’t huge, but little tweaks that can hopefully help me break through this plateau. And, I can’t let myself be too overwhelmed with the non-progress on the scale, because I am progressing. I just have to remember that.

But, here’s to the last month — and to 240!

Let’s get to work!

START: 282.2 lbs. (8/16/17)
CURRENT: 252.8 lbs (10/16/17)
OVERALL LOST: -29.4 lbs.

MONTH #1 START: 282.2 lbs.
MONTH #1 LOST: -23.8 lbs.

MONTH #2 START: 258.4 lbs.
MONTH #2 LOST: -5.6 lbs.

MONTH #3 START: 252.8 lbs.
MONTH #3 LOST: 0.0 lbs.

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Experiencing the “Keto Krash” …

Remember how, when I started this diet, I said that I didn’t know what I was doing? Yeaaaaaah — last Saturday — I had NO idea what I was doing. While running the Run Elevated Half Marathon down Little Cottonwood here in Salt Lake, I totally crashed.

Not the kind of crash where you fall down scrape your knees and whatnot, but physically, mentally and emotionally — CRASHED. It took me almost over a half hour to finish the last miles. It was bad.

But, luckily for you, I am alive and able to blog about my experience. Not to mention to share a few things I learned from my experience, that I will be doing differently this weekend at the Nebo Half.

So let’s start off by identifying what I did wrong …

  • I didn’t fuel properly for this phase of my diet. I focused on drinking electrolytes the night before and morning of the race, but that wasn’t enough. I mainly fueled with fats and protein.
  • I don’t think I ate enough food in the morning — I ate some turkey and cheese, some hardboiled eggs, dill pickles and couple slices of pork I cooked the night before. That seems like quite a bit of food, but it wasn’t and I felt that fairly early in my race.
  • I ate two hardboiled eggs a half hour before gun time. This didn’t settle well on my stomach and gave me some unpleasant gas. I felt sorry for the downwinders. It was a bad decision all around for me.
  • I didn’t properly refuel with electrolytes during the race. I started taking sips of Gatorade, but to avoid the extra sugar I focused on hydrating with more water. It’s no wonder I crashed at Mile 11 with this game plan.
  • And, lastly, I didn’t research enough of what I should have done for the half having just started this diet.

Here’s what I probably should have done …

  • I should have slightly spiked my carbs before the race — like a half banana, half an orange or some kind of carb-filled fruit. Nothing processed, but a whole food.
  • I should have run with my applesauce packets I am accustomed to running with lately. Each packet has about 13 grams of carbs and if I sipped this throughout the run it would have helped me a lot in the middle of the run.
  • I should have packed my own Powerade Zero to drink throughout the run. If I was so worried about the sugar — there’s an easy solution to that problem.
  • I should have read and researched more — and not been so stubborn in not allowing myself to eat a few extra carbs right before and during the run.

And, finally, here’s what I am planning on doing differently this weekend during the Nebo Half …

  • I am going to read more about what I should doing to avoid a crash during a run while on a keto diet. That’s a must. I need to avoid that as my #1 goal for this weekend’s race.
  • I am going to eat a half banana about 10-15 minutes before the race — just to give myself the jump of energy.
  • I am going to run with two applesauce packets. I am going to sip from one as long as I need to, keeping the second as a backup plan.
  • I am going to bring my own Powerade Zero — either on my waste or on a hydration pack. I haven’t decided yet — I kinda hate both — so it might be a game time decision which one I go with. But, it might be the backpack, belts make me feel weird.
  • I am not going to eat hardboiled eggs before my run, but I will load up some peanut butter, meat and cheese the morning of the race. I need more calories — lots more. But, not too much where it’ll make me sick.

I think these are good assessments and good directives. I’d like to say that I don’t need the half banana or applesauce, but I feel like right now I do. Plus, it’s unprocessed and not too carb loaded. I hope to ween myself off it completely within the next month.

But, we’ll see?

I just need to listen to my body and take the cues it’s giving me so I don’t have a repeat of Saturday. That’s not going to happen again.

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Day #1: Hashimoto’s 33 Elimination Diet

Well, it’s been a whole day without eating a banana. I won’t lie — I’m a little sad. But, I survived.

As noted last week, I am doing an elimination diet of sorts for my Hashimoto’s Disease. It’s not straight from a doctor, specialist or dietitian. It’s a system I came up with myself.

The foods on the list are all from Hashimoto’s Disease plans. I based it off a number of diet plans I read online. I then cross-referenced those lists with the elimination diet my sister and Mom are doing for their Hashimoto’s and made my own elimination diet.

One thing that annoys me about specific diet plans is the plethora of specific foods one should and shouldn’t eat. To me it makes the food lists rather overwhelming. Not to mention the grocery list — longer.

The 33 Diet is created to simplify the diet. I make a list of 33 food items and stick to those foods for 33 days. It sounds rather limiting, but when you combine it with fruits, veggies, meats, oils and seasonings — you’re also creating a list of ingredients for a number of other dishes.

My 33 Diet list is specific to my needs on this elimination diet. But, after a month I am going to swap out some foods with bananas and probably eggs to see how my body reacts to them. If they agree with me — they’ll probably stay on the list.

Going gluten and dairy free can be expensive — and by focusing on 33 food items I am narrowing down my grocery list. There’s really no need to stand in the aisles reading every label when you know exactly what’s on that list.

Plus, this challenges me to cook more — and be creative with it as well.

Sure, it will be a challenge, but I am up for it.

And, as the graph in this post says — this diet can be applied to any diet need or restriction. This is a guinea pig run for it, but I’ll for sure keep you posted as carry along the next 33 days or so.

But, I’m still alive — so that’s a good start, right?

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Post-Whole30: Paleo 80/20

It’s been over a week since I ended my three-month Whole30 journey. I was hoping to jump right into the next stage, but I put that on pause while I was fighting a cold. It seemed a bit foolish to start it 100% when I was sucking on Gatorade, cough drops and chicken soup. Not really what I was planning with my post-Whole30 regime.

Don’t worry, I didn’t go completely off the wagon this past week. I obviously had a free day on my birthday — cake included. And, for the most part I stuck to my Whole30 regime this past week. I had to force my liquids with this stupid cold. Especially during Saturday’s run down Big Cottonwood Canyon. Something in retrospect I probably shouldn’t have done.


Needless to say, I wasn’t following the Whole30 strict regime. I added some whole grains and lentils back in my diet along with trace amounts of cheese. And, I did have a post-run Slurpee on Saturday. All of these are BIG no nos for the Whole30 program. But, I kept away from the candy and most refined sugars — I just don’t want to go back there, at all.

But, in moving forward from the Whole30 regime — I am planning on following a lot of the same rules … with some adaptation. In looking over the Whole30 program and what’s worked for me in the past, I came up with a program that I am going to try for the next month. Again, I was going to start this August 16th, but due to my cold I decided to start when I was at least 85% better.

Which today seems like a good day to start. Actually, any day is a good day — except for Mondays. I don’t start diets on Monday. It’s too cliche. I didn’t start my fitness journey on a Monday — it was actually a Thursday. So why wait, right? But, that’s a post for another day.

So the plan for the next month is fairly simple. I’m sticking to the Whole30 diet with a 80/20 mentality. While working on the diet plans — I called the diet Whole24/6, but really it’s just following an 80/20 paleo diet — if you want to get technical. So, I guess we’ll call this the Paleo 80/20 diet?

Regardless of what you call it, here are the basic rules …

1) Follow the basic rules Whole30 for 80% of my meals throughout the week (this breaks down to 32 meals throughout one week).
2) Get eight “exception meals” throughout the week (that’s 20% of my weekly meals)
3) Refrain from gluten and dairy throughout the program — including exception meals (during Whole30 I discovered these are triggers to my thyroid).
4) Run three times a week.
5) Do weight-training 2-3 times a week.
6) Weigh-in every 30 days.

The rules are fairly basic and straightforward. And, that’s by design. That’s one thing about the Whole30 that I loved and appreciated. It’s not easy, but it’s simple to follow.

The only “complicated” feature of my program is the “exception meal.” And, it’s something that I’ve been grappling with for the past few weeks. Mainly, what constitutes an “exception meal” and how do you regulate that?

So I came up with with a fairly simple point system. Each week (beginning on Monday) I am given eight points, which represent the right free meals I get each week. I get to use these points however I choose throughout the week.

Now each point equals one exception to the Whole30 program. Meaning — anything on that no eat list is one exception. So this would be dairy, cheese, gluten, bread, pasta, smoothies, beans, processed food, refined sugar, added sugar, honey, sweetener, etc., etc., etc. You know the rules.

So this means — if I want something that has beans in it … that’s one point. If I want to add cheese to that dish that’s another exception point. So that meal constitutes two exception points. Now, this doesn’t mean I can eat as many beans or cheese in that dish as I want. Each exception point is ONE serving that exception. So if I want more cheese — that’s another exception point I would have to use.

Now, if I want to use those exception points daily I could do that or I could save it up for a bigger meal during the week. But, it will take planning. If I want nachos — I gotta plan for that. Especially if that means I sacrifice exception meals during the week. The decision is up to me.

See how the exception points are somewhat complicated — yet easy?

The goal with the exception points is to keep me honest, accountable and cognisant with what I am eating. As much as I loved and succeeded with Whole30, I don’t feel like it’s a long term solution. There has to be variance, there has to be wiggle room.

I’ve read a number of studies and reports that show an 80/20 approach to dieting and health makes for better long term success. And, from my experience I agree. This system I believe will give me that approach with great accountability. I respond well these approaches to my health.

This is for everyone? Of course not. Does it make a paleo based diet easier? I would hope so. I see a lot of value in following a paleo based diet. You can’t beat real food. As delicious as a big ‘ol fatty burger with fries is, nothing beats following a habitual diet of real food. Not only do you appreciate those burger and fries more, but often than not — you really don’t crave them as much either.

I can’t tell you how much I love my daily doses of fresh fruit — bananas, grapes and apples — along with veggie-filled omelets or salads. That’s the food I crave. I am not looking to replace those with this system. But, at the same time, I want to be able to enjoy the occasional Slurpee without feeling like I’ve busted the diet to kingdom come either.

There’s a balance to all of this and I am excited to see how my body reacts to this all. I guess you could say I am my own guinea pig to this program? No better person to do that than myself, right?

So here goes nothing!

NOTE: I will continue to check in every Friday of my progress. But, I won’t be weighing in next until September 23rd (30 days from now). We’ll see how this goes!



One perk of working at the University of Utah is that they have a number of professional development and fitness classes that they offer for fairly cheap. I’ve been working here full-time now for four years and, sadly, haven’t taken advantage of any of these classes — until now.

With the start of the semester this week, I decided to change that. Since it’s been hard for me to get to my gym before or after work (last class is at 6pm) because of the bus schedule, I decided to workout here on campus. Well, I should say — I signed up for a class here on campus.

I enrolled in a strength training class that goes from 5:25pm to 6:30pm on Monday and Wednesday nights. Which gives me enough time to catch the last bus of the day at 7pm. Not a bad deal.

I had a couple of options for classes, but I chose to go with strength training, mainly because — that’s probably my biggest need fitness wise right now. I’ve been doing circuit training with lighter weights, but I need to lift heavier. My body not only needs it, but it craves it. My arms are a bit squishy and rival those of half of my ward’s Relief Society. Yeah, I went there.

Anyways — the class starts tonight and runs until the first week of December. Depending on how this all goes I want to continue to do this, because each fitness class is only $50 a semester. Not bad at all.

So as of right now my workout schedule for the week looks something like this …

MON. — Strength Training
TUES. — AM Circuit Training / PM Tempo/Recovery Run
WED. — Strength Training
THURS. — AM Circuit Training / PM Tempo Run
FRI. — Rest Day
SAT. — Long Run: Training or Race

Not a bad schedule. I am excited to see the results each month and during on the last day of class. Suns out, guns out — right?


129 - Run Elevated Half Marathon 130 - Revel Big Cottonwood Marathon 131 - huntsville marathon 132 - st george marathon 133 - park city red rock relay 134 - pony express trail 50 135 - haunted half provo 136- snow canyon half marathon 137 - thankful 13 138 - resolution run

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Whole 30 … COMPLETE!

I’m going to have to keep this brief, because today is a busy day — along with a busy weekend. My brother is getting married today so that’s taking my full focus and energy. But, today also marks my last day of the Whole 30 program — and I MUST share my results.

I LOST 17.8LBS! The most significant loss I’ve had in — well — years. And, something that I’ve been struggling to achieve the past couple of years.

I’ve been DYING not being able to step on the scale to see my progress — because I’ve felt and seen a change. I have more energy, more stamina, I feel happier, etc., etc., etc., etc. It’s been a fast 30 days to be honest with you.

Plus, it hasn’t been as tough as I thought it would be. The key is in planning out your menu, finding out what works for you and then kinda sticking to it. I’m a pretty routine person, so I ate pretty much the same thing every day. I would mix it up sometimes, but I am such a creature of habit that mixing it up pretty meant I ate eggs in the evening compared to the morning.

I am going to stick with the program — well, I should say, I am doing another 30 days starting on Monday. I am going to be doing it with my sister and Mom. They wanted to start it after the wedding, so it will be good to have some support. Now, with that said, it doesn’t mean I am going off the wagon until Monday — I am still sticking to the diet.

Well, pretty much sticking to it — no dairy or anything overly sugary (basically no candy). But, with Ragnar this weekend I am not going to be too worried about carbs or gluten. I’m bringing sweet potatoes, bananas and other fruit and veggies — but, if we stop at a sandwich place like Subway I’m not going to have a problem eating (just sans cheese, sauces or mayo).

Anyways — I want to keep the momentum going. I want to be in a good spot physically by September and my marathons, especially by October for my 50 miler. The more weight I shed and healthier I am — the better. Plus, the better prepared I will be to make 2017 a fast, fast year on the road/trails.

My assessment about Whole30 — it’s not hard. It seems extreme, but really you’re just eating whole foods. You’re eating non-processed foods. It’s really nothing too different than what our grandparents — and definitely our great-grandparents ate. It’s not simply a diet, but a reclamation project of sorts — of your health, diet and body.

I am not sure how long I will stick with the Whole30 diet — I’m taking 30 days at a time and that’s what I’ll probably end up doing. I may eventually adapt it some by adding in some of my Isagenix products I love. Especially my morning shake. But, we’ll see. I feel like I am in a good place physically, mentally and emotionally and I want to build on that.

But, the focus right now is family — and I am sure I will blog more about this next week. Hangout on my Instagram and Facebook page for wedding and Ragnar updates. I’ll post more come Monday.


WEIGHT: 281.2 LBS.
BODY FAT%: 25.2%
BMI: 31.4
WAIST: 45.0″
ARMS: 16″


WEIGHT: 263.4 LBS.
BODY FAT%: 22.9%
BMI: 29.3
WAIST: 41.8″
ARMS: 15.25″
THIGHS: 26.25″


WEIGHT: – 17.8 LBS.
BODY FAT%: – 2.3%
BMI: – 2.1
WAIST: – 3.2″
ARMS: – 0.75″
THIGHS: – 0.75″

122 - ragnar wb.fw

RAGNAAAAAAAAAAR! As I mentioned above I am running Ragnar this weekend — well tomorrow and Saturday. I’m pretty excited (as I always am to run Ragnar). I am in van #2 as runner 11 — so I have about 16.3 miles among my three legs. The longest being my night run of 9.7 miles. Not sure I am too excited about that one?

Anyways — I’ve packed a bunch of sweet potatoes, apples, bananas and other fruits and veggies to munch along the way. Much different than years past when my contribution was usually Swedish Fish and M&M’s. Ooooooh, M&M’s … that’s been the hardest thing to give up on Whole30, I won’t lie.

I’ll have a complete review of my race on Monday along with each leg. It should be fun — I’m running with some fun peeps. Plus, I have a megaphone I bought for the occasion. Megaphones are always fun, especially when you’re passing runners in the car.

I have a feeling I might be kicked off my team?


HAPPY RUNNING! Who else is running Ragnar? When do you start? What’s your team name? What’s your longest run? What’s your favorite color? In a fight against Superman and Batman who would win?

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Hump Day Happenings — The Abolitionists, Knee Surgery Update & Whole30 Diet.

I have an ‘exclamation complex.’ If it was update to me every sentence I write would end like this!!!! But, over the years through my vast communication education and blogging I’ve learned how annoying the exclamation point can be to the reader.

No, I don’t write like a 14 year old girl with bundles of excitement and energy after every word. But, man on man — sometimes — I just want to let those exclamation points rip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Excuse the odd rant — I started thinking about my complex I was writing the title of this post. I really wanted to lay on the exclamation points, but I restrained myself (and used a period instead). Mostly, because I wasn’t THAT excited and I secretly hated myself for wanting to do so.

Okay, seriously, the rant is over — if you’re still with me, congratulations! (that exclamation point was warranted)


I’m done.


Lots going on this week — and have gone on this week. Namely, three things of main focus right now (if you haven’t read the title of this post already the next three things will be a surprise to you) — 1) Hosted a viewing of The Abolitionists last night, 2) My Dad is recovering from knee surgery and 3) I started the Whole30 Diet today.

Here, let me compartmentalize the three for you …


Last night — Jorge and I — hosted (along with RACE) a showing of The Abolitionists at Jordan Commons here in SLC. Just a few thoughts about the evening — I was OVERWHELMED with the support. It was so great seeing many old and new faces in the theater. This is a cause near and dear to my heart and it’s great seeing others impacted by it as well.

This was also my second time seeing the documentary — and it was just as difficult as the first. Probably worse. There were many times I wanted to simply get up and leave, because I knew what was coming up. I knew what was next. And, emotionally — I didn’t want to go through that again.

But, it hit me pretty hard while sitting in the theater watching it — those kids can’t simply walk away when it gets hard. Quite the opposite. Plus, my discomfort and uneasiness PALES in comparison to the hell these children have gone through.

I also dedicating my miles that I am running this weekend at the Ogden Half to the pedometer of #run2m that RACE has set forth. We are pledging to run two million miles for these kids — and we’ll get there! We’ll be posting more information about that a bit later this week.

But, if you haven’t seen the movie yet — DO SO! The Larry H. Miller Group has donated theaters from Friday to Friday (May 20-27) for its’ viewing. The proceeds from the ticket sales go to The Abolitionists and OUR in their fight against child sex slavery.

Plus, the more we PACK the theaters here — the more theaters nationwide and internationally will pick up the movie. Human trafficking is a worldwide issue — even here in the US and little ‘ol Utah. So please — grab your family, friends, co-workers … whoever! And, go see the movie this weekend or next week. It’s important that we get this message out!


Yesterday my Dad has his last knee surgery — well, hopefully his last — since he had to have his knee replacement replaced back in January. After that surgery he had to spend a couple of months a rehab center before allowed to go home.

He got the go ahead for the surgery last week and the doctor was optimistic that everything would be good for a quicker recovery. He wouldn’t need a rehab center stay nor a week long stay in the hospital post-surgery.

In fact he thought he could have done the surgery much earlier — which is good. My parents just waited mainly because they thought the recovery period would be about the same — so they wanted to wait until after my brother’s wedding in June.

Luckily — they didn’t need to wait longer.

My Dad will be coming home on Friday — and while there are many difficult (and painful) days ahead for him with recovery — it won’t be as bad as his last surgery. All of the permanent parts are in and hopefully within time — he’ll be able to walk more pain free and without the aid of his walker.

But, thank you so much for all the prayers, thoughts and well wishes — they’ve meant a lot to him and our family. I know he’s just eager for a sense of normalcy to return to his every day life — and it will.


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So, I’ve been talking some this past week about the Whole30 Diet I am undertaking. Well, today is day one. And, so far — I am still alive. No big cravings — I am a bit more thirsty which is good. But, I also had quite a bit of sodium yesterday.

Either way, I am just excited about doing this — I am hoping it helps me pin-point food triggers that are slowing down my thyroid and metabolism. I don’t think I have a gluten intolerance — but, I know I have a lactose intolerance. So that won’t be a problem giving up.

Well, okay, I lied — it will. I’ll miss ice cream. I had a last milkshake yesterday in preparation for the diet — partly a farewell to dairy and sugar and partly as a fat load. I’ve found when I change my diet — if I eat more than usual more fat the day before I don’t encounter the hunger pains as bad the first couple of days.

I usually do that with guacamole or other more natural fats — but, I treated myself to some ice cream because of the specs of this diet plan. It was perfect too — an In n’ Out neapolitan shake.

Anyways — I’m still reading up on the diet. I know most of the ‘nos,’ but I am working now on the ‘shoulds.’ I am glad that I am doing this alongside my sister — we’re both eager to right our thyroids and lose some weight as well.

If you want to keep up to date with my Whole 30 diet plan — I am posting most of my food, exercise and thoughts over on my Fight4Phat Instagram page. I’ll post some here and some on my PhatJosh Facebook page as well. Oh, and I am keeping a daily journal I’ll share after the 30 days are up.

But, so far, so good — my morning Postum was a little hard to get down sans Splenda, sugar, dairy or creamer — but, I can do this, because I am doing this!

119 - Ogden Half

Another focus of mine this week is the Ogden Half Marathon. I am excited for this race for a number of reasons —

  1. It’s a race!
  2. I love the Ogden Marathon.
  3. The forecast calls for ONLY a 20% chance of rain (it’s Ogden — there’s a 100% chance it will rain).
  4. I am aiming to build on my 2:55 finish from Provo City.
  5. I am running with Jill!

Seriously, this is one of my favorite races. I’ve done the race five times — once the marathon, the other four the half. It’s well organized, beautiful and just a fun energy from the crowd of runners. I’ve planned other races in the past on Ogden Marathon weekend — but, more often than not — I find myself in Ogden running.

I can’t complain about that, right?

Anyways — the focus is to build on my Provo City time, but also to fuel myself on my Whole30 diet. I’ve been reading online for tips — and mainly — eat lots of bananas, sweet potatoes and no-sugar added applesauce. I can definitely get behind bananas.

I just want to make sure I have the energy to at least beat my Provo City time — I already told Jill that’s our goal — so now it’s just a matter of doing it, right?


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#FitnessFriday: Changing things up a tad

After having a couple weeks off of blogging — I thought of ways to improve the blog. Fix it up a bit here and there. You might notice some cosmetic changes — including some of my running pictures on one of the side panels.

But, I also wanted to improve the posts — instead of focusing on a couple long posts a week, I want to focus on sharing something daily. Albeit, short. But, then occasionally have the loooong post. This means, I am cutting my Friday posts some and distributing that over the week.

I am still going to do my Daily Shorts, but as you might have notice I did that on Wednesday. I am not sticking that on Wednesday it might move around week by week. I also want to start writing more general running content — instead of solely based on my journey. I used to do that, but have gotten out of the habit.

So, yeah, expect some of those changes and maybe more. But, in all, I am just grateful you’re reading my little blog. It amazes me at how many people read my posts and listen to my podcast. Especially since I can’t stand the way I sound over the air — but, I’m sure everyone feels that way about themselves?

One thing that I am trying to streamline some is my blog with my podcast, Runcast USA, and Addict II Athlete (AIIA) on PodBash. These are released every other alternating Friday. And, the goal that Coach Blu and I have is to make Friday all about fitness. Hence the #FitnessFriday hashtag and title on this post.

I am excited because we’re turning one our Runcast USA episodes a month into a music heavy podcast. We’ve heard many of our listeners download both the Runcast USA and AIIA episodes and listen to them while running (or working out). So, why not give our listeners a little music, eh?

I am excited about those changes and the emphasis of #FitnessFriday. So, I am bringing that over to my blog as well. I’ll share the podcasts (as seen below) and emphasize fitness, my weight-loss goals and numbers and whatever I feel worth sharing.

Anyways — welcome to #FitnessFriday! I hope you like the changes!


I look forward to the Addict II Athlete podcasts — unbeknownst to most — I actually get to listen to them before they’re released on Podbash. I secretly love this, because I love the stories of these athletes. You don’t have to have an “addiction” to benefit or understand the struggles, triumphs and victories of these athletes.

This podcast featuring Heath really drives home that point. Plus, it helps point out ways we display addictive behavior throughout our daily life. Anyways — this is a great episode!

Give it a listen …

Race photographers always get my best angle mid-race. #race118 #provocityhalf #running

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Alright Pizza Cat let’s go do this. I promise you if we go run tonight, you’ll get pizza this weekend. #runningis4fools

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I live here. I run here. I love it here. #sunset

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I haven’t reported my weight here on the blog for a couple weeks — due to the “user error.” But, since I was going until my half marathon training for the Provo City Half was done — I guess this is the end?

Not much has changed worth reporting. Overall — I lost like 1.5lbs. with lots of yo-yo’ing. I won’t lie — it’s kinda deflating. But, I also know I worked hard for those 1.5lbs. But, convincing myself that it matters seems like I’m fooling myself.

Am I disappointed? Yes. Am I defeated? No. Just like a marathon, I feel like I am at Mile 20 and have hit this wall that’s been nearly impenetrable. But, if I’ve learned anything from my running — it’s when you hit that wall, you just keep going. You find a way.

So, that’s my mentality.

Plus, I have a couple more doctor appointments coming up dealing with my thyroid and testosterone in early June. The doctor I am going to had quite the wait for new patients — which I guess is a good sign? I feel optimistic about it.

But, my focus is still holding myself accountable for my health — and not solely trusting a pill. I know I need the pill and medication, but the less I rely on it the better in my opinion. So a lot of that will be done through not just exercise — but, diet.

So starting within the next week or so my sister and I are starting the Whole 30 Diet. We both have thyroid issues and weight we want to lose. Plus, doing it together will help us stay accountable and I am at my best when I am held accountable.

I will probably be writing more that later next week. I am still reading up on it myself, but I am excited to start something new and continue fighting through the wall.

276.8 LBS.
BODY FAT%: 24.5%
BMI: 31.4
WAIST: 45.0″
ARMS: 16″

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