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Life is about choices.

Where we are now is a sum of the choices we have made during our lifetime. The good, the bad, the stupid and even the mundane. But, they’ve been our choices — decided upon for various reasons.

I’ve learned over the years that choices aren’t easily classified. Sure there are good and bad choices, but I also like to look at the easy and difficult as well. But, life is defined these choices we make. Some on a daily basis, others when the necessity arises.

But, ultimately, the choice of direction, selection and action is in our hands — no one else’s hands. When you grasp that reality — it’s life changing. You literally are the master of your own fate.

Eight years ago today — I made a choice.

I made a choice to live — to wake up. I made the decision to be actor in the story of my life and no longer a background extra. Yet — it wasn’t this grand choice I made heralded by trumpet carrying angels and light of inspiration. I didn’t just want a change in my life, I needed one.

Today, eight years ago, I didn’t know where to start. I just knew I needed to start somewhere. I was tired of false starts and redos, so I embraced my imperfection. I didn’t fully see the end from the beginning and it took a lot of faith for me to take those initial steps — but, I took those steps.

I chose to wake up and be present. I chose to be optimistic and to find the best in others — especially myself. I chose to be the author of my story — a story with infinite possibilities of new chapters. No one else was going to write my story.

With these new choices, did change come overnight? No. Far from it. But, it began the process where I had the faith in myself to make better choices in my habits, health, diet, exercise and overall life.

I started my focus on my weight, because that was the easiest thing to tackle first. It was the most obvious needed change from a physical and emotional point of view. Weighing over 400lbs. impacts you in many areas of your life.

When I started having success with the scale, I soon realized that the joy I experienced was fleeting. As great as I felt physically — that did little for the person that I was inside. I knew that I also needed to eventually work on him as well.

And, that was a fight I delayed for as long as I could. But, I knew that when I made the choice to live a better life — that this would eventually have to happen. So, I focused on me — emotionally, socially and spiritually.

This was the hardest part of my journey. It’s not easy looking inward. That’s why dealing with the outward was so much easier. But, I started addressing things in my life that I had neglected.

The change was hard. Especially when you realized the pain you had to go through in order to get to the joy, peace and calm you wanted. But, as difficult as that realization can be, it can also be a driving force behind the daily choices you make.

My change and transformation inward wasn’t overnight and in many instances — is a change that is still ongoing. But, I feel when I made the choice to be a runner, that transformation was expedited.

I found that desired joy, peace and calmness much faster and often. I found a confidence in myself that went unrealized for over 30 years. And, I found a community of likewise people that could relate with me on many levels — physical, spiritual, emotional and social.

I felt at home.

The choices I’ve made as a runner are many, but the root of it all lays in the decision to make my ambitious goal of running 180 races over 13.1 miles before age 40. I made this goal at age 30 shortly after I ran my first half marathon. I made it because I wanted running to be a part of who I was and to see where it would take me.

And, like many journeys — I never quite expected the journey to go as it has up to now. By the end of the day, today, I will have finished my 169th race, that leaves me with just 11 races to my goal — that’s three years earlier than expected.

The early attainment of that goal has a lot to do with how running has changed my life. I have embraced the love of the unknown adventure — and each race has been an adventure. Whether it’s been a new distance, pursuit of a new goal or a race met with a “que sera, sera” attitude due to unforeseen circumstances.

Many of these adventures have led me to some of my most cherished friendships. Along with adventures that are too numerous to count and moments that will never be forgotten.

Whether it was running a half marathon in blue jeans in support of my Mom’s battle with cancer, running alongside Jill for her first marathon or running with wingless angels during the last five miles of my first 50 miler — those memories will never be forgotten, along with many, many others. I wish I could list them all here.

I don’t just feel lucky, I feel blessed, for the many people in my life. They’ve made my affair with running the life changing journey it has been in my life. And, I thank God for them all.

Often when I find myself pondering about this journey and the places I’ve been and people I’ve met — I go back to the beginning to that moment, when I made the simple choice. A choice to wake up and live. Who would have expected that choice to lead me to now? Eight years ago … not me.

But, here I am.

And, the great thing about my journey, is that you can take a similar journey too.

The choice is yours.

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After a long weekend, today is a much needed Monday

My Dad was admitted into the hospital last night, a few days ahead of his scheduled knee replacement of his knee…

Posted by Joshua O. Snow Hansen on Saturday, January 9, 2016

It’s not every day I look forward to a Monday, but after this past weekend — it’s been a much needed reprieve after a long weekend. As noted above, my Dad was admitted to the hospital on Friday night to start an IV and get on antibiotics before having knee replacement surgery tomorrow.

Within the past week or so, he somehow got a staph infection that got into his knee. To contain the infection from the other knee and his bloodstream his doctor ordered him to the hospital.

My Mom spent the weekend at his side — day and night. Except for a few trips home for a shower, baby shower and rest, she’s pretty much been with him. Something she’s done with her parents, sister and my Grandma regardless of convenience. It’s just my Mom’s nature.

We don’t know the severity of the infection — we’re still waiting. It doesn’t look like it has spread, but we won’t know more until later today. We’re just praying it doesn’t get into his bloodstream.

The hardest part of all of this is that he’ll need to have a full knee replacement on the knee he had replaced two years ago. We were hoping they’d have to just replace some of the parts — but, it will be a full knee replacement.

And, if the infection spread to the other knee — odds are he’d have to that knee replaced as well. Not fun.

As always, when faced with these kind of situations we don’t have to look further than the faith of parents for reassurance that whatever the future holds — it will all be ok. Of course this is easier said than done.

But, when my Mom went through her cancer treatments, surgeries, etc. — it was her faith that no matter the outcome — in the end, everything would be okay. Because our lives are ultimately in God’s hands.

And, I have that same feeling now with my Dad’s health.

He should be having knee replacement surgery tomorrow — if all goes the way it is suppose to happen with the IV and antibiotics. We should know a bit more later today — hopefully.

Besides dealing with the uncertainties of my Dad’s health — I was also still battling my cold/sinus infection this past weekend as well. The past 3-4 nights I haven’t slept much at all at night, because I’ve been up coughing up a lung. Which took me away from a long run on Saturday and church yesterday.

Not fun.

Not fun.

Not fun.

I did however sleep a bit better last night — so I am hopeful the worst has past me by. I really want to run as needed tomorrow and Thursday according to my training plan. Then of course on Saturday as well — luckily, I’m only running six miles according to the plan.

I just want to be consistent with the training and it’s hard to be when you’re sick or coughing up a lung. But, I think — THINK — I have turned the corner.

Just keeping my fingers crossed.

I am actually quite excited it’s Monday — I feel refreshed, renewed and hopeful that it will be a good week with my training and my Dad’s health.

But, like anything in life — I am taking it one step at a time.


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Daily Shorts.fw

  • Tonight is the College Football Playoff Championship game against Clemson and Alabama — and as with probably all America outside of Alabama, I’m rooting for Clemson. While they’re not an “underdog” — I always will root for the team that hasn’t won yet or in years. Should be a good game.
  • Um, there’s a new Pee-Wee Herman movie coming out this year? In my book this pretty much equates with Star Wars!
  • Isn’t this romantic? But, at the same time I have a feeling that’s how I am going to meet my future wife.
  • I love football — it’s pretty dully noted. I am probably more of a college football fan, but I absolutely love the NFL playoffs. It doesn’t even matter if the Niners, Chargers or Cowboys are in it — I love it. And, I love rooting for the underdog regardless of the game. But, man oh man did I feel bad for Blair Walsh yesterday after he shanked a chip shot field goal at the end of the end game — giving the Seahawks a 10-9 win. But, that’s playoff football for you. Gut-wrenching.
  • Speaking of gut-wrenching — this makes me sick. Excess celebration — after a game? What the what? I am glad the refs were suspended.
  • I love these kind of articles from people who have lost a lot of weight — for as much as they lost, a lot of their solutions are fairly simple.
  • I saw this video floating around Facebook, but I had to share it here as well, because I love it that much. For all the crap that goes on in the world today — it’s nice being reminded that humanity isn’t all that bad.
  • I don’t know how I feel about this? I mean — doughnut burger? So many conflicting thoughts. One of these days though I do want to use my free meal on a doughnut burger — the only requirement would have to be that it better be a DANG good one.
  • Professional Farter? That’s actually a real thing? I find this both extremely funny — and somewhat gross.
  • In a way — I am treating 2016 as a “comeback” more than a year of weight-loss or getting back on track. Because really that’s what it’s about — I found this gem from Running Times spot on and quite inspiring.

Wishing you and yours all a very Merry Christmas

I am going to keep my message simple, because I don’t think anything I add can make or break your Christmas. But, I want to sincerely wish you and yours a happy, healthy and memorable Christmas.

I am grateful for many things in my life — but it’s the people in it that have made all the difference. Ever since I started sharing my weight-loss and running journey through my blog — some five years ago — I could have never imagined my life today.

The people I have met, ran with and befriended have enriched my life immensely. I have been able to not just befriend once strangers, but to experience life with many — joys and sorrows.

As a gift to you all, I share my favorite scene from my favorite Christmas show — Mr. Kruger’s Christmas (starring Jimmy. If there is any movie that intimately portrays what Christmas means to me — this movie does — specifically this scene.

So please have a safe and very Merry Christmas — make memories, make amends and let the love of the Savior bless not just your season, but your lives.

Bless you all. And, thank you for being a friend (sorry I just couldn’t resist).