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Keeping it all in the family …

I’ve been slowly getting a hang of this Hashimoto’s “thing” as of late. Transitioning into the new diet has been a work in progress. My doctor gave me a list of foods I should avoid and eat after my diagnosis. A good chunk of that list was avoiding gluten and dairy products.

And, I won’t lie — that’s been the hardest part. Actually, not so much gluten — because there are some pretty good gluten-free options these days. But, dairy free? Tough, tough, tough. It actually amazes me how many things do contain dairy in them — milk, cheese, butter, etc.

I can live without milk. Butter? Sure, if I have to. But, cheese? Um, yeaaaaah … I swear I’m comprised of like at least a quarter cheese. Living in a family full of Greeks, I grew up with a constant supply of Feta in our fridge. Then there’s my love of nachos and pizza — which consists of cheese. I feel like at times I could give Liz Lemon a run for her money on night cheese.

Needless to say, I love cheese.

I love it.

So when I went hunting for pizza last weekend, I found a gluten-free option WITH vegan cheese. I’d like to say it was good. But, yeah, not a fan. Which totally breaks my heart. Because pizza is my soulmate — and I feel like we’re losing that loving feeling.

But, that’s what I have been trying to focus on the past couple of weeks — just trying out foods that work for my diet and hopefully finding something I like. I was tempted to jump right back into a Whole30 or autoimmune diet, but if I’ve learned anything about dieting in the past — you’ve got to ease yourself into it.

So that’s what I’ve been doing for the past month.

But, this past week my sister and mom were officially diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease as well. They’re going to a specialist that they’re paying a pretty penny for, who’s giving them a specialized diet to follow. It starts with a month long autoimmune reset diet that slowly adds back certain foods. The idea is to reset and then listen to your body and what helps or damages it.

Though I was planning on transitioning into my own autoimmune diet plan I found online — but, out of curiosity and intrigue I am planning on following their diet plan. Granted it’s not specific to me, but it’s pretty basic and easy to follow across the board.

The best way to describe the diet is a mixture of Whole30 — but a bit more strict. It cuts out your gluten, dairy, sugar, grains, a good portion of your high glycemic foods, eggs, nuts and pretty much every processed food you’d be tempted to eat. And, the focus in on whole unprocessed foods — veggies, low glycemic fruit — and even coconut products like coconut butter, yogurt and milk.

It’s legit.

After four weeks of this diet you then slowly add back in foods like eggs, certain fruits, grains and some nuts — basically going into an autoimmune diet plan (one that resembles what I was planning on originally doing). The idea is to figure out what the body is reacting to negatively and to also help correct a leaky gut — something that is apparently correlated with Hashimoto’s?

I’m not a doctor so don’t ask me what that correlation is. When my mom was explaining this, I just smiled and nodded my head like I understood.

Anyways, I could go straight into the autoimmune diet, but I want to try this “reset diet” for a couple reasons. One, it wouldn’t hurt. And, two, I’d like to help support my mom and sister in doing it within them. There’s strength in numbers, right?

I am excited for my sister to be doing this. She’s had difficult struggles with her thyroid over the years — through weight and pregnancies. It’s taken a toll on her and I can see that excitement of hope on her face that there is a solution to these problems she’s had. Something I can totally relate to.

I will blog a bit more about the diet next week. I might post the list of approved and unapproved foods. But, I will also be posting the autoimmune diet plan I am using once I go through these next four weeks.

Just cutting out what I have so far has made a difference to my energy levels as of late. My energy is not all over the place. I don’t have crashes as much as I used to. And, it’s been easier waking up in the morning for me.

But, what excites me about that — is that it will get better in time. Especially as I really zone in on the diet and specific foods. I can’t be any more optimistic about the future and what this year will hold in regards to my health, running and overall self.

The Focus on 2017 …

I love this time of the year. I specifically love the week between Christmas and New Year’s — for a number of reasons. Not only is it a time for slow work flow. But, it’s a time of reflection of the year past — and the year ahead.

Regardless of the year behind me, I always love looking ahead and planning for the year ahead of me. It’s a time of self-reflection, self-inventory and goal setting. It’s a time of optimism and excitement for me.

I just really, really love this time of the year.

So as I reflect on 2016 and look forward to 2017 — a few things come to mind. One, I’m better understanding my health. I’ve got more concrete answers and better defined solutions to help me regain some of athleticism of the past. Knowing now I have Hashimoto’s Disease is a HUGE step in the right direction.

I have felt the past couple of years that as hard as I try — my health problems have pulled me back from where I want to be. I don’t necessarily want to set new PRs or get six pack abs — I just want more stamina in my running, feel faster and be slimmer. I know those aren’t very defined goals, but not having those consistently for the past 2-3 years — I miss those feelings.

But, now knowing how to tackle those issues — I feel extremely optimistic about 2017. I feel like this is the year to get those back. And, I really do feel like this is that year. I look forward to runs down American Fork, Big Cottonwood and Little Cottonwood Canyons with the energy, stamina and speed I want to feel.

That is happening.

Of course this reality will take a lot of effort on my part. A lot of that change will be happening in the kitchen as I cut out the requisite gluten and dairy from my diet to minimize the effects of Hashimoto’s. But, that’s going to also require the effort and focus of my training as well. And, I am ready to accept that.

It’s just going to be really tough.

But, I have three main focuses in 2017 when it comes to my running and health. They are (in no particular order) …

  1. Be within 10-12 races from my 180 race goal at the end of 2017.
  2. Cut out the gluten and dairy from my diet to give my thyroid a fighting chance.
  3. Get that elusive sub-2:30 half marathon time by Revel Big Cottonwood in September.

Now, these aren’t necessarily goals. I do short-term goals year round, but I like to take the time before a new year to refocus or refine those to help meet my long term goals.

My main long-term fitness goal is to get a sub-two half marathon time. I’m not stupid nor unrealistic to think that’s going to happen this year. That’d be nice. But, there’s a few things in my way to achieving that goal.

One, I run too many races. I need to train deliberate and specifically for my goal time. Two, I still need to cut probably 20-30lbs. and strengthen my core to make the feat physically possible for me. And, three, I need to set milestone and smaller goals to get me to that goal time.

Hence those three focuses.

I feel like if I really focus on those three things I could give myself a shot at my sub-two in 2018, especially after I am done with my 180 races in July. A run down Big Cottonwood or Payson Canyon in the fall could render that goal. Or at least a shot at the goal.

Either way — I just need to be smart and deliberate about it all. And, I feel like I am moving in that right direction.


So, what are some of your goals or things you are looking to work on in the upcoming year?

Coming to terms with Hashimoto’s

Hello moto.

Okay, that’s a pretty lame way to open a blog post, but I’ve had that stuck in my head for WEEKS. Not only because of the stupid commercials, because I’m constantly reminded every time I say, type, mention or research Hashimoto’s Disease.

Anyways — if I haven’t told you now then you should know now — I have Hashimoto’s Disease. After a couple years — well, probably more like 2.5 – 3 years — of trying to figure out what was going on with my thyroid. We finally figured it out. It’s Hashimoto’s (okay at this point I think I just like to type it?).

It explains a lot. The unresponsive medication. The weight-gain. The fatigue. The lack of endurance. The lameness of it all. But, when I did three months of Whole30 and followed a paleo diet — a lot of those issues were minimized. Because of the elimination of gluten, dairy and a lot of added sugar.

Hashimoto’s and gluten intolerance go hand in hand — among a couple other issues. And, it just all makes sense right now — looking back at it all.

So, here I am.

And, you know what? It kind of sucks. A lot.

When I was first diagnosed with hypothyroidism all I had to do was pop a pill, do some moderate exercise and watch what I ate to see results. You really can’t do that with Hashimoto’s — it’s a complete lifestyle change. A fairly strict diet on top of the pills and exercise so you can see results.

And, this runs in the family too. My Mom and sister have Hashimoto’s — and I am sure my other sister probably has it or will have it eventually. That’s what you get when you have generations of relatives with thyroid problems — I mean, my great grandma died from thyroid cancer, so it’s something that shouldn’t be taken lightly in our family.

I won’t lie — I am bummed about the news, because I wish it could be as easy as popping a pill with little maintenance needed. But, it isn’t. And, while I know I can live and maintain a paleo diet — it just feel restrictive KNOWING my body can’t or shouldn’t deviate from that.

And, it’s not like I eat crappy 24/7. I’m not eating Big Macs and Ding Dongs every day or every week. And, in fact, I can’t even remember when the last time I had a Big Mac was? So — there’s that. I live by a 80/20 diet — and I am not sure now how that’s going to fit into everything?

If it sounds like I am kind of whining about this all — I guess I am?

It just sucks.

But, I’ve had a couple of weeks to let myself throw a pity party. I’ve been enjoying things I know I’m cutting out of the diet. Namely bread — and dairy. I mean — I love bread — and that’s going to be REALLY hard to let go of. Sure there’s gluten-free bread, but I’ve tried it already and — um — no. There’s no point in me eating a slice of toasted sadness for breakfast every morning. If I’m eating bread — it’s going to have gluten in it.

I’ve been researching and reading up on a lot of studies and diets for people with Hashimoto’s. It’s pretty much a paleo based diet that’s recommended by most. I don’t mind paleo — so it shouldn’t be that tough of adjustment.

But, besides following paleo — there are also certain foods that are recommended for me to eat to aid in the Hashimoto’s. Everything from grapefruit to iodine salt to Vitamin D enriched foods to copious amounts of veggies. You get the picture.

I am going to blog a bit more about all those particulars later. But, the point and focus this week to get everything in line and a regime in order. I’ve already started following a diet — as I slowly eliminate gluten — because I know that’s the hardest thing for me to give up. But, I am giving myself until Saturday to do that.

Slowly, but surely.

Anyways, I’m coming to terms with what this all entails. And, while I might be slightly depressed about it — now I know how to TRULY fuel my body. And, I have no doubt that over time — I’ll get to where I want to be with my fitness and health.

That’s what’s exciting.

That’s what I have to remember.

So no more moping around and feeling bad bout myself. It is what is. So, here it goes …

#Hypothyroidism runs in my family. So that’s why it’s surprising it took me until 2008 to finally get diagnosed. I think part of the problem was my physician didn’t believe me, because … 1) I was just #fat, 2) I was a guy and 3) I was just a fat guy. I mean, she was right there. I was pushing 400lbs when I finally got diagnosed. Hypothyroidism isn’t just a “woman’s problem.” I’m a good case in point. It’s been an issue even since I’ve been on medication. And, that’s what has lead to the discovery I suffer from #HashimotosDisease. A condition that my mom and sister were recently diagnosed with as well. I’m hoping to reverse the affects through my diet. I’ve lost a lot of my running speed the past couple of years — and I’d like that back. I want my energy levels back. I want my mojo back. And, as frustrating as it’s been to see it gone — I know it’s also coming back. I just gotta take it — step by step.

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#FitnessFriday: Changing things up a tad

After having a couple weeks off of blogging — I thought of ways to improve the blog. Fix it up a bit here and there. You might notice some cosmetic changes — including some of my running pictures on one of the side panels.

But, I also wanted to improve the posts — instead of focusing on a couple long posts a week, I want to focus on sharing something daily. Albeit, short. But, then occasionally have the loooong post. This means, I am cutting my Friday posts some and distributing that over the week.

I am still going to do my Daily Shorts, but as you might have notice I did that on Wednesday. I am not sticking that on Wednesday it might move around week by week. I also want to start writing more general running content — instead of solely based on my journey. I used to do that, but have gotten out of the habit.

So, yeah, expect some of those changes and maybe more. But, in all, I am just grateful you’re reading my little blog. It amazes me at how many people read my posts and listen to my podcast. Especially since I can’t stand the way I sound over the air — but, I’m sure everyone feels that way about themselves?

One thing that I am trying to streamline some is my blog with my podcast, Runcast USA, and Addict II Athlete (AIIA) on PodBash. These are released every other alternating Friday. And, the goal that Coach Blu and I have is to make Friday all about fitness. Hence the #FitnessFriday hashtag and title on this post.

I am excited because we’re turning one our Runcast USA episodes a month into a music heavy podcast. We’ve heard many of our listeners download both the Runcast USA and AIIA episodes and listen to them while running (or working out). So, why not give our listeners a little music, eh?

I am excited about those changes and the emphasis of #FitnessFriday. So, I am bringing that over to my blog as well. I’ll share the podcasts (as seen below) and emphasize fitness, my weight-loss goals and numbers and whatever I feel worth sharing.

Anyways — welcome to #FitnessFriday! I hope you like the changes!


I look forward to the Addict II Athlete podcasts — unbeknownst to most — I actually get to listen to them before they’re released on Podbash. I secretly love this, because I love the stories of these athletes. You don’t have to have an “addiction” to benefit or understand the struggles, triumphs and victories of these athletes.

This podcast featuring Heath really drives home that point. Plus, it helps point out ways we display addictive behavior throughout our daily life. Anyways — this is a great episode!

Give it a listen …

Race photographers always get my best angle mid-race. #race118 #provocityhalf #running

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Alright Pizza Cat let’s go do this. I promise you if we go run tonight, you’ll get pizza this weekend. #runningis4fools

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I live here. I run here. I love it here. #sunset

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I haven’t reported my weight here on the blog for a couple weeks — due to the “user error.” But, since I was going until my half marathon training for the Provo City Half was done — I guess this is the end?

Not much has changed worth reporting. Overall — I lost like 1.5lbs. with lots of yo-yo’ing. I won’t lie — it’s kinda deflating. But, I also know I worked hard for those 1.5lbs. But, convincing myself that it matters seems like I’m fooling myself.

Am I disappointed? Yes. Am I defeated? No. Just like a marathon, I feel like I am at Mile 20 and have hit this wall that’s been nearly impenetrable. But, if I’ve learned anything from my running — it’s when you hit that wall, you just keep going. You find a way.

So, that’s my mentality.

Plus, I have a couple more doctor appointments coming up dealing with my thyroid and testosterone in early June. The doctor I am going to had quite the wait for new patients — which I guess is a good sign? I feel optimistic about it.

But, my focus is still holding myself accountable for my health — and not solely trusting a pill. I know I need the pill and medication, but the less I rely on it the better in my opinion. So a lot of that will be done through not just exercise — but, diet.

So starting within the next week or so my sister and I are starting the Whole 30 Diet. We both have thyroid issues and weight we want to lose. Plus, doing it together will help us stay accountable and I am at my best when I am held accountable.

I will probably be writing more that later next week. I am still reading up on it myself, but I am excited to start something new and continue fighting through the wall.

276.8 LBS.
BODY FAT%: 24.5%
BMI: 31.4
WAIST: 45.0″
ARMS: 16″

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Friday Matters: Cranking up the miles, getting prep’d and mourning a loss on my race schedule …


Every year as the calendar and seasons go into spring — I am always reminded how much I love this weather. There’s something wonderfully renewing about Spring that rejuvenates my goals and resolutions better than New Years.

But, for someone who loathes the snow — spring weather — is simply the best. Whether it’s the cool morning weather, spring showers or small glimpses of summer … I love it all (I feel like I just wrote a commercial for Irish Spring soap?).

And, with each passing day — I am getting closer to the race schedule. I am less than a month away from the Provo City Half (May 7) and I feel ready. I’m working the hills of Bountiful to my benefit — basically earning my downhill. It’s just a matter of my stamina and getting the weight off that I want/need.

But, I am looking further than just May 7th. As much as I am preparing myself for Provo City — I have my eye on the goal of the whole racing season — my 50 miler on October. That’s my goal — that’s what all my effort is leading towards — and I’m getting there.

I am trying not to let the frustration of now distract or deter me from the goal of tomorrow. I know, and trust, the process of my training. I have a plan and I am working towards it.

I am extremely excited — I feel like the challenge to prepare myself for this ultra, is not just desired, but needed. I need this challenge. I need this obstacle — especially — the obstacles I’ll encounter from here until the finish line.

The same feeling I had building up to my first marathon is back. I’ve gotten this feeling a couple times since my first marathon some four years ago. It’s a good sign that I am needing and ready for a challenge. A challenge both physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Anyways — I am looking forward to my weekend. Not only is it going to be spent preparing for PrepperCon next Friday and Saturday, but I am looking forward to my therapeutic training run. The weather looks ideal for a long run.

I was wanting to run down a canyon — but, I am going to stay close to home again. I want to get about 9 miles — so I am going to run my Bountiful Temple Loop again. But, this time, I am NOT going UP 400 North. I think I’ve earned the right to down it, right?




So my best friend is getting married in May — initially — it was pitted for May 20th. A Friday — no problem. But, recently, he informed me the date was changed to May 14th — a week earlier. In the normal world this wouldn’t be a problem. But, as runner — yeaaaaaaaah — big problem. I was already registered for the Vigor Big Cottonwood Half Marathon that day.

For most races — this wouldn’t be THAT big of a deal — but, this is one of my favorite races, down one of my favorite canyons. And, the wedding begins at 11am. So there would be no way I could run it, get home, change and then get to the temple.

Well, unless I was an elite runner. Or sub-two half marathoner. But, that’s a post for another day.

There’s no question where my priorities lay — I am going to wedding. I am the best man after all — and we’ve been friends pretty much since we were toddlers.

But, I won’t lie — I am bummed to have to miss out on this race. It really, really, really is one of my favorites. But, it’s not a total loss — I am running the Big Cottonwood Marathon (September 10) and the Drop 13 Big Cottonwood Half Marathon (June 11) … so I’ll get plenty of time with the canyon.

But, still.

I am lucky that I am able to transfer my bib — and I am selling it. Sooooo — if you’re interested in running the Vigor BC Half on May 14th … let me know. I’m interested in getting an Ogden bib — so if you have one or want to buy me one — let’s talk! I might even throw in some wedding cake as part of the trade?

Don’t worry though — I will be back in 2017! And, if I’m the one getting married next May — I’ll protect that date with my life!



Well, to counter the disappointment of having to drop Vigor BC Half — I did register for the St. George Marathon (October 1) on Tuesday! I have a guaranteed entry since I did the Runner Series — so no lottery for me this year.

This will be my third St. George Marathon and 10th life-time marathon. It will also be one of three ultra training races leading up to the Pony 50 (October 21-22). I’ll also be sweeping the Big Cottonwood Marathon (September 10) and running the Huntsville Marathon (September 24).

So — a marathon every other week. That both frightens and excites me a bit. I know I can do it as long as I put my trust in training and being consistent. Luckily, I am sweeping Big Cottonwood — and I am not planning on racing hard at Huntsville. It’s all about getting time on my feet.

St. George is one of my favorite marathons. There’s nothing better than running amongst all the red rocks — it’s heaven to me.



PrepperCon Billboard - 1

PREPPERCOOOOOOOON!!! I’m getting really excited for next week’s PrepperCon. Not just because I have a hand in the weekend, but because it’s really, really fun. AND — this year — it’s going to be much more epic.

Not only will a lot of the same vendors, booths and entertainment be back — but, it will be bigger (we’re taking up two halls, not just one) and more fun. There will be a hurricane simulator there that will let you experience the 100+ mph winds you would encounter in a hurricane.

Trust me, it’s pretty dang cool.

Not only will I be there all weekend long like a chicken with it’s head chopped off — but, I also will be helping to man the Bugout Run booth again. It’s going to be a lot of fun — celebrities, classes, entertainment, etc., etc., etc.

PrepperCon is next Friday and Saturday (April 15-16) at the South Towne Expo Center and you can buy tickets now — here.



This episode Schwendy and I interview Scott Stallings — CEO of PrepperCon (and my brother-in-law). We talk about the convention, what got him into prepping, the stigmas that come with prepping and everything in between.

Basically, get excited for PrepperCon happening next weekend at the South Towne Expo Center (April 15-16)!

Give it a listen here …


Someone is treating my lap like a five-star hotel mattress. #thaliagrace #prouduncle

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During my walk at lunch today I came across this banana. If I didn’t know better … it looks like a trap. #bananatrap

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COMMENTARY: I feel really good about this week’s numbers — I had a couple really good workouts and an awesome run on Tuesday night. I would have liked to get another run yesterday, but had a pretty long 7am-11pm day. Either way, I am going in the right direction.

My current goal right now is to get under 270 by Provo City on May 7 — so basically a month to lose another 7-8lbs (or more). Doable and attainable. I am not sure what to expect next week with PrepperCon — I am going to have to do my long run mid-week since I will be running around Thursday through Saturday. 

I am going to squeeze it in somewhere, but next week won’t be a normal week for me — the goal will be to maintain or lose, not necessarily lose big. But, who knows? If that happens — I’d be surprisingly happy with it.

Anyways — good numbers heading into the weekend! 

WEIGHT: 276.8 LBS.
BODY FAT%: 24.4%
BMI: 31.7
WAIST: 45.4″
ARMS: 16″


BEGINNING (1/8/16)

WEIGHT: 277.6 LBS.
BODY FAT%: 25.2%
BMI: 33.1
WAIST: 46.4″
ARMS: 16.7″

LAST WEEK (4/1/16)

WEIGHT: 279.3 LBS.
BODY FAT%: 24.7%
BMI: 32.0
WAIST: 45.6″
ARMS: 16.2″

THIS WEEK (4/8/16)

WEIGHT: 276.8 LBS.
BODY FAT%: 24.4%
BMI: 31.7
WAIST: 45.4″
ARMS: 16″


WEIGHT: – 2.5 LBS.
BODY FAT%: – 0.3%
BMI: – 0.3
WAIST: – 0.2″
ARMS: -0.2″
THIGHS: 0.0″

Daily Shorts.fw

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It’s been a fun week. It’s been a busy week. It’s been a very rewarding week. First off, the switch in my diet is paying off and I have found some MUCH needed energy. That’s been the hardest thing for me the past couple years. Broken thyroids don’t lend themselves to giving out much energy.

But, this week — I’ve felt a tremendous difference in my energy levels. But, I am not going to talk about that here. Scroll down in my weekly numbers and I’ll come more in depth. I just needed to mention it here, because it’s something I’ve been PRAYING for, for years.

One reason I have also felt very energetic as of late probably has a lot to do with Spring and the switch of the clock. This time of the year has always been my favorite — especially after months of dark, cold, stupid winter. Spring is a renewal of all things — and quite honestly — I get more excited for my projects now than at the start of the year. This feels like the start of the year to me.

And, I guess, historically speaking — April was the start of the new year on many calendars. So, there’s something there in how I am feeling.

This past week I’ve had some great advances in a few projects I am working on. As might know, since November I’ve been involved with Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) — I joined a grassroots movement in Bountiful and have been involved since.

But, one project that Jorge and I — along with a few others — have kept fairly quite about. But, we have started a race series called RACE (Runners Against Child Exploitation) — I won’t bore you with the details here. But, scroll down a bit more for more information and our social media links. I’m WAY stoked about this project — because this is a cause that I am extremely passionate about.

Anyways — as you can tell — I am very excited about many things right now. I haven’t even mentioned that it’s Easter weekend … and … that I have a race tomorrow. I am running the Eggs Legs 5K in North Salt Lake with Elsha. Won’t lie … I’m also excited to run with Elsha! But, then again … who isn’t?

Happy Easter! Happy Spring! Happy Friday! Actually — Happy Good Friday! Happy Running! And, why not .. Happy Life!



Pod Bash took a bit of a sabbatical last week after the passing of Chunga’s father. My deepest sympathies to Chunga, Spinari and their family. Losing a family member sucks — and it’s a bittersweet time. And, after a week off — Chunga is excited to be back at work and so are we!

This episode of AWPY? talks about disaster movies. No, not disastrous movies. But, movies about disasters. You know, like — 2012, Day After Tomorrow, Dante’s Peak, Twister, etc., etc. Spencer and I are going to occasionally review these movies and tell you what things you should and should not be doing from their (good/bad) examples.

It should be a fun project. Give it a listen here …


This past week, the producers of The Abolitionists held a special screening of the movie at the Megaplex Legacy Crossing Theatres in Centerville for the volunteers, donors and families of those involved with the grassroots causes in Kaysville and Bountiful last year.

This was the first time I’ve seen the movie. Sure, I’ve seen the trailer and a bunch of content from the movie — just not the full movie. Until, now. And, it’s changed my life.

I didn’t know exactly what to think or feel about going into the movie? So, I just kind of let myself be unguarded and open to what I saw and felt. And, it got me — numerous times. Numerous times.

The ugliness of human trafficking — especially that of child sex trafficking — is beyond description. It’s an ugliness that’s not just seen with the eyes, but felt with the heart. It’s ugly. It’s powerful. And, it’s real.

We believe the notion that slavery ended with Abraham Lincoln — but, sadly that is not true. He might have helped end institutionalized slavery within our country — but, it hasn’t ended. In fact, there are over 27 million enslaved people worldwide! And, of those 27 million — two million are children. And, a number of those are sex slaves.

Basically, there are more slaves NOW in the world today than at any time of our history. Even when institutionalized slavery was the law here in the U.S. Just think about that?

Can you start seeing why I am involved with organizations like The Abolitionists, OUR, Fight The New Drug and UCAP? This is a fight not just to save children from slavery, but this about rescuing them and persecuting their captors.

If you want to see The Abolitionist it will be hitting theaters here in Utah on May 16th. Stay tuned into my Facebook and the blog for more information. And, if you are interested in getting involved please .. and, I mean please … contact me.


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As mentioned above my friend (and I guess business partner, but more friend than anything) Jorge and I have started a non-profit called Runners Against Child Exploitation (RACE). There are many reasons for this — namely, because we’ve been touched by the missions of OUR and The Abolitionist and have known for quite a while that we NEEDED to do more.

Being heavily involved in the running community we wanted to combine our two passions and the creation of RACE is our way doing that.

So what exactly are we doing? What are we about?

Well, I’ll give you a 10-second answer to that — because, we’ll be adding a few things in the near future that I can’t announce quite yet.

First off, we’re going to be organizing a number of local and statewide races — mainly 5K and 10K races under the banner of RACE. These races will benefit organizations like OUR and other organizations both local, national and international that are dedicated to eliminating child exploitation worldwide.

We are shooting for our inaugural RACE 5K/10K in July or August of this summer. Odds are it will be in the Salt Lake City area. Again, more details will be made available later. So hold tight.

We have been working closely with OUR and a number of other local organizations on launching the RACE series. And, both Jorge and I have been BEYOND anxious to get things going. And, after watching The Abolitionist on Wednesday night — that anxiousness elevated itself.

That anxiousness isn’t from the eagerness to just start a project or do what we’ve been planning for months. It’s an anxiousness to save kids — to save their lives, grant them their freedom and to change the world. I can’t think of bigger social ill plaguing our society than human trafficking — specifically child sex trafficking. 

It’s time that we stand up and erase this ugliness from our society once and for all. It’s time to say NO more!

If you’re interested in joining our cause — you can join us right now on our Instagram account. We’ll be launching a website shortly — so please stay tuned. 


Funny, I found a mermaid in the bathtub tonight. #mermaidcallie

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Not cool, Mother Nature. Not cool. #ihatethesnow

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The kid just busted his diet. I tried to warn him, but to no avail. #babytrex #pizzaovermilk

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COMMENTARY: It’s been another great week for me. Lost another 1.4lbs — which makes me happy. Especially considering how busy of a week it has been. And, honestly, I could have done more. I wish I got one more run — I missed Tuesday’s workout because of a few projects I had to get done in the evening. Plus, I accidentally slept in — I missed my 5am alarm.

Anyways — I am still going in the right direction and that’s what matters. The garcinia combogia and foresklin have been helping and quite honestly most of my success probably comes from adding that to my diet. They’re not magic pills — but, they help burn fat and suppress my appetite. Which has helped me not crave lots of sugary or sugar loaded foods.

Anyways — I am excited to see what I can do next week! I am hoping for a big number — especially considering that I will have most of my evening frees for a few longer-ish runs. YEAH! 

WEIGHT: 277.4 LBS.
BODY FAT%: 24.5%
BMI: 32.0
WAIST: 45.6″
ARMS: 16.2″


BEGINNING (1/8/16)

WEIGHT: 277.6 LBS.
BODY FAT%: 25.2%
BMI: 33.1
WAIST: 46.4″
ARMS: 16.7″

LAST WEEK (3/18/16)

WEIGHT: 278.8 LBS.
BODY FAT%: 24.8%
BMI: 32.9
WAIST: 45.8″
ARMS: 16.25″

THIS WEEK (3/25/16)

WEIGHT: 277.4 LBS.
BODY FAT%: 24.5%
BMI: 32.2
WAIST: 45.6″
ARMS: 16.2″


BODY FAT%: -0.3%
BMI: -0.7
WAIST: -0.2″
ARMS: 0.05″
THIGHS: 0.0″

Daily Shorts.fw

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It’s a ‘Super Phat’ kind of Tuesday


Usually, I do these posts on Mondays — but, I won’t lie. I didn’t have much to share yesterday. Well, I guess I did — but, I just felt like sharing most of my content for today. Especially, since I haven’t done a Phat Tuesday post for a while.

Plus, it was kind of a crazy weekend — a good crazy weekend mind you. My long run ended up being on Friday, because I was gone all day on Saturday at the UCAP (Utah Coalition Against Pornography) conference here in Salt Lake City.

And, I pretty much mean — all day — I left the house at 5:30am and didn’t get home until 5:30pm. So I ended up breaking up my intended six mile run in half on Friday — I did three in the morning and three at night. It worked. It was what I needed. Plus, right now miles are miles — I am not going for a certain pace in my training … yet.

The UCAP conference was really good. My sister invited me — she is a board member — so there was some intrigue there. Plus, it is a topic I am very passionate about — and — it didn’t hurt that Elder Holland was speaking as well.

I think the biggest thing I learned from the conference, was not so much the content from all the classes and presentations, but at how widespread the epidemic is — even here in Utah. And, it’s not just recovering addicts who attended — but, families who want to learn skills on how to talk to their kids about pornography, protect them from pornography and keep themselves guarded against it as well.

Such an interesting conference — gut wrenching too. There were a few people who shared their stories of how they nearly lost everything from their addiction. I am glad that I attended and am planning on it again next year.

Anyways — onto other things — like running and diet and other things …

This week marks a switch of my diet — it’s been six weeks already and I like to switch things up every six weeks. This switch is fairly similar to the past six weeks, but I am refining my food a bit. Especially watching the carbs and sugar even closer.

But, the biggest switch is my protein shakes. I am switching out my usual Syntha-6 protein shakes for Isagenix. No, I am not a distributor again — we have a surplus of it at home so I am buying some from my Mom at cost. I love the product and it really helped me the last time I was on it a couple years ago. I am hoping that will help me balance my thyroid and testosterone once again.

We’ll see.

Food wise — I’m cutting out some fruit as well. Instead of a daily banana every morning, I am pairing that up with my runs — so about 10-15 before I go run. And, the focus is more FRESH vegetables and lean meats — chicken and fish.

Nothing too off from the plan now — just more refined and strict. Which works for me.

Oh, and of course, I am making room for my free meal each week. Again, I only get it if I am 100% on my diet and exercise that week.

So, yeah, that’s changing today.

Anyways, I hope the past weekend has been good and that you’re enjoying daylight savings time as much as I am! I love this time of the year. Love, love, love!

Summer is almost here!


I have been rather shocked at the response of the new Addict II Athlete Podcast that launched this past weekend. Well, actually, I am not. I’ve believed in this podcast from day one and I am excited BEYOND excited to see it get the numbers it has so far.

A lot of that comes from the amazing network of the AIIA athletes — they support each other and I think you’ll notice that more and more as this podcast progresses. Plus, the power of a narrative attracts others — pretty much from every walk of life — and these are some POWERFUL stories.

Please give it a listen and support AIIA’s great mission —


The temple is looking rather temply tonight don’tcha think? #ldstemple

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AMAZING keynote address from Elder Holland this morning at the UCAP Conference. WOW! #ucapconf

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I’m on an escalator with an untied shoe … um, won’t lie — kinda scared. #dontdiejosh

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Sometimes your hot Saturday date is only such, because they’re fevering. #bfffmovienight

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This kid is smiling, not because I’m making him do so … but … because he’s passing gas. #babytrex

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I love these faces. Especially baby newborn drunk faces. #hansenkiddles #babytrex #misssweetcheeks #elijees #kokomo

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45.3 miles


35.5 miles


300.69 miles


381.49 miles



Daily Shorts.fw

  • The PrepperCon commercial was released yesterday — and — well my niece is practically a movie star now. We knew this day would come. But, seriously, not a bad commercial for everyone involved.
  • This is a really awesome read about the Barkley Marathon from RW. A number of years ago a friend of mine actually wrote and recorded a song about the race — listen to it here.
  • Um, yeah, most of these foods sound disgusting! Good thing most of them flopped.
  • The Mormon Tabernacle Choir released this Easter video of them — and a virtual choir of YouTube community members — singing Hallelujah! AWESOME! I love Easter — my favorite holiday and not just because of all the Peeps and jelly beans.
  • I love this story — the right decision REALLY isn’t the easiest. And, it looks like this couple wrote a book about their experience taking in an 80 year old homeless and mentally ill lady. Wow, what an amazing act of charity!
  • I shared this on my social media last week — but, I find it absolutely hilarious. Two girls dressed up as Anna and Elsa, here in SLC, at Frozen on Ice — and got asked to leave because they attracted hordes of kids wanting pictures and autographs. I get why — but, I find it hilarious for many reasons — none more than because it happened here in Utah.
  • These type of running records inspire me — but, don’t expect me to try to go break any kind of treadmill record — especially for 12 hours. I can barely stand an hour on the blasted belted sidewalk. But, still — this is a cool feat, eh?
  • Really? I mean REALLY, REALLY? I have no many words about this article, but I’ll let you read it for yourself. Is this really what our society has become?
  • I think I am going to leave you with this — because, why not?

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