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RACE #166: The Haunted Half — Provo City

I am winding down on so much right now — not only am I winding down on my 2017 race schedule, but my 180 goal as well. This was my 29th race over 13.1 miles this year and fourth to last. That’s a lot of running. Then on top of that this is the 15th to the last race of my 180 race goal.

That last one is a harder one to process than this year’s race schedule. But, here I am running my 29th race of the year and 166th race of my 180 goal. It’s hard not to get somewhat sentimental at these races — especially the ones I’ve done basically every year.

The Haunted Half is one that I have rarely missed the past few years. That includes both the Provo and Salt Lake City races. These are some of my favorite races — from the courses, medals, t-shirts and overall experience. That was one reason I loved working for Runtastic Events during the time I did, because we focused on providing top notch quality for the runners and their race experience.

As difficult as it was stepping away from the race company, I was excited that I was able to run the races — especially the Nebo Half (my favorite) and The Haunted Half races. That also meant I was going to be able to EARN the Trilogy medal. I am sure if I was still working for the company I would have been given one, but that’s not the same as EARNING the medal.

It’s a really, really, really cool medal. The design it top notch, it’s HUGE and it’s heavier than most newborn babies (slightly exaggerating). Since I won’t be in town for the Thankful 13 I had to earn it earlier and this race was the final race I had to do for the medal.

So here I am.

Since this is a Halloween race, I was planning on dressing up. But, the banana costume I bought wasn’t really running friendly. So I had to improvise. And, by improvise I mean — take the laziest approach to my costume. I threw on my Greg Gregerson shirt and just went as Greg Gregerson. That was it.

Kinda lame I know. But, it worked. And, I didn’t have to worry about the logistics of costume. A costume I’m not sure wouldn’t kill me with excess chaffing? And, that’s something you don’t want to find out.

So, Greg Gregerson it was.

I know, you kinda wish you could pull that off, huh?

I didn’t have a time goal for this race. I’ve made the switched to an effort goal about a month ago as I work toward my 100 mile run in February. I really wanted a good effort with minimal walking. So if there was any goal — that was it.

A lot of the athletes from my Addict II Athlete team were running this race in honor of Carlee whom we lost earlier this month. It’s been a very emotional month for the team and this was a very emotional race as well.

A number of wore Carlee’s name on our shoes, some ran in pink tutus for Carlee and Don ran the whole 13.1 miles dragging Carlee’s “I Can Do Hard Things” tire behind him. It was a great tribute to her. It was a very emotional run for many of us.

I started off the run with Don, Russell and a number of the teammates. We all kept close to each other for the first half of the race. At the mid way point we kind of part and I ran the rest of the race with Zack and some of the Minor League team members.

Zack was slowing down a bit around Mile 9-10 and I ended up sticking with him for the rest of the race. As fast and downhill this race is, I forget that those last few miles are TOUGH! Around mile 10 the canyon is gone and the hills come out.

The worst of all the hills is the hill at Mile 12. People complain about the hill at Mile 10.5 of Run Elevated down Little Cottonwood Canyon, but this hill is much worse. It’s longer and — just brutal.

But, the good thing is that once you get over it the finish line isn’t too far away. But, oy! It was brutal (have I said that enough?).

The effort was there and once I got to the finish line I was done. I gave a great effort. I quickly grabbed my race medal and some water before grabbing my bag and Trilogy medal before leaving. I wanted to linger, but I was exhausted and really needed food in me.

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Luckily for me there was an In-N-Out less than a mile from the finish line. I was in heaven. Ever since I started my keto diet my favorite thing after a long run or race was an In-N-Out protein style, animal style burger.

Needless to say, it was delicious. Possibly life changing.

The focus now is this weekend’s races in St. George and Joshua Tree, California. As you might recall I am running both the Snow Canyon Half Marathon and Joshua Tree Half Marathon on Saturday. It will be a great challenge and training for my 100. Plus, there’s the whole part where I’m running my name.

I’ll have more on that later this week.


Weekly Miles

Running Miles — 4.0 miles
Race Miles — 13.1 miles
Walking Miles — 17.46 miles
TOTAL MILES — 34.56miles
Races This Week — The Haunted Half — Provo

October 2017 Miles

Running Miles — 33.69 miles
Race Miles — 52.4 miles
Walking Miles — 89.62 miles
TOTAL MILES — 175.71 miles
Races in September — (4) The Haunted Half – SLC, SoJo Half, Howloween Half, The Haunted Half – Provo

2017 Miles

Running Miles — 415.24 miles
Race Miles — 427.57 miles
Walking Miles — 1117.23 miles
TOTAL MILES — 1960.04 miles
Races done in 2017 — (30) New Year’s Half Marathon, Sweethearts 5K, Jackpot Running Festival, SL Tri Club Indoor Half, March Madness Half, Lucky 13 Half Marathon, Emigration Canyon Half Marathon, Riverton Half, Saltair Half, Provo City Half Marathon, Jordan River Half Marathon, Drop13 Half Marathon, Bear Lake Trifecta – Idaho, Wyoming & Utah, AF Canyon Race Against Cancer, The Hobbler Half, Handcart Days Half, DesNews Half Marathon, Elephant Rock Trail Half Marathon, Run Elevated Half Marathon, Nebo Half, Revel Big Cottonwood Half Marathon, Huntsville Half Marathon, Timp Elk Run, Jordan River Half Marathon, The Haunted Half – SLC, SoJo Half,  Howloween Half and The Haunted Half — Provo.

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RACE #146: Provo City Half Marathon

This past week has been a struggle — to say the least. After getting sick during the Salt Flats 50K last Friday my whole weekend and most of this past week was simply derailed. I’m still not 100%, but I am past the flu and bronchitis and I feel much, much better.

Having DNF’d the Salt Flats 50K and DNS’d the Tulip Festival Half — I was ready for a race success this weekend. Not even a success, just a race. And, this was the perfect rebound race. Especially since I was pacing the 3:35 time (basically the sweeper).

I’ve always enjoyed running the Provo City Half. It’s a fun course that starts at South Fork up Provo Canyon and then drops down to University Blvd. by way of the Provo River Trail. It’s not a super fast canyon race, but it has a good combination of downhill and nice rolling hills.

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I was excited to not just run this course, but to be pacing it with my really good friend Tricia Wilkins. This shouldn’t have been our first foray into pacing. Back in 2014 we were suppose to pace the Thankful 13 together, but we got separated in the corral and lost each other. I tried to catch up as I was pushing Elsha, but we just never did.

So this race was pretty much making up for that failure.

And, it didn’t disappoint. Especially since we were also joined by Tricia’s husband Cory. It was a REAL party now!

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I carpooled down from Bountiful to Provo with Carla and Reese Thorne. It was nice because I got to bypass the bus shuttle up the canyon since Reese has his cart. As much as I enjoy bus shuttles up canyons, I also like avoiding losing an extra hour of sleep — it was nice not having to leave for Provo an hour earlier.

The race start at the South Fork Park up Provo Canyon near Vivian Park — and in year’s past it’s pretty dang cold. So I always come prepared with a fairly heavy and/or layers, but when we got up the canyon I was fairly surprised how warm it was — my jacket was hardly needed. Which is good and bad — bad, meaning, it meant the valley was going to be fairly hot.

But, since I was pacing 3:35 I wasn’t too worried about the heat. Plus, I brought my backpack which still packed from the previous week’s 50K misadventure. I had some water leftover along with bacon jerky, applesauce, Swedish Fish, some Honey Stingers and a first aid kit. So, I was pretty much set for anything between an empty stomach to the apocalypse.

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After the gun sounded and we corralled everyone toward the starting line we made the decent down the canyon. I love the Vivian Park portion of the canyon, especially during the spring — not only is the canyon beautiful, but you also get some great views of Timp as well. It’s gorgeous.

We fartleked down the canyon trying to keep a good pace while trying not to frighten the people ahead of us much. As much as I love sweeping and pacing the last pacing times — I also know how much the people in the back don’t want to see you, especially early in the race. I’ve had a few run ins with runners in the past that came close to cursing me out at miles 2-3 or so. And, I don’t blame them! No one wants to be passed by the sweeper.

After our fartlek down Vivian Park the course took us down the Provo River Trail — which is even prettier than South Fork and Vivian Park. After passing Bridal Veil Falls and switching under the highway we kept the party going with dance parties (Tricia brought Bluetooth speakers), squats and plenty of laughing. It really was a party in the back.

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It was a blast.

Around miles 7-8 the course dumped us onto University Blvd. toward the finish line. I was a bit worried about getting to this point, because I was expecting it to be pretty hot — since it warm up the canyon. But, I was relieved to see cloud cover as a storm was approaching Provo. It didn’t look particularly nasty — so the cloud coverage was welcomed.

As we got closer to the finish line we were joined by the Petrossi’s — Timothee and Jennifer — who planned on grabbing a Slurpee and running in with us. They are both a part of Team Addict II Athlete and it was really touching to have them run with us, because it reminded so much of last year’s Provo City Half when the team ran me in on that same home stretch — because nobody runs alone on Team AIIA.

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At mile 12.5 we hopped off course monetarily and grabbed our Slurpees. Though it wasn’t scorching hot — the Slurpees were manna to my lips — and cooled me down. It was perfect. So, with our Slurpees in hand we headed toward the finish line for our victorious finish picture! And, thanks to Jorge we got some sweet photos!

But, we were done! We did it! We may of been a tad past our pace, but that didn’t matter much. We lingered a bit at the finish line to cheer in some of the runners behind us as we finished the last of our Slurpees.

I just felt great. Having finished the race helped erase a lot of discouragement of my previous week. And, being able to just get out and run was something I couldn’t imagine earlier in the week after overcoming the flu and bronchitis.

My only regret was that my ankle was pretty sore, but that was my own fault — as I realized afterward I forgot to wear my sports brace. But, after icing it throughout the weekend I should be okay. But, it is one of the reasons why I planned on backing out of the Ogden Marathon distance. That foot on pavement for 26.2 miles would just be too much.

Anyways — my next race isn’t until Memorial Day weekend at the Jordan River Half Marathon. I’m planning on getting some good running in, but at the same time I am taking it easy to let my body and ankle heal a bit. It needs it, because I feel it.

But, this race was a victory and such a fun memory I will remember among my 180 journey.


Everyone needs a Dave in their life. This past week has been pretty stressful. Between overcoming the flu and bronchitis while juggling two jobs, it’s been a tough and stressful week. Tonight after work my plan was to dive head first into some pending projects I need done by Monday, but that kind of got derailed when I got a call from Dave asking to hang out because his Mom wasn’t home. I had a million reasons to say no, but I just couldn’t decline his request. I knew he didn’t want to be alone. So I told him he could come over and watch some basketball while I worked on my computer. When he got to our house he told me how he felt sad for his Mom and how she wasn’t having a very good week. He then told me that he wanted to cheer her up and wanted to go get flowers for her. I knew this meant I wasn’t going to be spending much of the evening at home as planned, so I hopped in the car and headed to the store with Dave. My heart melted watching Dave pick out some flowers, chocolates and a card for his Mom. The love and admiration he has for her is truly special. And, as I stood next to him as he was making these choices, I just couldn’t help but recognize that I needed this pause. I needed this reminder of what life is about. Dave has provided many of these kind of moments during our friendship. I don’t know how I got so lucky to call him “friend,” but I truly cherish his friendship. And, I am truly grateful for these many little lessons and reminders he teaches me.

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RACE #146: Provo City Half Marathon (3:35) After the previous weekend’s debacle of DNFs and DNSs and subsequent illness, this was a nice rebound race. I paced 3:35 alongside Tricia and her husband … we were essentially “the sweepers.” But, we had a blast! We had dance parties, made new friends, grabbed Slurpees at Mile 12.5 and made sure there was a party in the back! I wasn’t 100% with my lingering cough and ankle, but the situation was perfect where those weren’t a factor. I’m taking a little more time off to rest my sprained ankle. But, come later this month I should be ready for the Jordan River Half on the 27th. But, I’m still enjoying this moment and race and being able to party on with my dear friends throughout the 13.1 miles! Such a fun time! #provocityhalf #race146 #running @joshruns180 @fight4phat @josherwalla @myracemedals @ryrpacers @run13utah

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Newborns always make the best drunk faces.

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I always love a good graduation ceremony, but I won’t lie … five minutes into it, I’m ready for it to be over.

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Somebody’s feeling pretty.

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Weekly Miles

Running Miles — 5.5 miles
Race Miles — 13.1 miles
Walking Miles — 19.47 miles
TOTAL MILES — 38.07 miles
Race(s) this week — Provo City Half Marathon

May 2017 Miles

Running Miles — 5.5 miles
Race Miles — 13.1 miles
Walking Miles — 19.47 miles
TOTAL MILES — 38.07 miles
Races in May — Provo City Half Marathon and Jordan River Half Marathon.

2017 Miles

Running Miles — 210.75 miles
Race Miles — 164.52 miles
Walking Miles — 439.88 miles
TOTAL MILES — 815.15 miles
Races done in 2017 — New Year’s Half Marathon, Sweethearts 5K, Jackpot Running Festival, SL Tri Club Indoor Half, March Madness Half, Lucky 13 Half Marathon, Emigration Canyon Half Marathon, Riverton Half, Saltair Half and Provo City Half Marathon.

The 55th Fartlek Friday™ – I could sure use some warm hugs right now

fartlekfriday55There are some things in my life you should know. Yes, my full name is Joshua Snow Hansen … and I hate the snow. It seems somewhat odd that someone with that name would hate his namesake.

But, alas, I was not named after the element of winter. In fact I was born in the middle of August when snow is just regulated to Alaska and probably a majority of the Canadian provinces. Snow is actually a family name, hence the name.

So, yeah, the winter is such a horrible time of the year. Except when it rains. I love the rain, especially during the winter months (because it melts the snow!). That’s why I kinda love that we’ve had such good weather as of late.

But, of course it comes with a price.

There’s that dreaded smog outside that bellows up and congregates all over Salt Lake and Davis counties. It’s nasty crap. Just last week when I was driving past the point of the mountain on my way home from my run in Provo I could see the dense death cloud cover all of the valley.

I didn’t want to drive into the crap.

But, try running in that crap. No thank you! That is one reason why I am VERY selective about the location. My body just can’t handle the gunk. Plus, it messes with my asthma and that’s never fun. Never ever.

Anyways, I’m still looking for a place to run tomorrow and possibly Monday. I kind of want to run the causeway to Antelope Island. But, I don’t know? I might still encounter the dirty filthy smog? Heck, I might just go do Provo again and call it good.

Somebody decide for me, please?

Anyways, while I continue to bemoan the winter, snow and smog here are a few other things that caught my attention this past week.

  • The flu has struck our family pretty hard. I am pretty sure everyone has gotten it to some degree. The horrible thing is it will get even those that had the vaccine. Not, as bad, but still … bad enough to be sick.
  • Last Friday my Mom and I took my Grandma into the ER because she got it. She didn’t get the vaccine and being 88 years old so it hit her pretty hard. It wasn’t a fun way to spend a Friday night, but honestly it was probably more exciting than going to Walmart with Brad.
  • Yesterday my foster niece got admitted into Primary Children’s Hospital here in Salt Lake City with the flu. She’s almost a year old and sicker than can be. It was sad seeing her laying in the hospital bed. Poor kid.
  • But, seriously, folks … remember to get your vaccine. Even if you don’t think it will help it will at least help minimize the affects of the flu. I was down for about 3-4 days, but could have easily been 7-10 days without the vaccine.
  • Okay, enough about being sick. That sucks talking about more than the snow.
  • Oh, this probably should have been the first thing I talked about, because it’s HUGE! What is this you are wondering? I am officially a cat owner! Yep … I have TWO little kittens. Their names are Michelle and Robert. They are STRICTLY outside cats … until they’re old enough. But, in the mean they are staying at my sisters house (because my Mom and I are pretty allergic to them).
  • Having them at my sister’s house makes for cute pictures like this, this and this. The combination of kittens and kids is the best combo since someone decided to put cheese on sandwiches. Seriously. How can you not love this face?
  • How can you not want to put this on a greeting card?
  • This past week wasn’t a very good week for running or me. Sure I had a 9 mile run on Saturday, but besides doing steps I didn’t do a three mile run as I planned yesterday. I got a pretty nasty migraine that put me out of condition. I hate migraines.
  • I’m a part of the internet and I am furious that The Lego Movie didn’t get an Oscar nomination. Oh, I am so mad!
  • Okay, confession, I actually really, really, really hate the Oscars and a majority of movies out there. If you’ve been following me for a while you’d know that. But, I have to say, The Lego Movie really was one of my favorite movies I actually do watch this year. How it doesn’t get a nomination is beyond me. But, then again, I couldn’t tell you really what else is out there? Muppets Most Wanted? Unbroken? Hunger Games? And, probably 2 Fast 2 Furious 20?
  • I also don’t follow because I hate getting mixed up in opinions like these.
  • Of all the hoopla from the announcement of the nominations yesterday THIS has to be one of the funniest. Well, in a juvenile teenage way. But, still … Dick Poop. What a slip!
  • I’m working on making Michelle a running cat. Here’s her first running lesson. She stayed on the treadmill for 30 seconds which, oddly, is a victory.
  • This happened with Callie and the kittens and yeah … ADORABLE!
  • These text pranks really crack me up. I mean REALLY! I know you’ll find them hilarious as well.
  • Tober doesn’t quite know what to do about the kittens. It kinda reminds me of the Pluto-kitten complex in the Disney cartoons. Except Tober is dumber.
  • But, then again, Pluto is in cartoons with Goofy and Pluto can’t talk. And, as stupid as Goofy is, what does that make Pluto? EXTREMELY STUPID!!! But, still I don’t know if Pluto is dumber than Tober?
  • Got my awesome mug on the TV the other day after the Jazz game.
  • Look it’s family dinner!
  • Oh, sports, I love you.
  • To date I’ve eaten 54 bananas. That’s about four bananas a day. Not sure if that’s too much? But, I wanted to count how many bananas I eat regularly within a year. Oddly, this probably isn’t off my average from last year.
  • I am not sure what I want more a corgi or Disney vacation? Is it possible to have both?
  • We put down the Christmas tree this week. As you can tell, I was not happy about this.
  • Kids love me.
  • So, yeah, this is one reason why I don’t live in Los Angeles.
  • Signed up for the Provo City Half Marathon this past week, but accidentally signed up for the Hobbler Half Marathon instead. So I have a Hobbler Half entry for July 11th if anyone is looking?
  • The main lesson from that experience is to watch your links before you hit PAY NOW on a race entry.
  • Do you need motivation to quit soda … read this.
  • Um, did I mention to you that I have cats?

Welp, that’s it for me this weekend. For those running the St. George Half Marathon HAVE FUN! I really wish I was down there in sunny St. George with all y’all! But, have a great weekend and MLK Day holiday!

And, as always, HAPPY RUNNING! 

A different kind of ‘BURN’

IMG_8426Oh, adventures … they’re pretty fun to have sometimes. Especially when go on them with friends. But, the adventure I had on Saturday morning actually wasn’t suppose to happen.

Why? How?

Welp, I totally spaced it and missed my race that I was signed up for, “The Burn.” You know, the race that put on by Extra Mile Racing (EMR) … which I am an ambassador for. Yeah … I suck at life. Or at the very least need a much better planner.


For some reason I thought the race was next weekend. I don’t know how that happened. But, my friends thought it was strange I was going running with them because they thought I was running “The Burn.” Well, I guess not?

I feel bad, not just because I am an ambassador for EMR but also because I was really, really, really looking forward to it. This is the sister run of The Burn that Jill and I ran last November and this one runs UP Suncrest. It’s terribly tough race … and awesome! A great challenge for any runner.


But, don’t worry, I ended getting in a different kind of “BURN” run into Saturday after all. Let me tell you the story …

The group run was planned to be an 11 mile run down Provo Canyon River Trail to our cars at the Riverwoods Shopping Center in Provo. It’s a run I’ve down a couple of times and I’ve down a few races (Provo City, Utah Valley and Provo River Trail) that use part of that route for their courses. It’s quite beautiful, paved and just a great running route.

So we planned on meeting up at 6:30am at the Riverwoods carpool up with my friends Katheryn, Monica, Becky and Maria. Just me and four women. But, it wasn’t as exciting as it would seem for a single guy like me considering they are all married. Soooooooo …


The run down the canyon wasn’t that bad. There were a couple of icy spots, but nothing terrible. Monica and Katheryn sped ahead while Becky, Maria and I pushed up the rear. We weren’t running for pace or speed, just a nice 11 mile run. But, once we got to Vivian Park the River Trail was covered in snow. This usually doesn’t deter runners, but for at least Maria, Becky and I we aren’t big pro snow runners. Heck, you pretty much know my eternal hatred of snow.

It’s not fun.

The five of us got about a mile down the trail until we reached a part of the trail where a little avalanche occurred. So we decided to “just” run back up to the car instead of trudging through the snow and other potential obstacles. So, we turned around, but before I took a selfie to mark the occasion …


The run back up was obviously slower. Katheryn and Monica powered up the canyon much faster than the rest of us. Becky, Maria and I ran a good portion of it, but I think mentally and physically we were just not ready for that kind of undertaking. Even though I was SUPPOSE to be running The Burn that weekend, I know mentally I was in a “hill” mood. Mentally, I was preparing for a nice downhill run.

But, sometimes, miles are miles in the sport of running.


And, that’s what happened. We still got nine miles in for the day and it was a challenge whether we were running up or down the canyon. But, more than that it was just fun. It was fun to run with Becky and Maria, we all have similar senses of humor and we laughed a good chunk of our run. Plus, it’s a rare treat running with Becky these days since she moved to Salem back in September. We used to run all the time when she lived in Salt Lake so it was a lot of fun to run with her again.

After the run we got breakfast from Denny’s. I am glad that I am a good tipper, because whenever I got to a diner (Denny’s, Village Inn, IHOP, etc.) I hardly just order from the menu. I’m that guy that makes special requests. Like, I had a Grand Slam but I ordered them as follows … ahem …

  1. EXTRA crispy hashbrowns with onions, but the cheese not on the hashbrowns, but on top of the dish.
  2. Two egg whites and two regular eggs mixed together and on top of the hashbrowns.
  3. Two sunny side up eggs on top of the eggs and hashbrowns.
  4. Topped with the cheese for the hashbrowns.
  5. Banana on the side.

Yeah, luckily the waitress was more than willing to accommodate my primadonna requests. And, I tipped her well as I told her before I ordered. But, I have to say, nothing beats hashbrowns and eggs after a run. It’s a perfect ratio of protein and carbs. But, more than that it was fun to spend the time at breakfast with awesome friends.


Now that I have my weekend free next weekend. LAME. I trying to figure out a good run for next weekend. I probably will stay close to home, so depending on the weather I might just run Bountiful. I have a few nice hilly routes around town that are fun and a good workout.

But, we’ll see. Maybe I should just go run Suncrest anyway and earn myself some more hashbrowns? That sounds like a good plan too.

Oh, how I love running. It can take you pretty much anywhere you want to go. Awwww … I feel like that should be on a greeting card, t-shirt or something.

The goal for next week is to get in another 20 miles for the week. Seems like a good goal. Just trying to stay focused and on track towards a sub-two half marathon! WOOT! WOOT! Here are my numbers thus far this year …

Total Mileage Breakdown for 2015

2015 Training Miles – 15.6 miles
2015 Walking Miles – 4.0 miles
2015 Race Miles – 13.1 miles
2015 Total Miles – 32.7 miles
Monthly Total Miles for 2015
January – 32.7 miles

Oh, and by the way … I also got two new kittens! Callie approved!