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I am soooooo close to my goal …

Wow. After this past weekend’s race — I realized that I am only 19 races away from my goal! NINETEEN! I’m in the TEENS! Time flies so fast. It’s hard to believe that I’ve been doing this now for over six years.

But, it’s also hard to believe that I am reaching this 10 year goal — three years early! Who would have thought? Who would have imagined the experiences I’ve had, races I’ve run and people I’ve met over the past years? I feel extremely blessed being able to do what I love and with people that I admire, look up to and gain inspiration from nearly daily.

Sometimes when I think and plan for the end of this 180 race goal — I have to remember that it’s not the end of running. Because it won’t be. I’ll keep doing it. I might be a bit more deliberate here and there as I shift focus, but I’ll still be running to my heart’s content.

But, as I look at the remaining races toward my goal, I’m getting excited. Many are races I’ve run numerous times, some a couple times a while ago and even a couple that I’ve never done. And, then of course there’s the Jackpot Running Festival where I am attempting 100 miles.

I am excitedly nervous about that race. I know I can do it. I know I will do it. And, despite the crappy year I’ve had with injuries and my health — I know it’s doable. I will be ready come February.

So there’s lots of running ahead before I reach the finish line at the Handcart Days Half Marathon next July — which I am looking forward to running! And, as you can see I am trying to be more deliberate with my running, especially after Jackpot. I am running any races 13.1 or longer on back to back weekends — well, except for Provo City and Vigor Big Cottonwood — but, I am planning on sweeping Provo City again, so I’m not really counting it.

But, I am planning on scaling back the races, not just to hit the 180th race in July, but to also get faster. I don’t expect to PR next year (though that’d be nice), but I do want to get back into the 2:20-2:30 range by the end of the year with the help of continued health and some specific coaching.

I am not sure exactly what my race season will look like after my 180th race, but I’d like to keep to two long races a month for as long as I can keep that up — and preferably a road and trail race.

I have some time to figure that all out. But, for now the focus is really Jackpot in February while also focusing on getting myself to number 180 next July.

Here’s my remaining planned schedule …

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The Road to 180 is within view …

It seems like the closer and closer I get to meeting my 180 goal the more rearranging and adding I am making to my race schedule. I am really excited to get my 180 goal over with. Don’t get me wrong — I love running and will continue to run after I meet my goal.

But, I’m ready to move onto my next phase and some other goals within the running sphere. I am still working on what that will be. And, I’ll blog more about that around the end of the year. I’m really excited about the next part. It’ll involve a few exciting things and new goals.

There are four months left in the year and I still have 14 races planned. That’s a lot of running. Especially when you consider my race schedule ends in early November. I have four marathons planned — but, I am trying to gauge what’s my reality on those four marathons. I am good to go with Revel and the Jordan River Marathons. But, I am debating if I should down my distance at Huntsville and completely scratch St. George?

My ankle recovery has been longer than I thought. I am better. But, my training just isn’t where I’d like it to be. I need to run a really good 20 miler, lose a good 15-20lbs and not die sweeping the Revel BC Marathon to feel confident for St. George and Huntsville. But, we’ll see? I’m going to give it a shot regardless.

Of course all of these marathons and longer distances are leading up to Jackpot in February where I am shooting to run 100 miles. That’s going to take a lot of my training miles in November, December and January. Well, October as well, but lots of back-to-back runs. Plus, I am focusing a lot in the next few months on strength training and cross training. It’s going to be a feat to get me ready for that race.

But, as you can see my goal after that 100 miler is nothing planned until March-ish/April — and nothing longer than a half marathon. After Jackpot I really want to stay away from the longer distances for a bit — at least the road marathons. After my 180th race I plan on focusing on trails and roads — ideally ultras on the trails and half marathons on the roads. But, that’s all a post for another day.

The end is near. And, I am excited! I can’t wait to move onto my other goals and projects that I have kinda of put on the way side while focusing on meeting this goal. There’s so much more of the running world that I want to experience, share and be a part of — but, for right now it’s 180 OR BUST!


156. Elephant Rock Trail Half Marathon (August 12)
157. Run Elevated Half Marathon (August 19)
158. Nebo Half (August 26)
159. Revel Big Cottonwood (September 9)
160. Huntsville Marathon (September 16)
161. Timp Elk Run Half (September 23)
162. Jordan River Marathon (September 30)
163. St. George Marathon (October 7)
164. The Haunted Half — SLC (October 14)
165. SoJo Half (October 21)
166. Howloween Half (October 21)
167. The Haunted Half — Provo (October 28)
168. Mt. View Trail Half Marathon (November 11)


169. Run Revolution (January 1)
170. Jackpot Running Festival (February 16-18)
171. Riverton Half Marathon (March 24)
172. Emigration Half Marathon (April 7)
173. Salt Lake City Half Marathon (April 21)
174. Provo City Half Marathon (May 5)
175. Vigor Big Cottonwood Half Marathon (May 12)
176. Drop 13 Half Marathon (June 9)
177. AF Canyon Race Against Cancer (June 23)
178. Morgan Valley Half Marathon (June 30)
179. Hobbler Half (July 7)
180. Handcart Days Half Marathon (July 24)

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RACE #108: Sandy Fire Station Run


So yeah, I totally wasn’t planning on racing a half marathon this past weekend. The plan was actually to run with my RYR pacing group in Provo. But, over the past couple of weeks a few things happened to change those plans. Mostly, the lack of a fully functional car. So I had to reverse course.

The plan midweek last week was to just do 6-8 miles or so here in Bountiful. I hadn’t run my favorite route along Bountiful Blvd. and the temple for a while so I was kinda planning on that. But, then again, one thing led to another and I reversed course on that as well.

No, I wasn’t planning on staying at home and marathoning on Netflix, but I got coaxed into doing the Sandy Fire Station Half Marathon. And, well, I couldn’t say no. It’s a small race. There were about 70 or people who registered … and about 30 or so that actually showed up to actually run it. But, the course starts and finishes at Station 32 in Sandy and runs around Sandy City and past Station 33, hence the name of the race.

We were all excited about the run until Jill saw a sign to a Yard Sale, then all hell broke loose.

I’ve actually been aware of this race the past few years (this was their 8th year running it) and I’ve wanted to run, but in the past I’ve had other races or obligations that deterred me from doing it. So I jumped on the opportunity when I could get a bib. Plus, the fee is a flat $40 if you register until the day before the race. And, $50 if you register the day of the race. Not a bad price for a half marathon here in Utah.

Once I decided that I was going to run the race I put it out there on Facebook to see if anyone else wanted to run it with me. I wasn’t planning on going fast. My legs were still very much post-marathon … ish. I just wanted to get out there and run to help continue to shake them out and give myself another race before vacation and Layton.

I threw the idea out to a number of friends and the one that bit kinda surprised me. My friend Jill. Not because I didn’t think she could do it, but because I didn’t know if she wanted to do it. Considering the fact that she is 27 weeks pregnant. After two difficult pregnancies Jill has been not just cautious this go around, but also bold and unafraid. She’s been exercising, walking and running when she can. Something you might not have expected if you knew pre-running Jill.

Running has really changed her life, perspective and mental aptitude. It’s been really fun to watch. One thing I’ve always loved about Jill is that she won’t take crap from anyone, but in the past many times she didn’t treat herself that same way with her doubts, fears and anxieties. But, since watching her embrace running and doing her first marathon I’ve noticed that she doesn’t take crap from those same doubts, fears and anxieties anymore. It’s really changed her.

It’s always fun to meet digital friends in person! Great to finally meet you Robert!

Going into the race Jill gave me forewarning that it would probably be A LOT of walking with some running interspersed. I was fine with that. I told her I wasn’t planning on speed and if I need to push it some I could run ahead and run back if needed. So she was sold and ended up registering as well.

The race started at 8am, but there was also an early start at 7:30am for those that wanted to get a jump on things. We knew we’d probably be fairly slow so we showed up to race pickup at 6:30am and asked if we could start earlier. They had no problem with it. They gave us a map of the course and told us to look for the yellow cones. So we ended up heading out at 7am.

We got a good jump on the competition and joked that we had a 5 mile lead on the competition. We reveled in us both being in first place for about an hour and a half. But, once third place showed we didn’t put much of a fight up to maintain our lead. Frankly, it was actually kind of fun to cheer on the passing runners. We also judged everyone’s quads and gaits. Something we do entirely too much, but can’t NOT do.

My post-race meal also turned into my free meal at the Black Bear Diner. I won’t lie, I was tempted to get the Bear Claw French Toast if I didn’t like my fourth heart valve so much.

We even had a few friends and new friends pass us that stopped to say hi. It was fun. The course support and volunteers couldn’t have been any more awesome either. Especially since we were the last ones out on the course. They checked on us along the course a couple times to make sure we were doing good and having been prepared to be slow we had no problems.

But, more than that I was just very proud of Jill. I know it wasn’t easy for her. And, I told her if we needed to stop at anytime we could. But, she kept pushing and fighting. And, as I said earlier this wasn’t the old Jill I knew. This was fighter Jill. This was Jill not letting her past high risk pregnancies define what she could and couldn’t do. She was doing something that she could also tell her unborn son that she did while pregnant with him.

I recorded us crossing the finish line for two reasons. One to capture this awesome moment of Jill conquering SO much, but also to let her son have something to watch showing how awesome of a mom he has. Henry really needs to know how much of a badass his Mom is …

When I decided last minute to run the Fire Station Half, Jill got this crazy idea to do it with me.The thing is she is 27 weeks pregnant. To most women that would be nothing, but for Jill this was a challenge. A battle.Having two previous difficult pregnancies this was a very empowering moment for her and her unborn son.To me this is a testament that running changes lives and bodies. Well … and how awesome Jill is.We might have been the first and last people on the course, but that doesn’t matter … she finished … we finished!I am so proud of her and this accomplishment. If you knew Pre-Run Jill you’d know this wouldn’t have happened!

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After the race we both commented that we’ll be back again next year. Because it’s a beautiful course. Challenging and beautiful. I highly recommend anyone looking for a beautiful, challenging and affordable race around her in Utah to check this one out.

Plus, as Jill gushed all throughout the race, they have real Gatorade. None of the powdered stuff.

That should be reason enough, right?


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Baby bump? What speed bump? 13.1 miles for this lady at 27 weeks pregnant! #pioneerwomencouldntevendothis A photo posted by Joshua O. Snow Hansén (@mejosher) on

Wasn’t planning on racing today. But, after getting a last minute bib I was joined by my friend Jill. Who, BTW, is 27 weeks pregnant. It wasn’t our fastest and it was most definitely our slowest. Heck, we were the first and last runners on the course. But that didn’t matter. We had fun together. Plus, Jill did something she would never imagine doing pregnant … run a half. I am extremely proud of her and her accomplishment today. Having known pre-running Jill as well … this was HUGE! HUGE! HUGE! HUGE! Even as we ran and neared the finish line we’ve already talked about doing this course next year, because it’s gorgeous! #firestationrun #race108 #running #utah #run801 #runutah #workout #diet #exercise #halfmarathon #hypothyroidism #hypothyroid #thyroid #firstshallbelastandlastshallbefirst #fitsnap #run #wod @fight4phat @running180 @mejosher A photo posted by Fight4Phat™ 🏃🏻💨 (@fight4phat) on

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Okay, I really promise that my next race is the Layton Marathon unlike the lie I told last week. I am going to be out of town next week otherwise I probably would have ran the St. George Marathon. I really kinda wanted to do it again. But, alas, I won’t. So I promise October 10th will be my next race.

I am really excited about the Layton Marathon for MANY reasons. One, it will be my 9th marathon. Two, it will mark a month before my 50K. Three, I’ll become a world record runner at the end of the race! Something I am excited for. Not so much for the title, as for the adventure with the 80+ other runners I’ll be chained together with.

It’ll be something should be a lot of fun. I am going to blog more about it as we approach. But, it should be a lot of fun and something I will remember for a long time about my this crazy little running adventure of mine.


Total Mileage Breakdown for 2015
2015 Training Miles – 206.5 miles
2015 Walking Miles – 315.05 miles
2015 Race Miles – 352.8 miles
2015 Total Miles – 874.35 miles
Monthly Total Miles for 2015
January – 78.8 miles
February – 72.85 miles
March – 115.3 miles
April – 76.3 miles
May  97.4 miles
June  131.15 miles
July  101.65 miles
August  110.2 miles
September – 96.69 miles