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For the 144 …

This past week has been a VERY emotional week for not just me, but lots of people — nationwide and within my circle of friends. It’s been a week full of sadness, somberness, reflection, anger and frustration. Sometimes separately, sometimes concurrently.

It didn’t help that the week started with the news of the Vegas Shooting. I woke up at 2:45am to use the restroom and couldn’t back to sleep as I was following the updates. Not only was I checking Facebook for friends who live in Vegas, but the whole ordeal just made me sick to my stomach. Not to mention tears to my eyes.

And, then on Wednesday, our Addict II Athlete team got news that our teammate, Carlee, took a knee and lost her battle with addiction. This was a shock to the whole team. And, this has been hard to process, because of the range of emotions felt throughout the week.

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I had a couple of good runs to help with those emotions — including a 1.44 mile run I busted out on Wednesday in honor of my friend. I also had a couple good couple mile runs that were rather invigorating to be honest. Like I already mentioned — it was just a very emotional week.

During rough weeks, days, news, and whatnot my first inclination is go run. Not to necessarily escape, but to help me process what’s going on. This really started when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2012 and I haven’t stopped when life seems to dampen my spirits, breaks my heart or forecast a seemingly unknown future.

Those midweek runs helped — but, I don’t think the sorrow or frustration will go away for awhile. I’ve never dealt with a substance abuse addiction before, but I have lost family and friends to it — and it just has to stop. It has to. I hate seeing family and communities devastated by it. It’s heartbreaking — and preventable.

Over 144 people die a day in this nation from opiate addiction overdose. That’s one too many. My AIIA team has been running for the 144 this past year. So, when our teammate Carlee became one of the 144 last week — it hit home … HARD. It put a real face to this epidemic. And, I think for me, that’s been the hardest thing to process about the whole week.

My friend Lizz and I — who’s also a member of the AIIA team — decided to dedicate our hike on Saturday to Carlee. Carlee was one of the first people that introduced herself to Lizz and actually ran the AIIA 5K alongside her. So this news of her passing was just as harrowing for Lizz.

One thing that Coach Blu challenged us to do back in April was to go out and do things that the 144 would miss out on if they weren’t around to enjoy it. The response was awesome — we had posts of athletes out on runs, hikes, bike rides and races in some of the most beautiful scenery and locations. We wanted to show the 144 that there’s so much more to life than a life of addiction.

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Lizz and I chose to hike Mueller Park in Bountiful for a couple of reasons. One, I love it. Two, it’s a bucket list place Lizz wanted to hike. And, three, it’s gorgeous — especially during the fall weather. A perfect location to honor Carlee and the 144.

For a Saturday morning the trails weren’t necessarily busy. There were a few trail runners and bikers, but it felt like we had the trail almost to ourselves. And, the leaves were absolutely beautiful — something that we tried to capture with our camera, but, was impossible — it had to be experienced. So many intense colors of red, orange and yellow with green sprinkled amongst the leaves.

We hiked about 2.5 miles out before taking a couple minutes to take in the scenery and reflect on the week’s happening. It was a perfect peaceful moment in our tribute to our friend Carlee and the 144. After taking a few pictures we headed back for a good invigorating five mile hike.

For a non-race weekend — this was what I needed. It was the perfect opportunity to renew my spirit, straighten the ship and refocus my priorities, heart and intentions. Me missing the St. George Marathon was the farthest from my mind.

I have a lot of running head of me before I head to Greece in mid-November — seven races to be exact. That’s a lot of running. But, I am ready for them. I’m excited for them. I’m going to be running in some of the most beautiful canyons, state parks and a National Park I’ve been dying to run. Places that I can’t wait to share with the 144!

In addition to processing the loss of one of my AIIA teammates, I also want to let you know — that if you struggle with a substance abuse addiction … THERE IS HOPE! Please reach out to others to get the help you need. Even if it’s Coach Blu or one of the AIIA team members, we’re here to help!

Life is amazing — LIVE IT!


Weekly Miles

Running Miles — 12.69 miles
Race Miles — 0.0 miles
Walking Miles — 25.05 miles
TOTAL MILES — 37.74 miles
Races This Week — None

October 2017 Miles

Running Miles — 12.69 miles
Race Miles — 0.0 miles
Walking Miles — 25.05 miles
TOTAL MILES — 37.74 miles
Races in September — (4) The Haunted Half — SLC, SoJo Half, Howloween Half, The Haunted Half — Provo

2017 Miles

Running Miles — 394.24 miles
Race Miles — 375.17 miles
Walking Miles — 1052.48 miles
TOTAL MILES — 1821.89 miles
Races done in 2017 — (23) New Year’s Half Marathon, Sweethearts 5K, Jackpot Running Festival, SL Tri Club Indoor Half, March Madness Half, Lucky 13 Half Marathon, Emigration Canyon Half Marathon, Riverton Half, Saltair Half, Provo City Half Marathon, Jordan River Half Marathon, Drop13 Half Marathon, Bear Lake Trifecta — Idaho, Wyoming & Utah, AF Canyon Race Against Cancer, The Hobbler Half, Handcart Days Half, DesNews Half Marathon, Elephant Rock Trail Half Marathon, Run Elevated Half Marathon, Nebo Half, Revel Big Cottonwood Half Marathon, Huntsville Half Marathon, Timp Elk Run and Jordan River Half Marathon

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RACE #145: Saltair Half

Going into this race — I wasn’t having a very good week. Last weekend during the Riverton Half I started having a little pain in one of my molars. I didn’t think too much about it, because it was cold and I just have very sensitive teeth.

But, this was the same tooth that my dentist couldn’t work on because he couldn’t get me numb. It needed a crown, but he just couldn’t do anything with it. So, he filled what he needed to do and felt that we could wait a few months and try again. He didn’t feel like it was close enough to my nerve to worry about a root canal.

Well, it got to that point of needing a root canal.

By Sunday evening it was throbbing and I couldn’t chew on that side at all. I knew I was going to need a root canal. So on Monday I called my dentist and he ended up referring me to a endodontist to do the work. But, the endodontist couldn’t see me until Wednesday. So that left me with about three days of dealing with the pain.

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Luckily, my dentist gave me a prescription for some Lorotab. It helped. But, I won’t lie, I kinda hate that stuff. I hate the drowsy feeling and with most pain medications I always get itchy from it. But, come Wednesday I was BEYOND ready for the root canal.

I was beyond surprised how quickly and painless the whole procedure was. I was zonked out and didn’t feel a thing. Sure, my jaw hurt for the next couple of days, but by Friday I was feeling 100% — or close to it.

I’m telling you all this, because it’s framing the context of this run. The past week was brutal on me. It shot my planned workouts and runs I wanted to get in — I got only two miles of running in and FAR less walking miles than I like. The week just sucked.

So on Saturday morning I was just ready for this run. I knew it was going to suck. Not only did not I get the wanted training in the past week, but the course isn’t my favorite — especially when it comes to speed. It’s an out and back flat course along the frontage road running west to east along I-80 in Magna.

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I’ve done the Saltair Half a number of times before — so I knew what I was getting myself into. I knew I wasn’t going to be fast, I knew it was going to be tough on me mentally, but I knew I also needed the miles and it wasn’t race toward my 180 goal.

So there I was in Magna at the Great Saltair ready to run.

Despite having only 38 runners for the half marathon the race had pacers — many whom I know. The sweeper was Julianna who I’ve ran with countless times. With that few runners I knew we’d probably be hanging out a lot during the race — if not the whole race.

I had a feeling I was probably going to be the last runner, but I didn’t care. I’ve stopped caring about that where I finish years ago. As long as I do my best for that day and finish, I am happy.

Once the gun sounded Julianna and I started off together. We walked a good part of the first two miles — mistakingly keeping pace with one of the slower dualathletes. We picked up our pace once he turned around at the 5K turnaround, but I won’t lie — it was more like a run/walk for a bit. Something that would probably make Jeff Galloway proud.

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Early into the race I noticed that there weren’t any port-a-potties along the course. Like none. In the past there had been at least one at the aid stations. But, there weren’t any — which made me a little anxious. Even if I don’t use it, I know if there isn’t one — I’ll end up needing it.

I tried to not think much about it and just enjoyed the company of Julianna. Once we got to the turnaround point we met up with another runner who was walking at this point. She wasn’t feeling well and had just tanked out. I felt bad for her, because she really could have used a restroom.

After walking with her and Julianna for a bit, I decided to pick up my pace and go ahead. I wanted — well needed — to run. So, I sprinted off around Mile 8. Well, it wasn’t much of a sprint. I didn’t have much spring in my legs, but I decided to keep my walking to a minimum and just push myself past my comfort level.

I felt really good about my last five miles even though I knew I was well past my sub-three semi-goal. But, this race wasn’t about a time goal anyways — it was my therapy from a tough past week. It was my therapy away from the stress of the past week. And, it was my therapy helping me to mentally prepare myself for my 50K in a couple of weeks.

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The last couple of miles were brutal. I had no spring whatsoever — and on a flat course — it shows. My sprint was a mall walkers pace. But, I pushed myself through that pain, kept my walking to a minimum and just kept focus on the finish line.

And, I made it.

I made it in 3:26:11. Not my best time. By far. But, I wasn’t disappointed. I wasn’t necessarily happy with it. But, it was what it was — therapy.

After being handed my medal and a bunch of bananas (you gotta give it to them that they know me!) — I hopped in my car and just headed back home. On the drive home I reflected on the run and how tough it was on me. And, how difficult this past week was on me mentally and physically. I was proud of myself for pushing through it all and doing the run. Because it wasn’t easy.

And, now my mind is fully on my 50K in a couple of weeks. Luckily, I don’t need to rely too much on my speed. The speed I was at during this race is probably even a bit too fast for my 50K. So, as discouraging as my time might feel for my half marathon — I feel good about where I will be physically during the 50K.

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The next couple of weeks I am just focusing on my workouts and runs. I’ve been working out at home the past couple of months — well lots of physical therapy exercises for my back (which is a non-issue now) and my sprained ankle. But, I am going to get back into my boot camp workouts at my gym and add some more weight training.

Plus, the good thing about training for my 50K is that I am technically tapering. So with PrepperCon this weekend my runs don’t have to be long. I am going to do five miles on Friday or Saturday — on top of the mileage from walking around the convention. I’ll either run around the Sandy area or just hop on the hotel treadmill. Either way — it’s no 20 miler.

But, I am excited for the next couple of weeks. And, as difficult as this past week has been, it’s nice to be able to acknowledge it, process it and then — move on.  Which I am doing now.



When I think of Easter, I often think of my angel Grandma — or Yia Yia. She was (and still is) a rock in my life. Her sense of humor, her love of family and her belief in me will always be a hallmark of her legacy. But, it’s one of the Greek Orthodox Easter traditions that she passed onto us, that I will always remember, do and say. In Greece, a common Easter greeting between one another is Χριστός ἀνέστη! (Christos Anesti) Meaning … Christ is Risen! But, instead of the greeted responding with the same greeting they reaffirm that saying with Ἀληθῶς ἀνέστη! (Alithos Anesti) Meaning … Truly He Is Risen! Since her passing over two years ago, I ponder much on that saying. It is because of Him that I know I’ll see my Yia Yia again. It is that victory over death that we will ALL rise again. I am grateful for this Easter season and for what it means to me personally, for my family and us all. I stand in reaffirming to all that Christ has truly risen! Happy Easter!

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This is the Utah way of saying … “I’m ready for summer, but I’m not sure if it’s here yet.”

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With a mug like this, Adventure’s First Stop™ is usually the bathroom.

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Teaching young Tatum the ways of the Hansen Egg Challenge. He's a natural.

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Weekly Review

As mentioned above, this wasn’t a good week for me — physically, mentally or emotionally. The root canal and tooth pain really threw me off. But, this upcoming week I am looking to make up for all of that. I don’t need huge mileage — because of my upcoming 50K — but, I want to get at least three good runs in, on top of the time on my feet that I’ll spend at PrepperCon on Friday and Saturday.

It should be a much better week. It’ll be physically demaning and a bit hectic, but that’s what makes it interesting — right?

Weekly Miles

Running Miles — 2.0 miles
Race Miles — 13.1 miles
Walking Miles — 21.61 miles
TOTAL MILES — 36.71 miles
Race(s) this week — Saltair Half.

April 2017 Miles

Running Miles — 6.0 miles
Race Miles — 39.3 miles
Walking Miles — 45.63 miles
TOTAL MILES — 90.93 miles
Races in April — Emigration Canyon Half Marathon, Riverton Half, Saltair Half, Salt Flats 50K and Tulip Festival Half

2017 Miles

Running Miles — 187.75 miles
Race Miles — 135.42 miles
Walking Miles — 371.09 miles
TOTAL MILES — 694.26 miles
Races done in 2017 — New Year’s Half Marathon, Sweethearts 5K, Jackpot Running Festival, SL Tri Club Indoor Half, March Madness Half, Lucky 13 Half Marathon, Emigration Canyon Half Marathon, Riverton Half and Saltair Half.

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RACE #141: March Madness Half Marathon

One thing I love about endurance sports — specifically running — is unlike other sports, like most team sports, the venue changes from event to event. And, the outcome is up to you, not necessarily how you and your teammates work together on an uniform and familiar playing field.

In running — especially distance running — distances may be the same, but courses (or playing fields) all differ. And, I love that. A race down Big Cottonwood Canyon is going to be completely different from around the neighborhoods of South Jordan, the trails of the Bonneville Lakeshore Trail or around the Utah Olympic Oval in Kearns.

Then on top of that you’re going to face many different variables — dealing with anything from weather, your training preparation, your fueling, your mental state, etc., etc., etc., etc. That’s why racing is so personal. It’s YOUR race — and nobody else’s. And, this race was very much a reminder of the importance of that mentality.

Going into the race — I didn’t know what to expect. Compared to last week when I ran the SL Track Club Indoor Half in Kearns — I wasn’t recovered from my previous week’s ultra. I felt it pretty early into my run. The legs were kicking and screaming trying to remind me of the hell I put them through the previous week.

This week — I felt more rested. My runs during the week weren’t fast, calculated or overly efforted. They were more shakeout runs. I just wanted to feel and do better than last week’s race. And, I think I got my legs there come Saturday morning.

I didn’t want to put a time goal on this race, because I haven’t been half marathon training — or maintaining. My training miles from December until February were pretty much all focused on my ultra. Meaning — they were long and slow miles.

In fact I am pretty sure the first 13 miles of my ultra took me over four hours? So speed work hasn’t been on the training docket for me for quite a while. Which I’m not worried about, because after my 50K in April I’ll be gearing my focus toward that anyway.

Anyways — despite all of the reasons why I shouldn’t or didn’t need to make a time goal. I did.

I simply wanted to run a sub-three hour half marathon. That seemed like a reasonable and doable goal. I’ve been losing weight, gaining more energy with my Hashimoto’s friendly diet and feeling strongly lately — so why not?

I knew it was going to be a challenge because of my lack of half training, still temperamental post-ultra legs and the flatness of the course. The race was along the Legacy Parkway Trail — which is flatter than flat. I guess there are some hills, but only people in Kansas would consider them hills — so they don’t count.

Anyways — I knew a flat course with my iron legs could be difficult to gauge an estimated time — but, I didn’t care. I just wanted that sub-three time. I felt like I could do it. So, that’s what I shot for.

When the race started my legs felt pretty good. Not amazingly good — but good. So this encouraged me. And, considering there was a pretty strong tailwind behind — I felt like a racehorse. So I kept trying to mentally push myself a little bit more per mile — just focusing on that effort here and there.

And, really, I felt great.

About 3-4 miles into the race I am starting to think that this goal was more than doable, but expected. I was really on cloud nine, because I felt great. A lot which I attributed to my diet changes and newfound energy.

But, around this time as I was beginning to see the runners return from the out and back return trip — I realized in dread. THIS AWESOME TAILWIND IS GOING TO TURN INTO A NASTY HEADWIND!

And, yeah, as I saw friends pass some of them made comments about the headwind. At this point I started dreading the turnaround point. Because, I’ve dealt with some nasty headwinds. None as horrific as the Ogden Marathon headwind — there’s no joy in a 30 MPH headwind in the rain. That was pure hell. But, I digress.

So while I knew it wasn’t going to be fun — I also knew it wasn’t going to be the worse either. And, thankfully it was not raining, otherwise I’d be singing a different tune.

Once I turned around the change was pretty immediate. There were some nasty gusts — the kind that make you kinda loose your breath for a second. But, the headwind was pretty constant.

After about a mile of just pushing through the wind — I gave myself two options for the last five or so miles. I could, one, keep running for that goal or, two, start walking a bunch and make the excuse that the wind was simply too hard and I got tired.

Luckily, I chose the first option. And, I just kept going.

I felt like if I pushed myself that I could still get my sub-three time. I had to try. I figured at the turn around I was on pace for about 2:40-2:45 — so I still had a shot.

I am glad I went with that decision, because I ran hard into that wind, but it was very, very difficult. It was a fight to keep running and it took A LOT out of me. My mile 10 — I felt like I was beyond empty.

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At this point I stopped looking at the watch, because I knew I was going to be cutting it close. The difference between directions was really that much. My legs started getting really tight because of the effort and threatened to cramp on a couple occasions. But, I kept going.

Around mile 11 — I found it easier and faster for me to mall walk some stretches. I hate resorting to it, because I always fear it will turn into a mosey. But, I focused on my stride and arm swinging (if I had two pound dumbbells I am positive I would have been MUCH faster) and it really helped relieve a lot of the strain on the quads. I focused on alternating between my mall walking and running in a 1:1 minute ratio.

And, for the most part that helped.

But, I was still on empty.

Once I got off the trail and back onto the streets toward the park I happened to glance at my watch to notice I had a minute to run the last 3/4 of a mile or so. I just kind of stared at that reality — and didn’t feel disappointment — at all. Besides feeling sore, dead and depleted — I felt proud. I felt strong. I felt — good.

That last stretch I had a conversation with myself — first, thanking me for deciding making excuses to walk and, second, realizing that my effort was beyond a sub-three effort. On pretty much any other course my effort that day WAS well below a sub-three time. And, I knew a windless — or even less windy day — that effort would give me a sub-three time.

And, to say and realize that — knowing I could have just started walking as a sign of defeat — made me really proud of myself.

I came in just over 3:06 hours. But, those six minutes were invisible to me.

Because, I got that goal.


So during my race today I saw a seemingly perfect banana laying on the side of the road. I was going to pick it up, but I figured … someone might have left it there for later. After I turned around and came back I noticed it was still there. I also noticed it was half eaten. Being a hungered, I looked at it (checked it for needles … I was taught that from Trick or Treating in the 80’s), ripped off the tip where it was a bit bruised … and I ate it. So whoever left that half eaten banana out on Legacy Parkway Trail this morning … THANK YOU! It saved me from cramping, it was delicious and was also the burst of energy I needed to do the last two miles. #race141 #marchmadnesshalf #running @joshruns180 @fit.phat

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Played LIFE™ with my 5 year old niece tonight … guess who got married before me? #yepshedid #likereallife

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119.65 miles


83.02 miles


167.56 miles


370.23 miles

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Focusing on the road ahead …

It’s been a funny week. My mileage wasn’t as it ought to have been. But, I kinda expected that. Since I started working with Runtastic Events that’s kind of expected on race weeks. I had this idea about running 4-5 miles after I got home from the race on Saturday — but, yeah, no.

Too tired.

But, it wasn’t that bad of a week. I got a few really KILLER workouts in that made up for some of my missed runs. I have to remember that weight and core training are just as important as time on my feet. And, that was this past week’s focus.

I even got in a church ball basketball game in. Which I won’t lie — shouldn’t have done right after doing legs. I was pretty dead trying to run from one side of the court to the other. The only thing I was good for was high screens and horrible looking three pointers. But, we’ll talk about my lack of talent on the court later.

This week, I am picking up the mileage a bit more with a long run on Saturday. I should shoot for 6-8 miles. I am sure where I am going to run though? It might be outside depending on the weather or on the treadmill or possibly around Liberty Park? I really don’t want to run outside if it is going to be freezing. I don’t do well in the cold — but if it’s manageable I’d really like to run Liberty Park?

Anyone else game?

Anyways — I have less than a month until my ultra in Vegas. I am getting excited. I have one more 20 miler to go and then tapering a bit before race day. I really don’t have a game plan for my ultra — yet. I do want to run at least 35-40 miles in the 12 hours. I know I’ll probably start off slow — and since it’s an ultra, I get to have my Mt. Dew!

I am really excited about that.

As you might remember, I broke my vow of carbonation celibacy in November while running the Antelope Island 50K. It had nearly been four years since I had Mt. Dew — and well I had some at mile 13, 21 and 27 of my race. It literally saved my life.

So, I made an exception to the rule. If I am running an ultra or anything OVER 30 miles then I get to drink Mt. Dew during the race. Not before — or after. Just during. This was I won’t go back to my ungodly consumption of the carbonation concoction.

Anyways — outside of ultras, I am still soda free.

So, the focus this week is mileage!


The Runcast is BACK! We welcome Nick Bernard as one of the new co-hosts of the show! We excuse Jorge as he’s spending the day in Evanston rolling burritos at Costa Vida. We all want burritos.

Jimbo shares some REALLY, REALLY big news — and Josher shares his spring race schedule, which includes a number of ultra races. And, we all talk about our 2017 running goals.

This is just a sampling of what’s new on The Runcast!



40.00 miles


13.1 miles


54.61 miles


107.71 miles

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RACE #120: Alpine Classic Half

After last week’s Ogden Half — I was immediately looking forward to this weekend. Why? Because the 10-day forecast didn’t call for rain. That was the main reason.

But, I was also excited because I love pacing and sweeping races — you never know what you’re going to experience, because you’re not on your timetable. Especially when you’re sweeping. You’re basically as fast as the slowest runner — so it’s hard to gauge a finishing time compared to pacers who are locked into a time.

This race — I wasn’t sure what my finishing time was going to be. Especially since this is a smaller course — about 200-225 racers. Usually these races are anywhere around 3-4 hours. But, that variable differs widely compared to the bigger races — about 1000-3000 racers — where I am typical out there between 4-4:30 hours.

Going into this run, I was hoping for about 3:30 hours or less. About the same time I finished Ogden last week. Ugh. I swear my running shoes still squeak.

Anyways — I was prepared for the long haul. I brought a long my backpack — stashed with raisins, almonds and water (all Whole30 compliant foods). I also stashed a First Aid Kit and some Ibuprofen in case I come across an injured runner. I swear I’m not a packing mule, but I take my job seriously — and I come from a family of preppers … soooooo … it’s in my blood.

After picking up my packet and pacing stick we mingled for a little bit before gun time at 7am. The half and 5K started at the same time — which normally isn’t an issue. But, being the sweeper I wanted to make sure I wasn’t ahead of any of the half marathoners. The last thing I wanted to do was get ahead of any half marathoner — especially if they needed assistance or help.

So, I decided to run the first mile with Ramie and Cevan who were pacing the 2:40 group. And, as we passed runners I would glance at their bibs to make sure I wasn’t leaving behind any 5Kers. Luckily, I wasn’t. But, at the same time — I wasn’t quite sure.

Once the 5K and half marathon split around mile two I stuck around the intersection to just make sure. I didn’t see any other green half bibs — so I just went back to running the half marathon route.

About a mile or so later I caught up with the last half marathoner. He was run walking most of the race, so I just kept my distance for most of the race. When I sweep I usually don’t interfere with the last runner until around mile 8-10, unless I see that they’re struggling or hurt.

This runner wasn’t hurt, but confessed to me that he was undertrained and had some shin splints in the first mile — so we was just going to jog the rest of the race. I wanted to correct him that you don’t “jog” a race — but, alas, I just let him go ahead.

With keeping an eye on him — I played a game of catch and mouse with him. I’d let him get ahead quite a bit before booking it back to within a few hundred feet behind him. I did this mainly to get some a good workout in during the race, because it was a lot of walking. It was perfect.

Though I was playing cat and mouse the runner ahead of me — I still was worried that I was ahead of another runner. So I would occasionally stop and wait for a minute or two and then get back to running. Around mile 11 — one of the other pacers was running back up the course to get extra mileage in, so I asked him to check for other runners.

Luckily when he got back to me there wasn’t anyone else behind me. I could run a little bit easier knowing that. And, so I just focused on finishing the race.

Once I got back to the middle school and to the finish line I glanced at the clock and noticed that I came in around 3:08 hours. Which kinda surprised me. Well, okay, really surprised me — probably the fastest sweeping assignment I’ve ever had — and I chuckled because it was also nearly a half hour faster than my time the previous week at Ogden.

I guess that kind of shows the misery and obstacles we faced in Ogden weren’t a fluke?

Anyways — it was a great race. Beautiful course. The hills make it difficult, but that’s also what I love about it. It’s a very technical race. You can’t just put yourself on cruise control and expect to roll right into the finish line. You’ve got to work and think your way through it. Utah Run does a good job putting these kind of courses together.

I think next year, I might just run this race instead of pace. I want to challenge myself through the run. But, that’s a year out from now. My focus now is Drop 13 in a couple of weeks — and my 50 miler in October.

Baby steps towards that 50.

121 - drop 13.fw

I am looking forward to this race. I’ve been looking forward to it actually almost since — um — like last year. I love any and every race that runs down Big Cottonwood Canyon. It’s my favorite canyon here in Utah — both for it’s beauty and terrain. It’s perfect for running. Perfect.

Drop 13 last year was my year best time of about 2:35. I am not sure if that’s attainable, but I am going to push it. I’m feeling stronger and more energetic since I’ve started Whole30 and I feel like I have a great run in me. So, the focus on the next couple of weeks is to continue to shed the pounds, run consistently and work on the core.

If anything, Drop 13 will be a good starting point to launching myself back into getting faster. I know I have it within me and I’d love to proof that to myself throughout the summer and especially at the Nebo Half.



If you haven’t listened to the new Addict II Athlete podcast — you’ve got to give it a listen. By far one of my favorites to date. Coach Blu is talking about the AIIA Minor Leagues and the importance of impacting our youth.

Listen to it now on Pod Bash

@joshruns180 INSTAGRAM

So for the past few months I’ve been intending on starting an Instagram feed of my races — well, my races that I am counting towards my 180 goal. So basically any and all races over 13.1 miles. I’ve procrastinated it for a while — but, this past weekend, I had some time and decided to just for it.

I’m slowly added each race with a brief, brief synopsis of the race. But, the goal is that each race gets one post and I’ll add them up to my 180 races. I’m sure after I reach that goal I’ll probably continue to add them to the feed. But, as far as I am concerned right now I want to get caught up as soon as possible.

Check out the account here. But, it’s been fun reliving a few fun memories and races while putting this together …



106.05 miles


77.9 miles


657.38 miles


841.33 miles


1825.67 miles

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Monday Matters: Surgeries, movies and marathons …

After a fun weekend of marriage festivities — I am looking forward to turning the page and focusing on this week. It’s going to be a BUSY week. Busy, busy, busy week would be more descriptive. It’s going to be full of surgeries, movies and marathons — well a half marathon.

First off, my Dad is having his final knee replacement surgery on Tuesday. He is having the permanent parts put in that had to be replaced back in January. Luckily, this time the doctor said he wouldn’t have to spend time in the Rehab Center like the first surgery. And, he should be good to go in time for Free’s wedding in June.

So that’s good news.

He’ll probably have to stay in the hospital for a week or so like past surgeries. And, his recovery will include plenty of PT. It doesn’t hurt that my brother is a physical therapist — so that helps quite a bit. I am sure it will be a process to get back to 100%, but at least it won’t be as slow as it was from January to now.

Additionally, The Abolitionists movie is being released nationwide today and tomorrow, RACE (Runners Against Child Exploitation), is having a special premiere at the Megaplex at Jordan Commons here in the SLC area. Tickets are still on sale (BUY HERE) and our $20 each. But, use code LINCOLN to get $10 off (more info below).

I can’t begin to describe how impactful this movie was for me. And, I’d love all of you who happen to be reading this to join us on Tuesday night. I am sure if you haven’t heard of The Abolitionists or Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) it will impact you like it did to me. Again — read the info below for more details.

And, in addition to all of that — I am preparing for the Ogden Half on Saturday. I wasn’t going to be running it, but since I had to drop the Vigor Big Cottonwood Half this past weekend because of the wedding, I decided to add the Ogden Half in its’ place.

I am excited, because it’s one of my favorite races — this will be my five year running Ogden (one marathon and four half marathons). The thing I love about the race is the energy — the crowd on and off the course (especially the closer you are to Downtown Ogden) is just amazing. Plus, the course is gorgeous and it’s a canyon run!

My goal for the race is to simply do better than what I did at Provo — so anything better than 2:55. Which should be doable. I had a low mileage week last week due to recovery and wedding festivities. But, I am hoping to get in a couple good runs this week before Ogden.

I’m just eager to race!

Anyways — I’ll keep you posted on everything, especially dealing with my Dad. We’re feeling optimistic and somewhat relieved the end is closer in sight.

Now time to tackle this week day by day!


Okay, as I have mentioned above (and numerous times the past few months) there is a special premiere of The Abolitionists tomorrow night at 7pm at the Jordan Commons Megaplex in Sandy. Jorge and I started RACE (Runners Against Child Exploitation) because when we first saw this film — it impacted us.

So much so to action.

The Abolitionists is about the work of Tim Ballard and Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) that he started after leaving the CIA. The goal? To extricate the child sex trade and rescue those trapped in it’s clinching jaws.

There is an ugly lie most of us believe and that is that slavery ended with Abraham Lincoln. It didn’t. It may of stopped institutionalized slavery here within the United States. But, slavery is alive and doing quite well around the world. There is an estimated 27 million people living in slavery today — 2 million of those are children.

And, most of those children are in the sex trade.

Such a gross reality.

People like Tim Ballard have heard the prayers of these children and have started organizations like OUR to rescue these kids and stop the practice. Becoming modern day abolitionists.

And, that is why Jorge and I along with RACE is showing this movie tomorrow — we’re looking to create more modern day abolitionists. So we have rented a theater and are inviting ALL to come and see this movie. When I first saw it — it (obviously) changed my life. I know that it will do likewise to those who take the time to watch it as well.

Tickets can only be bought online at http://www.race2erase.run/events/ — not through the Megaplex ticket office (since we bought out the theater). Tickets are $20, but if you use the code LINCOLN it will give you $10 off. Please feel free to share that with others. We want to fill this theater.

We hope to see you tomorrow and that you come prepared for listen to its’ message. Here is the trailer to give you a bit more information about the movie and movement …



100.55 miles


51.7 miles


596.59 miles


748.84 miles


1918.16 miles

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My favorite temple run, surprises on Antelope Island and much, much more …


What a fun weekend! And, I mean a — FUN — weekend! I ended up calling a few audibles But, thats okay, everything worked out the way I wanted it to — maybe even better?

Saturday was a pretty loooooooong day. It started with a 4am wake up call — after about two hours of sleep. If that. I wasn’t getting up early for a race or even to run — but, I was meeting up with Elsha on Antelope Island to surprise our friend, Marisa, with a racing cart for her daughter.

If you recall, last August, Elsha and I raised money for our birthday month to buy two racing carts through the Kyle Pease Foundation. We gifted one to our friend Carl and his son — and this other one we wanted to gift to Marisa and her daughter.

It’s taken us a while to get her the cart for one reason or the other — but, we decided the best way was to surprise her at the start of the Buffalo Run before her first 50 miler. So that was the game plan.

We enlisted the help of some of our other running friends to make sure she was where we needed her to be so we could surprise her. We didn’t bring the cart with us — but, instead wrote a letter. So after Jim (the RD) was done giving instructions to the runners … we slipped her the letter.

It was an emotional and powerful moment. She wasn’t expecting the surprise — and it was probably a bit too heavy of a surprise RIGHT before her 50 miler. But, we couldn’t wait any longer, especially with the spring here and the opportunity for her and Corina to go outside and run passing her by.

It was a neat moment and I am excited to see Marisa and Corina out on the roads throughout the racing season. That’s why Elsha and I did this fundraiser — we wanted to give the gift of running to those that needed it the most.

After the surprise and as Marisa and others left the starting line for their race, Elsha and I left. The original plan after the surprise was for me to run back over the causeway to my car. Which is about a 7-8 mile run. It was exactly what my training called for — so it was a great plan.

The only problem was — it was a quarter past 6am at this point, still pitch black and rather windy and cold. And, I wasn’t really prepared for that — plus, I am a wimp when it comes to the wind and cold. Sooooo — I easily talked myself out of that plan. I decided to head home instead and run around Bountiful.

Since I needed a run between 7-8 miles — I knew immediately which route I was going to take. My infamous UPHILL loop towards the Bountiful and back home. This route is brutal. And, I mean BRUTAL!

The first 3-4 miles is along Davis Blvd. which is hilly in it’s own right — but, then when the street ends at 400 N. it turns right UP towards the temple. This isn’t some easy breezy uphill stretch — it’s about a 800ft climb within 3/4 of a mile. The perfect mental/physical run in my book.

So, I set out to tackle that course. A much more extreme route than a relatively flat causeway course on Antelope Island. But, it was the kind of run I needed. Plus, it was such a perfect day for a run like that — not too hot, but warm enough to not be freezing.

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 2.51.31 PM

Plus, I always love running past the temple — not just when it’s right in front of me, but throughout my whole run. From when I can see it sitting on the bench in a distant landscape to the quick glimpses I get throughout the run as I get closer. It’s such a gorgeous building and an inspiration to me.

Once I climbed 400 North I stopped at the apex of the hill near the temple to refuel and just take in the moment. I always do that during these runs — it’s a moment for me to marvel at the architecture and to reminisce about it’s role in my fitness and weight-loss journey.

A few years ago when I would run past the temple — it was always a reminder to me about my faith and desires of what I wanted in live. And, after many, many, many of those runs the temple was an inspiration to me to fix those things in my life that kept me from those goals.

And, it’s because of that inspiration that I like to run this route — especially in those moments when I need a little inspiration, insight or motivation. Especially when you couple that with a nasty uphill climb. There’s something about wearing down the physical body that allows the spirit to take charge — that promotes inspiration.

Anyways — it was a great run for those reasons.

Physical wise … I am getting stronger. I don’t have a specific pace goal, but I know the more I run the hills of Bountiful, the stronger I will get. That’s really my ultimate goal. I don’t have realistic expectations for PRs this year. This year is about strengthening the core, rebuilding my stamina and tackle the St. George Marathon and Pony Express 50 Miler in October.

2017 will be about speed. That’s the plan.

Anyways — it was a great weekend with many moments of inspiration, motivation and retrospection. Plus, a great weekend spent with friends doing good, baking cookies and watching the U play in March Madness.

But, I’m not going to talk about that — oh, Utah.

Looking for a great week! Especially now that Spring is officially here!



The Runcast USA is teaming up with On Hill Events and Boot Camp KYT to give away an entry to the Drop 13 Half Marathon and a running/strength training fitness plan this week.

This is one of my favorite races — for many reasons. For one, I love Big Cottonwood Canyon. It’s seriously one of my favorite places to run around here in Salt Lake. Plus, the Drop 13 Half — is pretty much a straight DROP down the canyon. It’s fast. And, it’s fun!

I’m running it again this year not only to run fast and free, but as motivation to keep training and run off some weight. This is one reason why we’re giving away this entry.

To enter just read the caption on the post …

GIVEAWAY TIME! Did you know that you can earn TWO extra medals at the Drop 13 Salt Lake – Half Marathon happening this…

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423.79 miles




Just as an FYI — if you have been following me on @joshuwalla, I have switched that handle over to a new account. I am just cleaning up my IG a bit and it was much easier doing a new account then going through all my followers on the old account.

I have the old account still up — and probably will forever — as @joshuwalla2 (original I know). So, if you’re following the old account and still want to follow me on the new account … with the old handle … follow me (again).

My head hurts explaining all of that.

Climbing, climbing, climbing … one step at a time. #earningmydownhill #running #provoorbust

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The T-Rex is sporting my gift — such a stud. #babytrex #favoriteuncle

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Just a reminder that the Pod Bash episodes will resume this week — with a new Addict II Athlete and Are We Prepared, Yet? episode. We’re talking about PrepperCon on AWPY? … and the second episode of AIIA is BEYOND awesome.

The response to the AIIA Podcast has been phenomenal! Great numbers — great, great numbers! Keep listening and keep getting inspired!


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